A Knight's Tale (2001) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
6.7/ 10 (87191 Votes)

MPAA Ratings
Rated PG-13 for action violence, some nudity and brief sex-related dialogue

Production Company
Black and Blu Entertainment
Columbia Pictures Corporation [us] - (as Columbia Pictures) (presents)
Escape Artists [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - 8 March 2001
(USA) - 11 May 2001
(Philippines) - 8 August 2001
(Australia) - 23 August 2001
(South Korea) - 25 August 2001

Running Time
144 (extended version)

From peasant to knight; one man can change his stars He Will Rock You He didn't make the rules. He was born to break them.

anachronism, angry-mob, apostrophe-in-title, apple, armor, bare-midriff, black-prince, blacksmith, blind-man, broken-arm, brunette, camp, champion, chaucer, church, combat, competition, dagger, dance, dark-comedy, dreadlocks, duel, farting-contest, father-son-relationship, feast,

Technical Support
LAB:Barrandov Laboratore, Prague, Czech Republic - (color)
LAB:DeLuxe, USA - (prints)
MET:3600 m - (approx.)
MET:3620 m - (Sweden)
MET:3635 m - (Finland)
MET:3697 m - (Spain)
OFM:35 mm - (Kodak)
PCS:Super 35
PFM:35 mm - (anamorphic)
RAT:2.35 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Addy, Mark as [Roland] <6>
  2. Ashton-Griffiths, Roger as [Old Bishop] <18>
  3. Bellefeville, Scott as (as Scott Bellefeuille) [French Squire] <25>
  4. Bettany, Paul as [Geoffrey Chaucer] <4>
  5. Brimble, Nick as [Sir Ector] <15>
  6. Cazenove, Christopher as [John Thatcher] <12>
  7. Conwell, Leagh as [Young William Thatcher] <11>
  8. Dobrý, Karel as [Flanders King of Arms] <16>
  9. Fisher, David (I) as [London King of Arms] <28>
  10. Handy, Scott as [Germaine] <9>
  11. Kaler, Berwick as [Man in Stocks] <32>
  12. Krejcí, Václav as (as Vaclav Krejci) [Smithee] <35>
  13. Kubík, Rudolf as (as Rudolf Kubik) [Paris Master of Arms] <27>
  14. Kulhavý, Vladimír as [Fence] <22>
  15. Kuzelka, Jan as [Smithee] <34>
  16. le Bon, Noel as (as Noel Le Bon) [French Squire] <24>
  17. Ledger, Heath as [William Thatcher] <1>
  18. Lenkowsky, Philip as [Rouen King of Arms] <17>
  19. Lotker, Howie as [Lagny Master at Arms] <33>
  20. Meissel, Petr as [Sword Official] <19>
  21. Mills, Matthew (I) as (as Mathew Mills) [Colville's Herald] <20>
  22. Mokos, Miroslav as [French Squire] <23>
  23. Nemejovský, Jan as [Smithee] <36>
  24. O Donnell, Steven (I) as (as Steve O'Donnell) [Simon the Summoner] <13>
  25. Purefoy, James as [Colville] <10>
  26. Rous, Daniel as [Local Earl Lagny] <21>
  27. Schneider, David (IV) as [Relic Seller] <26>
  28. Schwarz, Jakob (I) as (uncredited) [Blackbird Knight]
  29. Sewell, Rufus as [Count Adhemar] <2>
  30. Slinger, Jonathan as [Peter the Pardoner] <14>
  31. Sterne, David as [Retired Knight] <29>
  32. Tudyk, Alan as [Wat] <7>
  33. Bejo, Bérénice as (as Berenice Bejo) [Christiana] <8>
  34. Bendová, Alice as (as Alice Vesela) [Spy] <31>
  35. Connor, Alice as [Lone Girl] <30>
  36. Fraser, Laura (II) as [Kate] <5>
  37. Sossamon, Shannyn as [Jocelyn] <3>


