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(Hollywood) USA

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Legendary Pictures [us]

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Release Date
(Brazil) - 12 April 2013
(USA) - 12 April 2013
(Taiwan) - 19 April 2013
(Australia) - 2 May 2013
(New Zealand) - 2 May 2013

Running Time


1940s, african-american, athlete, baseball, brooklyn-dodgers, digit-in-title, number-as-title,

Technical Support
CAM:Red Epic, Zeiss Ultra Prime Lenses
OFM:Redcode RAW
PCS:Digital Intermediate - (master format)
PCS:Redcode RAW - (5K) (source format)
RAT:2.35 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Alderson, Jim (III) as [Pittsburgh Pirates Dugout Player #30]
  2. Alderson, Jim (IV) as [Pittsburgh Pirates Dugout Player #30]
  3. Alderson, Jim (V) as [Pittsburgh Pirates Dugout Player #30]
  4. Baker, Loren L. as (uncredited) [Reporter]
  5. Bales, Jeremy as [Phillies Bat Boy]
  6. Barrett IV, Michael James as [Baseball Player]
  7. Bartels, Chance as (uncredited) [Dodgers Fan]
  8. Beyer, Brad as [Kirby Higbe]
  9. Bilyeu, Tyler as (uncredited) [Young Man in Train]
  10. Black, Lucas (II) as [Pee Wee Reese]
  11. Blinder, Ari as [Photographer]
  12. Boseman, Chadwick as [Jackie Robinson] <1>
  13. Boswell, Tyler as [Pete Center - Cleveland Indians Pitcher]
  14. Brennan, Frank (I) as [BWA Speaker]
  15. Brenwen, Valin as [Dodger Player]
  16. Brown, Dusan as [Young Ed Charles]
  17. Buxton, Sean as [Hank Behrman]
  18. Clowdus, Hunter as [Dodger Bat Boy]
  19. Cole, Michael H. as [Reporter]
  20. Collier, John (IV) as (uncredited) [Fan]
  21. Cook, Kenny as [Fan #1]
  22. Crews, Greg as (uncredited) [Garbage Man]
  23. Crowe, Rob as (uncredited) [Brooklyn Dodger Fan]
  24. Cullen, Brett (I) as [Clay Hopper]
  25. Cuthrell, Jarrod as [Vendor]
  26. Dietz, Matthew as [Montreal Royals Basebal Player]
  27. Dillon, David (IX) as [Leader of Assault]
  28. DiStasio, Kevin as (uncredited) [Heckler]
  29. Domingo, Colman as [Lawson Bowman]
  30. Dougherty, Taylor as (uncredited) [Baseball Fan]
  31. Duckworth, Gerald as [Montreal Royals Manager]
  32. Farb, Aaron as [Phillie]
  33. Fenlon, Daniel as [Babe Hamburger]
  34. Fenlon, Drake as [Dodgers Fan]
  35. Flowers, Jackson as [Phillies Dugout Player]
  36. Ford, Harrison (I) as [Branch Rickey]
  37. Fowler, Barry (II) as [Johnny Sain]
  38. Friedman, Henry as [Freckles]
  39. Gail, Max as [Burt Shotton]
