"A Touch of Frost" (1992) {If Dogs Run Free: Part 2 (#15.2)} TV Season

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Overview "A Touch of Frost" Season 15 Episode 02) (S15E02))



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8.0/ 10 (112 Votes)

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Production Company
Excelsior [gb] - (in association with)
ITV Studios [gb] - (as itv STUDIOS)
Yorkshire Television (YTV) [gb] - (uncredited)

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Release Date
(UK) - 5 April 2010

Running Time
88 (DVD)



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Full Cast

  1. Alexander, Bruce (I) as [Supt Mullett] <2>
  2. Alvey, Steven as [Vicar] <25>
  3. Costigan, George (I) as [Allen Moorhead] <11>
  4. Cryer, Andrew as (as Andy Cryer) [Hospital Chaplin] <28>
  5. Davies, Stevee as [Joshua Moorhead] <20>
  6. Dixon, Hasan as [Neil Viner] <17>
  7. Dunbar, Adrian as [Gerry Berland] <5>
  8. Fitzpatrick, John (XIII) as [Dermott Callary] <24>
  9. James, Adam (II) as [Gregory Salmond] <10>
  10. Jason, David (I) as [Insp. Jack Frost] <1>
  11. Lyons, John (IV) as [D.S. Toolan] <3>
  12. McKenna, James (I) as (as James Mckenna) [Custody Sergeant] <21>
  13. Overton, Chris (I) as [Sean Berland] <16>
  14. Owens, Matt as (uncredited) [Firefighter]
  15. Pelka, Valentine as [Sam Crague] <15>
  16. Pickavance, Robert as [Doctor] <26>
  17. Shepherd, Simon as [Tom Viner] <8>
  18. Stone, Robert (IX) as (uncredited) [Joe 'The Arms' McCann]
  19. Tomovic, Branko as [Marek Lisowski] <22>
  20. White, Arthur (II) as [Police Collator] <4>
  21. Wrather, Jonathan as [Dafydd Mansell-Smith] <14>
  22. Bracknell, Leah as [Carolyn Viner] <9>
  23. Cusack, Niamh as [Sally Berland] <6>
  24. Friar, Poppy Lee as [Sophie Moorhead] <19>
  25. Glascott, Fiona as [Jenny Mallinger] <13>
  26. Griffiths, Jaye as [Alice Parmenter] <12>
  27. Henry, Verity-May as [WPC] <29>
  28. Logan, Phyllis (I) as [Christine Moorhead] <7>
  29. St. John, Julia as (as Julia St John) [Pathologist] <18>
  30. Stacey, Ellena as (as Ellena Stacy) [Shop Assistant] <27>
  31. Timpson, Rosie as [Mary Toolan] <30>
  32. Vyse, Beth as [Una Callary] <23>

Full Plot

Christine survives her ordeal and grows closer to Jack, who meets her apparently friendly ex-husband. To silence Lisowski,a drug addict, Berland gives him an extra strong fix,which kills him. Frost realises the two men know each other but decides to bide his time. However,he has a piece of good fortune when Salmond, Berland's cocky solicitor, has his car stole by joy-riding colleagues and Salmond's large,personal stash of cocaine is found in the car.Frost levers him into revealing the location of the site where Berland trains his fighting dogs and from here on Berland's world collapses. Sean kills himself and Sally leaves him, watched by Neil's mother,who takes her boy to the police to confess everything. The copy cat criminal is revealed as the child of a bent copper exposed by Frost and seeking revenge. There is a stand-off atop a high building but Frost survives to marry Christine. There is, however, an uninvited wedding guest who may well cloud the happiness of the day. don @ minifie-1 Having survived the arson attack at the RSPCA shelter, Christine Moorhead returns home to find that her children are also under threat. She and Frost have grown close and clearly like one another, so Jack is isn't going to let anything happen to her. Gerry Berland's lawyer Gregory Salmon strikes a cyclist with his car, he tries to cover it up the by reporting the car stolen, but Frost is soon on to him. Salmon is more than happy to turn on his client and reveal more about Berland's operation in turn for any leniency that might be available. As for his other case, that of someone who seems to be imitating unsolved crimes from 20 years ago, the culprit turns out to be someone pretty close to home. With both cases solved, Jack's life is about to take a turn however. garykmcd Plot not found

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CP: ©ITV Studios Limited 2009

Movie Certificate

12 (UK)(video rating) (2010)

Music Composers

  1. Russell, Ray (II)


  1. Vidgeon, Robin (director of photography)

Dress Designers

  1. George, Tudor (I)

Film Editors

  1. Aspinall, David (I)


  1. Collins, Elaine (I) (script editor)
  2. Dewhirst, Sue (production accountant)
  3. Gaskell, Melanie (production coordinator)
  4. Hepworth, Ben (location manager)
  5. McGreavy-Dowd, Lesley (p.a. to David Reynolds) (as Lesley Mcgreavy-Dowd)
  6. Pontefract, Angie (script supervisor)
  7. Whitehouse, Sharon (production secretary)


[first lines] Insp. Jack Frost: George! George! Come here! I suppose there is no doubt that it was arson. D.S. Toolan: Well, the Chief Fire Officer thinks so, yes. Insp. Jack Frost: Call me Jack, please. Sophie Moorhead: Is that your real name? Insp. Jack Frost: No, my real name is, uh, William, but, uh, don't tell your mother because she'll be using it. Daffyd Mansell-Smith: According to Darwin it's what a billion years of life is all about: survival of the bastards. Insp. Jack Frost: I can't tell you how many years I've been watching terrible things happen to people's children. And they always blame themselves. And too many times they're right to. [last lines] Insp. Jack Frost: Denton police station has always been a refuge, as well as a job for me. Stopped my thinking about anything else. I don't think I feel that any more. And I often thought that I'd left it too late to be anything other than a policeman. Now I don't think that. George had a life that wasn't just about being a policeman. In fact I think it was most of his life. And I know that sometimes he felt sorry for me because I hadn't... You know I hadn't had what he had. But now, we've got a life to live. And we've got an awful lot to cram in. Come on, let's go.