"A Touch of Frost" (1992) {Mistaken Identity: Part 2 (#9.2)} TV Season

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Overview "A Touch of Frost" Season 09 Episode 02 (S09E02)



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7.8/ 10 (58 Votes)

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Release Date
(UK) - 28 January 2002

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Full Cast

  1. Alexander, Bruce (I) as [Supt. Mullett] <2>
  2. Andrews, Reece as [Officer] <24>
  3. Bertenshaw, Michael as [Tony Chalmers] <17>
  4. Cochrane, Michael as [Babcock, HMI] <6>
  5. Croot, Jason as (uncredited) [P.C Mathers]
  6. Flynn, James (V) as [Paul Mathews] <20>
  7. Ingham, Barrie as [Arnold Harris] <7>
  8. Jackson, Barry (I) as [Walter] <15>
  9. Jason, David (I) as [DI Jack Frost] <1>
  10. Lyons, John (IV) as [DS George Toolan] <4>
  11. McCosker, Ben as [Steve Nesbit] <25>
  12. McKail, David as [Dr. McKenzie] <16>
  13. McKenna, James (I) as [Sgt. Don Brady] <14>
  14. Merrells, Jason as [Mike Patterson] <8>
  15. Noble, Liam as [Lionel Grange] <19>
  16. O Neill, Jonjo (I) as [Jeffrey Meadows] <12>
  17. Wadham, Julian as [Harry Monkton] <9>
  18. Weston, Steve (II) as [Engineer] <26>
  19. White, Arthur (II) as [PC Ernest 'Ernie' Trigg] <13>
  20. Young, Elliot as (as Elliott Young) [Billy Simpson] <22>
  21. Allen, Joanne as [Susan Talbot] <23>
  22. Bacon, Joanna (I) as [Tessa Meadows] <21>
  23. Baines, Sherry as (uncredited) [Jean Harris]
  24. Barker, Muriel as [Evelyn Post] <18>
  25. Ekblom, Annette as [Fiona Monkton] <10>
  26. Joseph, Michelle as [WPC Ronnie Lonnegan] <5>
  27. Maberly, Kate as [Melanie Monkton] <11>
  28. MacMahon, Phyllis as (as Phyllis McMahon) [Mrs. Malloy] <27>
  29. Penhaligon, Susan as [Pam Hartley] <3>

Full Plot

The police now have Mike Patterson in custody but he vehemently denies having anything to do with the death of the Harrises. DS Toolan thinks that Patterson is their man but Frost isn't so sure and believes the solution lies elsewhere. The dead man in the reservoir is identified as Reginald Molloy, a one-time resident of Denton. His mother returns to Denton to identify the body and hasn't a clue as to how or why her son would be there. They had moved away some 13 years ago after she witnessed a bank robbery and was required to give evidence in court. When Frost learns that Paul Harris' father was also a witness at the same trial he has the beginnings of the solution. Melanie Monkton, the daughter of the local gentry, is also missing and although under pressure to include her disappearance as part of the murder investigation, Frost thinks it's a completely separate case. Meanwhile, Frost's relationship with psychologist Pam Hartley seems to be going well though it does take an unexpected twist. garykmcd Plot not found

Music Composers

  1. Russell, Ray (II)


  1. Jackson, Peter (II) (director of photography)

Dress Designers

  1. Castle, Brian (I)

Film Editors

  1. Aspinall, David (I)


  1. Allan, Jim (III) (location manager)
  2. Holdsworth, Nicky (script supervisor)
  3. Hordley, Chris (location manager)
  4. Raddings, Gill (dog trainer)
  5. Thompson, Claire (III) (production coordinator)