  1. Action
  2. Adventure
  3. Drama
  4. Romance
  5. Romance

Full Plot

Inspired by "The Canterbury Tales," as well as the story of Ulrich von Lichtenstein, this is the story of William, a young squire with a gift for jousting. After his master dies suddenly, the squire hits the road with his cohorts Roland and Wat. On the journey, they stumble across an unknown writer, Chaucer. William, lacking a proper pedigree, convinces Chaucer to forge genealogy documents that will pass him off as a knight. With his newly-minted history in hand, the young man sets out to prove himself a worthy knight at the country's jousting competition, and finds romance along the way. Anonymous When a knight dies during the recession of a fight, one of his squires, William Thatcher, disguises himself as his master in order to win the prize money of the tournament. He wins the fight and decides to, together with his fellow squires Wat and Roland, take on a new false identity as a knight and make a living winning tournaments. On their way to a tournament, they meet Geoffrey Chaucer, a poor writer who joins the group. The quartet then keep traveling through England, fighting in tournaments. J. Rieper Plot not found

Total Business

AD: 391,102 (Brazil) (30 September 2001) AD: 179,533 (Brazil) (23 September 2001) (opening weekend) (203 screens) AD: 1,354,113 (Germany) (21 October 2001) AD: 1,251,043 (Germany) (7 October 2001) AD: 1,116,774 (Germany) (30 September 2001) AD: 961,583 (Germany) (23 September 2001) AD: 696,155 (Germany) (16 September 2001) AD: 346,604 (Germany) (10 September 2001) AD: 224,352 (Netherlands) (31 December 2002) AD: 110,830 (Netherlands) (31 December 2001) AD: 1,327,979 (Spain) (10 August 2002) AD: 1,324,060 (Spain) (15 February 2002) AD: 1,314,708 (Spain) (31 December 2001) BT: USD 41,000,000 CP: Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. GR: USD 56,083,966 (USA) (29 July 2001) GR: USD 55,950,849 (USA) (22 July 2001) GR: USD 55,788,443 (USA) (15 July 2001) GR: USD 55,538,494 (USA) (8 July 2001) GR: USD 55,261,158 (USA) (1 July 2001) GR: USD 55,001,689 (USA) (24 June 2001) GR: USD 54,286,466 (USA) (17 June 2001) GR: USD 52,660,994 (USA) (10 June 2001) GR: USD 49,423,047 (USA) (3 June 2001) GR: USD 44,316,010 (USA) (27 May 2001) GR: USD 31,873,171 (USA) (20 May 2001) GR: USD 16,511,391 (USA) (13 May 2001) GR: GBP 6,909,651 (UK) (21 October 2001) GR: GBP 6,751,911 (UK) (14 October 2001) GR: GBP 6,484,532 (UK) (7 October 2001) GR: GBP 6,086,779 (UK) (30 September 2001) GR: GBP 5,469,109 (UK) (23 September 2001) GR: GBP 4,657,617 (UK) (16 September 2001) GR: GBP 3,555,312 (UK) (9 September 2001) GR: GBP 1,678,264 (UK) (2 September 2001) GR: EUR 5,530,981 (Spain) (10 August 2002) GR: EUR 5,517,231 (Spain) (15 February 2002) OW: USD 16,511,391 (USA) (13 May 2001) (2,980 screens) OW: GBP 1,678,264 (UK) (2 September 2001) (377 screens) WG: USD 67,719 (USA) (29 July 2001) (131 screens) WG: USD 81,777 (USA) (22 July 2001) (148 screens) WG: USD 130,245 (USA) (15 July 2001) (177 screens) WG: USD 188,493 (USA) (8 July 2001) (223 screens) WG: USD 106,676 (USA) (1 July 2001) (134 screens) WG: USD 278,946 (USA) (24 June 2001) (312 screens) WG: USD 715,671 (USA) (17 June 2001) (925 screens) WG: USD 1,702,336 (USA) (10 June 2001) (1,850 screens) WG: USD 3,417,394 (USA) (3 June 2001) (2,441 screens) WG: USD 9,110,124 (USA) (27 May 2001) (2,964 screens) WG: USD 10,406,836 (USA) (20 May 2001) (2,980 screens) WG: USD 16,511,391 (USA) (13 May 2001) (2,980 screens) WG: GBP 89,844 (UK) (21 October 2001) (192 screens) WG: GBP 166,848 (UK) (14 October 2001) (240 screens) WG: GBP 267,555 (UK) (7 October 2001) (285 screens) WG: GBP 401,317 (UK) (30 September 2001) (322 screens) WG: GBP 517,045 (UK) (23 September 2001) (365 screens) WG: GBP 701,507 (UK) (16 September 2001) (384 screens) WG: GBP 1,000,190 (UK) (9 September 2001) (378 screens) WG: GBP 1,678,264 (UK) (2 September 2001) (377 screens)

