"A Touch of Frost" (1992) {Near Death Experience (#12.1)} TV Season

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Overview "A Touch of Frost" Season 12 Episode 01) (S12E01))



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7.9/ 10 (67 Votes)

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Production Company
Excelsior - (in assocation with)
Granada Yorkshire [gb]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(UK) - 25 September 2005
(Netherlands) - January 2007

Running Time
USA:94 (DVD)


amnesia, antique-dealer, autopsy, barbed-wire, biblical-quote, british-mystery, catholic-priest, church, corpse, crime-scene, detective-inspector, detective-sergeant, detective-series, falling-from-height, forensic-pathology, forensic-psychologist, hypocrisy, jack-frost, key, morgue, motive, post-mortem, prayer, psycho-sexual, red-herring,

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Full Cast

  1. Alexander, Bruce (I) as [Supt. Mullett] <2>
  2. Allfrey, Adam as [Larry Arnold] <17>
  3. Ford, Mick (I) as [Bill Ford] <12>
  4. Hedger, Simon as [ICU Doctor] <20>
  5. Jackson, Philip (II) as [D.S. Sharpe] <4>
  6. Jason, David (I) as [Insp. Jack Frost] <1>
  7. Jones, Martin (III) as [Officer] <22>
  8. Lyons, John (IV) as [D.S. Toolan] <3>
  9. Macarthy, Cornelius as [Dr. Howell] <19>
  10. McKail, David as (as David Mckail) [Dr. McKenzie] <18>
  11. McKenna, James (I) as (as James Mckenna) [Sgt. Brady] <16>
  12. Rawle, Jeff as [Steve Markham] <9>
  13. Webb, Danny (V) as [Father David Rose] <10>
  14. White, Arthur (II) as [Ernie Trigg] <6>
  15. Ackerly, Carol as [Adele Metcalfe] <21>
  16. Dalkin, Julia as [DC Bennett] <7>
  17. Gale, Katie as [Lucy Croft] <14>
  18. Ingram, Joanna (I) as [Phillippa Murray] <23>
  19. Royle, Amanda as [Helen Croft] <13>
  20. St. John, Julia as (as Julia St John) [Dr. Amanda Chase] <8>
  21. Stewart, Sara (I) as [Martine Phillips] <5>
  22. Timpson, Rosie as [Mary Toolan] <15>
  23. Williams, Lia (I) as [Sylvia Ford] <11>

Full Plot

A priest, Father Rose, is found covered in the blood of a murdered woman, the death bearing the hallmarks of a ritual killing, and Detective Sergeant 'Razor' Sharpe is drafted in to assist Frost, having investigated a similar death in his own area. The dead woman's family feel that her ex-boyfriend is to blame but Frost believes the priest is more involved than he is letting on. A glamorous profiler joins the team and suggests that they are dealing with a serial killer. And she is right. At the same time Frost feels responsible for the loyal George Toolan being hospitalized with severe injuries after falling from a high building whilst helping him prevent a suicide. don@minifie-1 Things at the Denton police station are a bit topsy-turvy. Asbestos has been found in the station and they are all required to relocate temporarily to a disused brewery. DS Toolan is severely injured in a fall while he and DI Frost try to talk a suicidal man off the ledge of a building. He will have to undergo major surgery. DI Frost is also faced with a murder and assault. The victims are Helen Croft and her daughter Lucy who were both stabbed in their home by an unknown assailant. Helen has died and Lucy, who is recovering in hospital, has no memory of the attack. To help him with the case Jack recruits DS 'Razor' Sharpe, someone who's worked with him before and had a similar case the previous year in his own area. He's also saddled with Martine Phillips, a forensic psychologist whom the Chief Constable has invited to assist with the case. She thinks that they are dealing with a serial killer, a theory that Jack isn't quite ready to subscribe to. The victim was discovered by Father David Rose, a friend of the family, but Jack is certain he is hiding something. She also had a boyfriend, Steve Markham, who is unemployed and obviously drinks too much. Helen's sister and brother -in-law, Sylvia and Bill Ford, seem alright but Jack suspect everyone. When a second and then a third murder occur however, the theory of a serial killer all too soon becomes fact. garykmcd Plot not found

Total Business

CP: ©Yorkshire Television Ltd 2005

Movie Certificate

12 (Netherlands)

Music Composers

  1. Russell, Ray (II)


  1. Jackson, Peter (II) (director of photography)

Dress Designers

  1. Baker, Eleanor


Granada International [gb] - (2006) (USA) (DVD)
Independent Television (ITV) [gb] - (2005) (UK) (TV) (original airing)
Katholieke Radio Omroep (KRO) [nl] - (2007) (Netherlands) (TV)
MPI - (2005) (USA) (DVD)

Film Editors

  1. Aspinall, David (I)


  1. Gaskell, Melanie (production coordinator) (as Mel Gaskell)
  2. Hepworth, Ben (location manager)
  3. Tomalin, Lucy (production coordinator)
  4. Wright, Karen (I) (script supervisor)


Supt. Mullett: I won't have any investigation against the church that cannot be supported by a reasonable suspicion. A priest... You can't seriously suspect him. Frost: I'm not prejudiced. I'll suspect anyone. Anyway, you know what the old saying is, don't you. The closer the faith, the closer the Devil. Frost: Mullet's out there cluckin' like a mother hen. D.S. Toolan: [In his hospital bed] Oh, God! Don't let him in! Tell him I've died and gone to Heaven. Frost: Heaven is not going to be an option for the people the likes of you and I, George. Frost: If I don't get a cup of tea soon, the day will be unbearable. Frost: Why do you get involved in cases like this? Martine Phillips: It's my professional life, Inspector. Frost: What? Gettin' inside the head of a vicious killer? Martine Phillips: I suppose it's a bit like going down a dark alley without a torch. Frost: So you get a bit of a thrill out of it, do you? Frost: [Sarcastically referring to Sharpe's obvious attraction to Martine Phillips] Only I was wondering if it was your moody enigmatic personality with its scintilating wit that she fancied or whether it was something more basic like sex. D.S. Sharpe: It's sex, I hope. Frost: Oh, well, we all live in hope. Frost: I know he's tellin' porkies, and priests shouldn't do that. Martine Phillips: I think in this case the knifing's down to pure male anger and rage. Your killer is living an emotionally shut down life. Frost: That could apply to half the male population in the country. Frost: You don't know anything about goin' to church, do you? D.S. Sharpe: Weddings and funerals mostly. I've had the one and I'm waitin' for the other. D.S. Toolan: [to Frost] Your hand - it's really bad, is it? Frost: Yeah, well, you know, it's one of those things. When it happens, you don't feel a thing, and afterward it's just incessant pain. D.S. Sharpe: [Dryly] Like workin' for you then?