"A Mind to Kill" (1994) {Game Plan (#2.3)} TV Season

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Overview "A Mind to Kill" Season 02 Episode 03 (S02E03)



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(UK) - 25 October 1997

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Full Cast

  1. Birch, Dennis as [Elwyn Jones]
  2. Cains, Fraser as (as Frazer Cains) [Café Owner]
  3. Davies, Huw (II) as [Jimmy]
  4. Davies, Ree as [Jayne Morgan]
  5. Davin, Robert Gwyn as [Peter Sinclair] <6>
  6. Garmon, Huw as [Andrew Thomas]
  7. Lewis, Geraint (I) as [DS Carwyn Phillips]
  8. Llyfni, Sior as [Wayne]
  9. Madoc, Philip as [DCI Noel Bain] <1>
  10. Povey, Michael (II) as [Superintendent Jack Bevan]
  11. Thomas, William (I) as (as William Huw Thomas) [Pub Guvnor]
  12. Tudor, Huw as [Costumier]
  13. Wyn, Eilian as [Evans the Chef]
  14. Aethwy, Janet as [Kylie]
  15. Edwards, Donna (I) as [Siân Thomas]
  16. Elisa, Gillian as [DS Alison Griffiths]
  17. Petty, Gwenyth as (as Gwennyth Petty) [Hotel Receptionist]
  18. Rowlands, Mair as [Dilys Powis]

Music Composers

  1. Thomas, Mark (II)


  1. Thornton, Peter (IV)


- A Welsh-language version, entitled Peiriant Lladd, was also made for transmission in Wales.