Movie Certificate

14 (Canada)(Nova Scotia)
G (Canada)(Quebec)
PG (Canada)(Alberta/British Columbia/Manitoba/Ontario)
Unrated (USA)(extended version)
U (Malaysia)
L (Iceland)
PG-13 (USA)(certificate #37532)
Atp (Argentina)
M (Australia)
12 (Brazil)
K-11 (Finland)
U (France)
12 (Germany)
IIA (Hong Kong)
14 (Hungary)
T (Italy)
12 (Netherlands)
M (New Zealand)
11 (Norway)
PT (Peru)
PG-13 (Philippines)
M/12 (Portugal)
PG (Singapore)
12 (South Korea)
T (Spain)
7 (Sweden)
10 (Switzerland)(canton of Geneva)
10 (Switzerland)(canton of Vaud)

Music Composers

  1. Burwell, Carter


  1. Greatrex, Richard (director of photography)

Dress Designers

  1. Harris, Caroline (III)


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Film Editors

  1. Stitt, Kevin


  1. Brossette, Stanley (unit publicist)
  2. Cassell, Tami (adr loop group)
  3. Cerna, Karolina (accounting assistant)
  4. Clay, Pamela (adr voice) (uncredited) <20030306>
  5. Duplinska, Hana (assistant: Mr. Helgeland)
  6. Dvorak, Boban (assistant to director: second unit)
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  10. Hajkova, Romana (assistant horse master) (as Romana Havkova)
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  31. Uribe, John (I) (first assistant accountant)
  32. White, Peter (II) (horse master)
  33. Winston, Beverly (script supervisor)