  40. Gale, Daniel (I) as (rumored) [Running Dodger #1]
  41. Goolsby, Anthony S. as (as Tony Goolsby) [John Scott]
  42. Graham, Benjamin C. as [Dodgers fan]
  43. Griffin, Dax as [St. Louis Fan]
  44. Hand, Linc (I) as [Fritz Ostermueller]
  45. Hansen, Holden as [Freckle's Dad]
  46. Harelik, Mark as [Herb Pennock]
  47. Harvey, Christopher (III) as [Bus Driver]
  48. Harvley, James as [Outside Bar Patron]
  49. Hendrix III, Walter as (uncredited) [Baseball Fan]
  50. Holland, Andre (I) as [Wendell Smith]
  51. Holliday, Jamey as [Pete Reiser]
  52. Huss, Toby (I) as [Clyde Sukeforth]
  53. Inscoe, Joe as [Bob Cooke]
  54. Jurasik, Peter as [Hotel Manager]
  55. Kaplan, Andrew R. as (uncredited) [Reporter/Ebbets Heckler]
  56. Karim, Alexander as
  57. Kersey, Brandon as [Dave Koslo]
  58. Kiefer, Joe (II) as [Reporter]
  59. Knezevich, Joe as (uncredited) [Reporter 3]
  60. Knight, Johnny (II) as [Carl Furillo]
  61. Knight, Michael (XXVI) as (uncredited) [Spectator]
  62. Knight, T.R. as [Harold Parrott]
  63. Knipp, Chris as (uncredited) [Dodger Fan]
  64. Kohler, Jon as [Spectator 2]
  65. Lacey, Joe W. as (uncredited) [Fan]
  66. Landry, Jack as [Printer]
  67. Lazarre, Marc-Henry as (uncredited) [Spectator/Fan]
  68. Linklater, Hamish as [Ralph Branca]
  69. Luken, Jesse as [Eddie Stanky]
  70. Lyda, Matthew as (uncredited) [Jackie Heckler]
  71. Mackenzie, Peter (I) as [Happy Chandler]
  72. Martel, Juan as [Monarch #25]
  73. Maxwell, Kurt as (uncredited) [Score Keeper/Fan]
  74. Maxwell, Kurt Austin as (uncredited) [Score Keeper/Fan]
  75. Maynor, Todd as [Spectator]
  76. McGinley, John C. as [Red Barber]
  77. Meloni, Christopher as [Leo Durocher]
  78. Mendenhall, Eric as [Brooklyn Fan]
  79. Mengini, Dan as [Spectator]
  80. Merriman, Ryan (I) as [Dixie Walker]
  81. Montgomery, Kurtis as [Rex Barney - Brooklyn Dodger]
  82. Moro, Dave as [Billy Herman]
  83. Moss, Cullen (I) as [Waiting Reporter]
  84. Mullins, Andrew C. as (voice) [Chief Umpire]
  85. Nesbitt, Michael L. as [Preacher]
  86. Nix, Sean as [Jake Pitler - Dodgers Coach]
  87. O Brien, Clint as [Hugh Casey]
  88. Parham, Neko as [Deacon]
  89. Parnell, Charles as [Herbert T. Miller] <15>
  90. Payton, Jonathan as (uncredited) [Rachel's Brother]
  91. Pesi, Gino Anthony as [Joe Garagiola]
  92. Phillips, Derek (III) as [Bobby Bragan]
  93. Pickens Jr., James as [Mr. Brock]
  94. Pickron, Lee as [Baseball Player]
  95. Pinkston, Friedel as [Birmingham Catcher]
