A Great and Terrible Beauty (2015) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Firstsight Films
Gotham Group [us] - (executive production)

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(USA) - 2015

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based-on-novel, garden, india, visions,

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The film A Great and Terrible Beauty is an adaptation of the first novel in Libba Bray's trilogy, and is set up at Mel Gibson's Icon Prods. In perhaps stark contrast to the Harry Potter stories central character Gemma is sent to a less than magical repressive boarding school in England where she discovers a magical world. After witnessing her mother's death she is transported to the afore mentioned magical world that was actually involved in her mother's death. There, she uncovers a mystery, a conspiracy and a world of magic and deception. "Beauty" centers on teenager Gemma Doyle, a free spirit raised in India who is suddenly confronted by harsh realities and an entirely other reality. "Libba's series injects amusing new elements and creative comedy into a genre that continues to generate much fanfare with young-adult audiences," said Icon president and CEO Bruce Davey. "Beauty" and "Rebel Angels," the trilogy's second installment, both made the New York Times children's best-seller list. The third and eagerly awaited book in the series is due next year (can you smell a franchise?). Firmly rooted in the literary tradition of the Narnia, Alice ,and Potter tales of escaping a cruel world and finding a magical one it is set to be multi-generation crowd pleaser. Jonathan Sanchez Plot not found