Adhemar: You have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have been found wanting. In what world could you possibly beat me? Prince Edward: Your men love you. If I knew nothing else about you, that would be enough. William: Leave, Roland. Let them have me. Roland: God love you, William. So do I. Chaucer: Look, I have a gambling problem. I can't help myself. And these people will - quite literally - take off clothes of your back. William: What are you expecting us to do about it? Peter The Pardoner of Rouen: He assured us that you, his liege, would pay us. William: And who are you? Peter The Pardoner of Rouen: Peter, a humble pardoner and purveyor of religious relics. William: How much does he owe you? Simon The Summoner of Rouen: Ten gold florins. William: What would you do to him, if I was to refuse? Simon The Summoner of Rouen: We, on behalf of the Lord God, would take him of his flesh, so that he may understand that gambling is a sin. William: It's not in me to withdraw. Prince Edward: No. Nor me. Though it happens. Old Bishop: [after William rides into the cathedral on a horse to woo Jocelyn] Ladies! Does this not shock you? Jocelyn: [feigning sadness] I only laugh to keep from weeping. Old Bishop: I know, child. Pray that the years come quickly for you, taking your beauty so that you may better serve Him. Jocelyn: I do, every day. [raises hands to face] God, why did you curse me with this face? Old Bishop: God has a plan we know not. [offers hand to Jocelyn to kiss] Jocelyn: [goes to kiss hand, but instead admires a costly ring on his finger] Oh, that is lovely... [first lines] William: Should we help him? Jocelyn: Damn your pride, William. It is you and only you that will not see you run. William: My pride is the only thing that they can't take from me. Jocelyn: They can take it away from you, they can and they will. Oh, they will. But love they cannot take. Jocelyn: Run and I will run with you. William: I cannot run! Kate: With hope. Love should end with hope. My husband, God rest him, told me something I'll never forget. [in a letter] Hope guides me. It is what gets me through the day and especially the night. The hope that after you're gone from my sight it will not be the last time I look upon you. Wat: [in a letter] I miss you like the sun misses the flower. Like the sun misses the flower in the depths of winter. Instead of beauty to direct its light to the heart hardens like the frozen world your absence has banished me to. Wat: All right, I'm about this fonging close mate! I swear to God, Quaisimodo! I oughta... Jocelyn: I love you. There is nothing else to do. Run and I will run with you. William: It is strange to think, I haven't seen you since a month. I have seen the new moon, but not you. I have seen sunsets and sunrises, but nothing of your beautiful face. The pieces of my broken heart are so small that they could be passed through the eye of a needle. I miss you like the sun misses the flower; like the sun misses the flower in the depths of winter. Instead of beauty to direct its light to, the heart hardens like the frozen world your absence has banished me to. I next compete in the city of Paris, I will find it empty and in the winter if you are not there. Hope guides me, that is what gets me through the day and especially the night. The hope that after you're gone from my sight, it will not be the last time that I look upon you. William: I will not lose. Jocelyn: Then you do not love me. Jocelyn: Do not shush me, and spare him. Now be gone! Go! Prince Edward: If I may repay the kindness you once showed me. Take a knee... [Keeping beat for a dance lesson] Chaucer: And one and two and three and four and your hands should be light like a birdie on a branch. And one and two and three and four and Wat doesn't lead he follows like a girl. [Wat punches him. Scene changes, and Chaucer now has a tissue stuck up one nostril] Chaucer: And one and two and twirlie twirlie twirlie! And one and two and you're still getting it wrong! And one and two and three and four you can hit me all day cause you punch like a... what? Roland: A girl! William: Where will we live? In my hovel? With the pigs inside during the winter so they won't freeze? Jocelyn: Yes, William. With the pigs. Roland: God love you, William. William: I know, I know. 