7500 (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
CBS Films [us] - (presents)
Ozla Pictures [jp]
Ozla Productions [us]
Vertigo Entertainment [us]

Production Designer

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Release Date
(USA) - 2013
(United Arab Emirates) - 21 February 2013

Running Time


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Full Cast

  1. Boyd, Rootie as [NIck McClean]
  2. Brown, Greg (VIII) as [Upper class passenger]
  3. Ferrara, Jerry as
  4. Frost, Alex (I) as [Jake]
  5. Kelly, Rick (IV) as [Lance Morrell] <10>
  6. Kwanten, Ryan as [Brad Martin] <1>
  7. Putnam, Mike Jerome as [Pickpocket victim passenger]
  8. Schaech, Johnathon as [Captain Haining] <11>
  9. Sharples, Ben as [Jack Hafey]
  10. Bibb, Leslie as [Laura Baxter] <3>
  11. Chung, Jamie (I) as [Suzy Lee]
  12. Dyar, Amanda as [Airport Passenger]
  13. Evans, Aja as [Jenn]
  14. Ito, Leni as [Chisato Yanagi]
  15. McCurdy, Allison as [Christine Jones]
  16. Paix, Nami as (uncredited) [Woman with Baby]
  17. Serratos, Christian as
  18. Smart, Amy as [Pia Martin] <2>
  19. Taylor, Megan (III) as [Passenger]
  20. Taylor-Compton, Scout as [Jacinta]
  21. Whelan, Nicky (I) as


  1. Horror
  2. Thriller

Full Plot

On May 12th, Vista Pacific Flight 7500 departs Los Angeles International Airport bound for Tokyo. The take-off is routine but what transpires over the next ten hours is anything but ordinary. As the overnight flight makes its way over the Pacific Ocean, the passengers encounter what appears to be a supernatural force in the cabin. Anonymous Plot not found

Total Business

SD: 5 November 2011 - ?

Music Composers

  1. Bates, Tyler (I)


  1. Tattersall, David

Dress Designers

  1. Guidasci, Magali


CBS Films [us] - (2012) (USA) (theatrical)
Distribution Company [ar] - (2013) (Argentina) (theatrical)
Entertainment One Benelux [nl] - (2013) (Netherlands) (theatrical)
Mongkol Major [th] - (2012) (Thailand) (all media)
Noori Pictures [kr] - (2011) (South Korea) (all media)
R Film [tr] - (2012) (Turkey) (all media)

Film Editors

  1. Valla, Sean


  1. Birgy, Crista (first assistant acccountant)
  2. Chase, Peter (II) (craft service)
  3. Galow, Katy (set production assistant)
  4. Grant, Corin (body double)
  5. Hayashi, Henry (adr voice)
  6. Kehoe, Michael G. (craft service company) (as Michael Kehoe)
  7. Kravitz, Ashley (legal clearance coordinator)
  8. Lee, Mela (adr voice replacement)
  9. Marsili, Maria (assistant production office coordinator)
  10. McCurdy, Allison (technical advisor)
  11. Miliotti, Michael W. (animal trainer)
  12. Nelson, Allyson (production secretary)
  13. Neptune, David (director's interpreter)
  14. Neptune, David (director's translator/interpreter)
  15. Neville-Alfieri, Ryan (assistant to producer)
  16. Perlman, Barrett (photo double: Scout Taylor-Compton)
  17. Pierce, Joshua Brian (assistant to producer)
  18. Sandler, Genna (production assistant)
  19. Serrano, Michael (key set production assistant)
  20. Simien, Rach (tech supervisor)
  21. Swank, Cid (unit publicist)
  22. Taketani, Kaori (ADR voice)
  23. White, Ben (VII) (set production assistant: splinter unit)
  24. Yospe, Naomi (production coordinator)

Other Titles

  1. Flight 7500 (2012) (ENG)
    (USA) (working title)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Los Angeles, California, USA


- 7500 is the aircraft transponder code used to indicate a hijacking.