  96. Prather, Ron as [Umpire Crosley]
  97. Rackley, James as [Phillie #1]
  98. Ruehling, Jamie as [Spider Jorgensen]
  99. Ruff, Donterrius as [Monarch #27]
  100. Rush, Andrew as [Lee Handley] <1>
  101. Sanders, Blake (III) as [Gene Hermanski]
  102. Sanders, Henry G. as [Max]
  103. Shellhammer, Harley as [Montreal Royals Player]
  104. Sikes, Nathan as (uncredited) [Dodgers Fan]
  105. Smith, Ben (LXX) as [Boston Brave]
  106. Smith, Jayson Warner as [Attendant]
  107. Stanbra, David as [Stan Musial]
  108. Stone, Curry as (uncredited) [Guy in Train 2/Game Observer]
  109. Stylezz, Ian as (uncredited) [Jackie Robinson Fan]
  110. Sweeney, David (V) as [Fan #2]
  111. Tavernaro, Richard (I) as [Deland Umpire]
  112. Telfair, Michael as (uncredited) [Baggage Carrier]
  113. Thomas, Jermaine as [Monarch #40]
  114. Tudyk, Alan as [Ben Chapman]
  115. Vaughn, Tony as [Deacon]
  116. Vinson, Danny as [Eddie Dyer]
  117. Vunovich, Jerrad as (uncredited) [Bat Boy]
  118. Walker, Jackson as [Jimmy Powers]
  119. Walker, Michael J. (V) as [Baseball Fan]
  120. Ware, Tim (I) as [Cook]
  121. Webb, Wayne (IV) as (uncredited) [Waldorf Patron]
  122. Weems, Wes as [Indians Coach]
  123. Wesolowski, Joseph as [Spectator]
  124. West, Marvin as (uncredited) [Fan]
  125. White, Brandon J. as (uncredited) [Baseball fan]
  126. Wolf, Nickolas as (uncredited) [Baseball Fan]
  127. Ysidro, Michael (I) as (uncredited) [Vendor #1]
  128. Beharie, Nicole as [Rachel Isum]
  129. Bender, Melissa as (uncredited) [Dodger Fan]
  130. Boothe, Cherise as [Ed's Mother]
  131. Brindger, Betsey as (uncredited) [Extra]
  132. Farrell, Joan as (uncredited) [Lawson Bowman Patron]
  133. Foreman, Karole (I) as [Mrs. Duff Harris]
  134. Gamble, Kim (II) as (uncredited) [Girl Waiting at Train Station]
  135. Gartin, Miranda-Lynn as (uncredited) [Montreal Fan]
  136. Griffis, Rhoda as [Miss Bishop]
  137. Jakle, Kelley as [Alice]
  138. Metzger, Janet (II) as [Jane Anne]
  139. Michaell, Monnae as [Mallie Robinson]
  140. Moyé, Denise as [Older Woman]
  141. Nickles, Kacie Jo Marta as (uncredited) [New York Shopper]
  142. Palmer, Emily Marie as (uncredited) [Girl with Branch Rickey]
  143. Pasierbowicz, Amanda as (uncredited) [Baseball Fan]
  144. Pereira, Denise as (uncredited) [Secretary]
  145. Rivera, Dena as (uncredited) [Bowman Cafe Patron]
  146. Tylor, Jud as [Laraine Day]
  147. Urbanski, Jennifer as [Spectator]