'Cause no one else will. Jocelyn: Better a silly girl with a flower than a silly boy with a horse and a stick. Wat: It's called a lance. Hello? Jocelyn: Sir Ulrick. What are you wearing to the ball tonight? William: Er... nothing... Jocelyn: Well, we shall cause a sensation, for I'll dress to match. William: [annoyed] Don't you ever get tired of putting on clothes? Chaucer: [whispers] I believe she was talking about taking them off, sir. Jocelyn: A flower is only as good as its petals. Don't you think? William: A flower is good for nothing. You can't eat a flower, a flower can't keep your warm... Jocelyn: And a rose never knocked a man off a horse either, did it? William: You're just a silly girl aren't you. Jocelyn: Better a silly girl with a flower, than a silly boy with a horse and a stick... [she walks away] Wat: It's called a lance. Heellooo? William: Love has given me wings so I must fly. William: If I could ask God one thing, it would be to stop the moon. Stop the moon and make this night and your beauty last forever. Wat: We're the sons of peasants. Glory, and riches, and stars are beyond our grasps. But a full stomach, that dream can come true. [Watching William practice jousting] Wat: I think he's getting worse. Roland: He is getting worse. William: Oi sir, what are you doing? Chaucer: Uh... trudging. You know, trudging? [pause] Chaucer: To trudge: the slow, weary, depressing yet determined walk of a man who has nothing left in life except the impulse to simply soldier on. William: Uhhh... were you robbed? Chaucer: [laughs] Funny really, yes, but at the same time a huge resounding no. It's more of an... involuntary vow of poverty... really. William: I'm Ulrich von Leichtenstein, from Guilderland, and these are my faithful squires. [gestures to Roland] William: Delves, of Dogington, [gestures to Wat] William: and Falhurst, of Crew. Chaucer: I'm Richard the Lionheart. Pleased to meet you. No, wait a minute, I'm Charlemagne. No, I'm Saint John the Baptist! [William draws a large knife] William: All right, hold your tongue sir, or lose it. Chaucer: Now you see *that* I do believe, Sir Ulrich. Wat: Uh, betray us, and I will fong you, until your insides are out, your outsides are in, your entrails will become your extrails I will w-rip... all the p... ung. Pain, lots of pain. Chaucer: Yes, behold my lord Ulrich, the rock, the hard place, like a wind from Guilderland he sweeps by blown far from his homeland in search of glory and honor, we walk... in the garden... of his turpulence! [crowd is silent, cricket noise] Roland: Yeah. Crowd: Yeahhhhh! William: Your name lady, I still need to hear it. Jocelyn: Sir hunter, you persist. William: Or perhaps angels have no names, only beautiful faces. Adhemar: And you are? William: Well, I am, um. Adhemar: You've forgotten, or your name is Sir Um? William: Ulrich von Lichtenstein from Gelderland. Adhemar: Well, I'd forget as well, what a mouthful. Adhemar: Your armor, sir. William: What about it? Adhemar: How stylish of you to joust in an antique. You'll start a new fashion if you win. My grandfather will be able to wear his in public again, and a shield, how quaint. [William rides off] Adhemar: Some of these poor country knights, little better then peasants. Chaucer: You're good. You're very good. My lords, my ladies, and everybody else here not sitting on a cushion! [crowd roars] Chaucer: Today... today, you find yourselves equals. [crowd roars] Chaucer: For you are all equally blessed. For I have the pride, the privilege, nay, the pleasure of introducing to you to a knight, sired by knights. A knight who can trace his lineage back beyond Charlemagne. I first met him atop a mountain near Jerusalem, praying to God, asking his forgiveness for the Saracen blood spilt by his sword. Next, he amazed me still further in Italy when he saved a fatherless beauty from the would-be ravishing of her dreadful Turkish uncle. [crowd, boo] Chaucer: In Greece he spent a year in silence just to better understand the sound of a whisper. And so without further gilding the lily and with no more ado, I give to you, the seeker of serenity, the protector of Italian virginity, the enforcer of our Lord God, the one, the only, Sir Ulllrrrich von Lichtenstein! [crowd roars] Chaucer: Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all week. Young William Thacher: Someday, I'll be a knight. Roland: Well, that was different. Chaucer: Well, it's time we celebrate our differences. Roland: Just maybe not in public. Chaucer: Yes, Master Falhurst, I'm well aware a good fonging is on the way. Chaucer: Now I got their attention, you go and win their hearts. Chaucer: Very good. William: Was she watching? Geoff. Chaucer: What? William: Did she see me? Chaucer: Yes, she saw you. William: Did she see me take the hit? Chaucer: Yes, she saw you take the hit. William: Well, was she concerned? Chaucer: It was dreadful, her eyes welled up, it was awful. Germaine: But this Lichtenstein... his technique, rudimentary... style, non-existent. Still, he's fearless. Chaucer: Are you mad? You knowingly endanger a member of the royal family? William: He knowingly endangers himself. Wat: Say something about her breasts. Roland: Yeah, you miss her breasts. William: Her breasts. Chaucer: Ye... yes, you... you could, umm... umm... but I... I would tend to look above her breasts, William. William: Well I... I miss her throat. Chaucer: Uh, still higher really, toward the heavens. Kate: The moon at least, her breasts were not that impressive. Chaucer: It's a small target Will, but aim for his