7 Lives of Chance (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Release Date
(USA) - 1 January 2013

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fluffy towels


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Full Cast

  1. Charles, Heather (IV) as [Franie Bee]
  2. Ellis, Arnie as [Mr. Roo/Boss]
  3. Helfrich, Banks as [Augy]
  4. Karsgaard, Skeet as [Dr. Youngman]
  5. Lomey, Mark as [Joe]
  6. Lundgren, John Archer as [Rupert]
  7. Paul, Richard Regan as [Josh]
  8. Pelkey, John as [Narrator]
  9. Sadler, David (VI) as [Balloon installation attendant]
  10. Shaw, Charles (VII) as [Balloon Vendor]
  11. Simoneau, Trevor as [Dylan]
  12. Wachs, Daniel as [Dr. A]
  13. Zara, Fred as [Sam's father]
  14. Chase, Jodi as [Chance]
  15. Clohan, Sue as [School Nurse]
  16. Elizabeth, Marion as [Sam's mother]
  17. Feren, Michele as [Lady with Dress]
  18. Kidwell, Annie as [Shrink 1]
  19. Miller, Olivia as [Chance @ 7]
  20. Moon, Francie as [Molly]
  21. O Hare, Samantha as [Chance @ 16]
  22. Ragen, Maria as [Cleaning Lady]
  23. Saunders, Diane (III) as [Kathleen/Chance's mother]
  24. Swilley, Victoria as [Cherry Blossom]


  1. Comedy
  2. Drama
  3. Romance

Full Plot

She hoards everything; art canvasses, dresses never to be worn, packaged foods in bags, pieces of mail in see-through plastic containers, memories too dear to let go, and even people. When a string of surreal deaths occur close to her, Chance's closet begins holding inhabitants, her house fills with balloons and her mind stretches to remote recesses of insanity. A singular image of a lone red balloon she held onto as a child for solace guides her through this rabbit hole. As that early balloon memory begins to multiply, the images in her head become as cluttered as a claustrophobic's worst nightmare. An approaching reunion brings Chance face to face with a memory of which she has yet to let go. Banks Helfrich Plot not found


  1. Lightbourn, Ryan

Film Editors

  1. Zara, Fred

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Orlando, Florida, USA