  1. Biography
  2. Drama
  3. Sport

Total Business

SD: 14 May 2012 - 18 July 2012

Movie Certificate

PG-13 (USA)


  1. Burgess, Don

Dress Designers

  1. Harris, Caroline (III)


Warner Bros. Entertainment [ca] - (2013) (Canada) (theatrical)
Warner Bros. Pictures [us] - (2013) (USA) (theatrical)
Warner Bros. [jp] - (2013) (Japan) (theatrical)


  1. Alton, Betsy (production coordinator: New York)
  2. Banks, Philip (II) (set production assistant)
  3. Basu, Puloma (I) (location coordinator: New York)
  4. Beman, Stephanie (I) (key craft service)
  5. Berard, Alex (location assistant: NY)
  6. Blackmore, Christopher (set production assistant)
  7. Bradfield, Timothy (craft service assistant)
  8. Britney, Lozano (assistant craft service)
  9. Britton, Christopher (III) (office production assistant: New York)
  10. Buehrle, David (I) (assistant production coordinator)
  11. Burks, Bobby (medic)
  12. Delaney, Derron (key set medic)
  13. DeRoker, Michael (assistant location manager: New York)
  14. Dirkes, Ryan (locations production assistant)
  15. Dowd, Donald (II) (production associate)
  16. Ebron, Gary (production accountant) (credit only)
  17. Elder, Marie (finance executive)
  18. Finley, Christopher (production assistant)
  19. Finley, Christopher (stand in/double)
  20. Firestone, Ethan D. (production assistant)
  21. Fisher, Erin G. (key assistant location manager)
  22. Fry, Michael A. (set production assistant)
  23. Galberth, Kathryn C. (travel coordinator)
  24. Gilliam, Dawn (script supervisor)
  25. Glasser-Hancock, Donna (production accountant)
  26. Graf, Allan (baseball coordinator)
  27. Greenberg, Coby (assistant: H. Ford)
  28. Guest, David (IV) (craft service)
  29. Harker, Michael J. (completion bond company representative)
  30. Herman, Matthew (VI) (production assistant)
  31. Hinshaw, Caleb (key assistant location manager)
  32. Hooge, Eric (location manager)
  33. Howell, Billy (II) (craft service)
  34. Hubert, Michael (production staff)
  35. Hughes, Mandy (I) (production assistant)
  36. Jerkins, David (craft service)
  37. Jones, Kris C. (intern coordinator)
  38. King, Danielle (VI) (set production assistant)
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  40. Maxwell, Michael (III) (caterer)
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  51. Parker, Jay (X) (craft service)
  52. Prater, Stacy (set medic)
  53. Privett, Jon (I) (additional craft service)
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  55. Reed, David (XXVI) (craft service)
  56. Rodriguez, David M. (I) (post production accountant)
  57. Spangler, Dona (asst. production coordinator)
  58. Sparks, Kori (assistant to producers) (uncredited)
  59. Stark, Lisa Wrobel (office/accounting production assistant)
  60. Stark, Lisa Wrobel (production assistant)
  61. Stier, Paula (production coordinator)
  62. Stumberg, Stephen (production staff)
  63. Thirsk, Erik (stand in for Harrison Ford)
  64. Thirsk, Erik (stand-in: Harrison Ford)
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  67. Tripi, Jodi (footage researcher)
  68. Vanoyan, Ani (second assistant accountant)
  69. Vawter, Drew (set production assistant: additional)
  70. Velasco, David (location manager: New York)
  71. Walls, Christopher (set medic)
  72. Ward, Thomas (V) (production secretary)
  73. Wilson, Trey (III) (production assistant)


[from trailer] Ben Chapman: Why don'tcha look in a mirror? This is a white man's game! [from trailer] Jackie Robinson: I'm not goin' anywhere! I'm right here! [from trailer] reporter: Whatcha gonna do if one of these pitchers throws for your head? Jackie Robinson: I'll duck. [from trailer] Leo Durocher: If Robinson can help us win, then he is gonna play on this ball club! [from trailer] Branch Rickey: Jackie Robinson. A black man in white baseball.

Other Titles

  1. Untitled Jackie Robinson Project (2012) (ENG)
    (USA) (working title)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Birmingham, Alabama, USA
  2. USA
  3. Rickwood Field - 1137 2nd Avenue W, Birmingham, Alabama, USA
  4. Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA
  5. Alabama, USA
  6. Macon, Georgia, USA


- 'Howard Baldwin (III)' (qv) and wife Karen developed this project after their hit _Ray (2003)_ (qv). They commented on how impossible it was to get an African-American bio pic made.

- The role of Branch Rickey was originally intended for 'Robert Redford (I)' (qv).

- The Birmingham (Alabama) News reported that Birmingham's Rickwood Field, the oldest surviving professional baseball field in the US, was "playing" three different roles in this movie: it was doubling for Roosevelt Stadium in Jersey City, New Jersey, and Forbes Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, both of which no longer exist; and it was also "playing" itself, in a scene recreating the time in 1945 when Jackie Robinson played at Rickwood as a member of the Kansas City Monarchs.

- A Broadway musical about Jackie Robinson called 'The First,' with the book by longtime New York TV critic 'Joel Siegel' and music by composer 'Martin Charnin' (qv) of 'Annie' fame, lasted only 37 performances on The Great White Way in Nov.-Dec., 1981. It starred then newcomer 'David Alan Grier' (qv) as Jackie.

- 'Spike Lee' (qv) had tried to make a film about the life of Jackie Robinson in 1995 with 'Denzel Washington' (qv) as Robinson