heart. William: Well then a fox you shall be until I find your name, my foxy lady. William: Father, I am afraid, I won't know the way back home. John Thatcher: Don't be foolish, William, you just follow your feet. John Thatcher: Change your stars and live a better life than I have. Roland: Well, Master Nude, having failed the test, have you any more to say? Chaucer: I'm a writer. Wat: A what? Chaucer: A wha- a what? A writer. You know, I write, with ink, and parchment. Geoffrey Chaucer's the name, writing's the game. You've probably read my book? the Book of the Duchess? No? Well, it was allegorical. Roland: Well, we won't hold that against you, that's for every man to decide for himself. Wat: You have been weighed. Roland: You have been measured. Kate: And you have absolutely... Chaucer: Been found wanting. William: Welcome to New World. God save you, if it is right that he should do so. Roland, Chaucer, Kate, Wat: [singing] He's blond, he's pissed, he'll see you in the lists, Lichtenstein! Lichtenstein! He's blond, he's tanned, he comes from Gelderland, he comes from Gelderland! Gelderland, Gelderland, Gelderland... Gelderland, Gelderland, Gelderland... William: This is a disaster. Roland: [staring at the tent material] Nah, I think it'll tunic up quite nicely. Kate: It is romantic though. Roland: Are you a woman or a blacksmith? Kate: Sometimes I'm both. William: I'll ride in his place. Roland: What's your name, William? I'm asking you William Thatcher, to answer me with your name? It's not Sir William. It's not count, or duke or earl William. It's certainly not King William. William: I'm aware of that. Roland: You have to be of noble birth to compete! William: A detail. The landscape is food. Do you want to eat or don't you? Roland: If the nobles find out who you are there'll be the devil to pay. William: Then pray that they don't. Adhemar: You have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have been found wanting. Come back when you're worthy. William: [on asking Kate to mend his armour] It's just as well, they told me I was daft for even asking. Kate: Who? William: The other armourers. Kate: Did they say I couldn't do it because I'm a woman? William: No, they said you were great with horseshoes, but shite with armour. The fact that you were a woman wasn't even mentioned. Wat: I don't understand women. Chaucer: Nor do I. But they understand us. Well, maybe not you. Chaucer: There she is, William. The embodiment of love. Your Venus. William: And how I hate her. William: I've waited my whole life for this moment. Wat: You've waited your whole life for Sir Ector to shite himself to death? Adhemar: Why didn't Ulrich finished him? Jocelyn: He shows mercy. Adhemar: Then he shows his weakness - that is all mercy is. Jocelyn: Your name makes no matter to me, so long as I may call you my own. William: Oh, but I am your own, Jocelyn. Jocelyn: I demand poetry, and when I want it, and I want it now. William: Your breasts... they're beneath your throat. Kate: With hope, love should end with hope [trying to convince the squires to bet that William will win, when they believe the French knight will win] French Squire: An Englishman will not win this French tournament. English legs are unsteady on French soil. French Squire: And because French wine is too much for English bellies. French Squire: And most importantly, because the Pope himself is French. Roland: [finally gives in] Well, the Pope may be French, but Jesus is bloody English! You're on! Chaucer: I will eviscerate you in fiction. Every pimple, every character flaw. I was naked for a day; you will be naked for eternity. Chaucer: I give the truth, scope! Wat: What do you mean, dead? Roland: The spark of his life is smothered in shite. His spirit is gone but his stench remains. Does that answer your question? William: I can't explain it. She makes me feel like a poet. Roland: Well you may feel like a poet, but you sound like an idiot. You don't even know her name. Chaucer: [singing] He's quick, he's funny, he makes me lots of money, Lichtenstein! Lichtenstein! Chaucer: We regret to inform your lady that my lord will not be attending... William: Herald, do not answer questions you do not know the answer to! Chaucer: Absolutely, my lord. William: For that I say my rosary to her and no-one else. Wat: Will, that's blasphemy. Roland: What are you doing? William: Losing. Roland: I don't understand! William: Neither do I. Chaucer: Good people, I missed my introduction. But please... Please I pray you, hear it now, for I would lay rest the grace in my tongue and speak plainly. Days like these are far too rare to cheapen with heavy handed words, and so, I'm afraid without any ado whatsoever... Excuse me My Lord... Here he is, one of your own, born a stone's throw from this very stadium, and here before you now, the son of John Thatcher... Sir Wiiiiiilliam Thatcheeer. Adhemar: And how would you beat him? Fence: With a stick. While he slept. But on a horse, with a lance? That man is unbeatable. Old Bishop: You desecrate the House of God! [last lines] Roland, Chaucer, Kate: Your round! Wat: We're English, Geoff! We know who he is! [Watching Joscelyn enter William's tent at night] Chaucer: Guinevere comes to Lancelot. [Turns away, smiling] Chaucer: Bed him well, my lady. Bed him well. William: You favour cathedrals. Jocelyn: I come for confession. And the glass... a riot of color in a dreary, grey world. Jocelyn: Even the peasants can marry for love. William: Can you keep a secret? [the lone girl nods] William: I was born in Cheapside, in that house over there. [points it out to the girl] Lone Girl in Cheapside: Really? I live just there. [points to the house across from it] William: Wait, how old are you? Lone Girl in Cheapside: Nine and one half, sir. William: Nine and one half. I wonder, can you remember a man, all though probably died just before you were born. He was as tall as a knight, his name was John Thatcher. Lone Girl in Cheapside: Well of course I remember him. William: You do? Lone Girl in Cheapside: Yeah, he lives there still. [William is shocked] Lone Girl in Cheapside: Sometimes you can see him looking from his window, though no ones know why. William: What do you mean? Lone Girl in Cheapside: He's blind, sir. Chaucer: Oh my giddy aunt. Germaine: My Lord, the Count Adehmar, Son of Phillip DeVitry, son of Gilles... er... Master of the Free Companies, defender of his enormous manhood, a shining example of chivalry and champagne. Chaucer: A bit higher. More toward the heavens. Kate: The moon at least. Her breasts aren't that impressive. Peter The Pardoner of Rouen: He assured us that you, his liege, would pay us. William: And you are? Peter The Pardoner of Rouen: Peter. A humble Pardoner and purveyor of religious relics. [final lines] Chaucer: All human activity lies within the artist's scope. [looks at Wat, pauses] Chaucer: Maybe not yours... Prince Edward: [sighs] What a pair we make, huh? Both trying to hide who we are, both unable to do so. Your men love you. If I knew nothing else about you, that would be enough. But you also tilt when you should withdraw... and that is knightly, too. Prince Edward: [to guards] Release him. [Edward turns to crowd] Prince Edward: He may appear to be of humble origins, but my personal historians have discovered that he is descendent from an ancient royal line. [crowd murmuring] Prince Edward: This is my word... and as such is beyond contestation. Prince Edward: [turns to William] Now, if I may repay the kindness you once showed me... take a knee. [draws his sword] Prince Edward: By the power vested in me by my father, King Edward, and by all the witnesses here, I dub thee Sir William. [crowd cheers] Prince Edward: [silencing crowd] Arise... Sir William. Can you joust? William: What? Prince Edward: There's my tournament to finish. Now, are you fit to compete, or shall the forfeit stand? William: No, I'm fit. Prince Edward: I shall have your opponent informed of it. You look for his shield in the lists... at once. William: Thank you, my lord. William: Where will we live? In my hovel? With the pigs inside during the winter so they won't freeze? Jocelyn: Yes, William. With the pigs... The poor can marry for love... William: Oh Jocelyn, you speak of what you do not know... Jocelyn: William i beg you. Please, run... do it for love... Roland: I can't explain it, she makes me feel like a poet. Well you may feel like a poet but you sound like an idiot.

Other Titles

  1. Il destino di un cavaliere (2001) (ENG)

  2. Ritter aus Leidenschaft (2001) (ENG)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Barrandov Studios, Prague, Czech Republic - (studio)
  2. Czech Republic


- 'Heath Ledger' (qv) knocked out one of director 'Brian Helgeland' (qv)'s front teeth with a broomstick when the two were demonstrating a jousting move. It was several months before Helgeland's mouth had healed enough to repair the damage. He says it was the only jousting injury during filming.

- Plenty of effort was expended creating lances that would splinter convincingly without taking out the stunt riders as well. The body of each lance was scored so it would break easily, and the tips were made of balsa wood. Each was also hollowed out, and the hole filled with balsa chips and uncooked linguine to make convincing splinters.

- The actor playing the younger version of William has different colored eyes. 'Brian Helgeland' (qv) didn't feel it would be fair to make the young actor wear contact lenses.

- The aerial shot of London includes a medieval version of The London Eye. It's a model, not CGI, and cost $500,000.

- Newsweek revealed in June 2001 that print ads for at least four movies released by Columbia Pictures, including this film and _The Animal (2001)_ (qv), contained glowing comments from a film reviewer who did not exist. The fake critic, "David Manning," was