A View to a Kill (1985) Movie

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6.2/ 10 (42969 Votes)

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Production Company
Danjaq [gb]
Eon Productions [gb]
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) [us]
United Artists [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - 22 May 1985
(USA) - 24 May 1985
(UK) - 12 June 1985
(UK) - 13 June 1985
(Hong Kong) - 20 June 1985

Running Time

Adventure Above And Beyond All Other Bonds Smooth Operator. [UK poster] Sinister Adversary. Deadly Beauty. [UK poster] Has James Bond met his match? [USA] Bond Is Back - Action Packed As Ever [UK poster] Has James Bond finally met his match?

1980s, action-hero, ambush, axe, axe-fight, base-jumping, based-on-short-story, betrayal, black-woman, blockbuster, blonde, boat, bomb, bond-girl, brawl, bridge, building-on-fire, cameo-appearance, cane, cat, chandelier, chase, check, chinese-girl, city-hall,

Technical Support
LAB:Technicolor, UK
OFM:35 mm
PCS:Panavision - (anamorphic)
PFM:35 mm
RAT:2.35 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Ackridge, Bill as [O'Rourke] <30>
  2. Bauchau, Patrick as [Scarpine] <6>
  3. Benzali, Daniel as [Howe] <18>
  4. Brown, Robert (I) as [M] <13>
  5. Buhr, Gérard as (as Gérard Bühr) [Auctioneer] <27>
  6. Chinn, Anthony as (as Anthony Chin) [Taiwanese Tycoon] <24>
  7. Condren, Tim as (uncredited) [Thug at Stacey's House]
  8. Curtis, Clive as (uncredited) [Salesman at Eiffel Tower]
  9. Ensor, Peter as [Tycoon] <33>
  10. Flood, Joe (I) as [U.S. Police Captain] <26>
  11. Gotell, Walter as [General Gogol] <15>
  12. Gray, Willoughby as [Dr. Carl Mortner] <11>
  13. Hillier, Kit as (uncredited) [Head Waiter]
  14. Jérôme, Lucien as (as Lucien Jerome) [Paris Taxi Driver] <25>
  15. Keen, Geoffrey as [Minister of Defence] <16>
  16. Kominowski, Bogdan as [Klotkoff] <19>
  17. Llewelyn, Desmond as [Q] <12>
  18. Lundgren, Dolph as [Venz] <28>
  19. Lyons, Derek as (uncredited) [Main Stike Mine Crew]
  20. Macnee, Patrick as [Sir Godfrey Tibbett] <5>
  21. Malet, Roland as (uncredited) [Zorin's Auctioneer]
  22. McAuley, Taylor as [Guard II] <32>
  23. Moore, Roger (I) as [James Bond] <1>
  24. Novgorodtsev, Seva as [Helicopter Pilot] <34>
  25. Redwood, Manning as [Bob Conley] <9>
  26. Robinson, Doug (I) as (uncredited) [Thug at Stacey's House]
  27. Rougerie, Jean as [Achille Aubergine] <17>
  28. Sach, Terry as (uncredited) [Mining Guard Searching Truck for Bond]
  29. Sibbald, Tony as [Mine Foreman] <29>
  30. Tarr, Ron as [Guard I] <31>
  31. Walken, Christopher as [Max Zorin] <2>
  32. Wilson, Michael G. (I) as (voice) (uncredited) [Man Heard Over Loudspeaker at San Francisco City Hall]
  33. Yip, David as [Chuck Lee] <7>
  34. Zax, Steven (I) as (uncredited) [Man in Fisherman's Wharf Crowd]
  35. Adams, Maud as (uncredited) [Woman in Fisherman's Wharf Crowd]
  36. Adey-Jones, Sian as [The Girls] <35>
  37. Ashby, Carole as [Whistling Girl] <23>
  38. Cawley, Celine as (uncredited) [The Girls]
  39. Clark, Nike as [The Girls] <37>
  40. Clitherow, Helen as (uncredited) [The Girls]
  41. Doody, Alison as [Jenny Flex] <10>
  42. Douse, Gloria as [The Girls] <39>
  43. Fullerton, Fiona as [Pola Ivanova] <8>
  44. Hallett, Caroline as [The Girls] <36>
  45. Hanna, Deborah as (uncredited) [The Girls]
  46. Johns, Terri as (uncredited) [The Girls]
  47. Jones, Grace (I) as [May Day] <4>
  48. Loughlin, Karen as (uncredited) [The Girls]
  49. Martínez, Patricia (I) as (uncredited) [The Girls]
  50. Maxwell, Lois as [Miss Moneypenny] <14>
  51. Norton, Kim Ashfield as (uncredited) [The Girls]
  52. Risbourg, Dominique as [Butterfly Act Compere] <22>
  53. Ritschel, Elke as [The Girls] <41>
  54. Roberts, Tanya as [Stacey Sutton] <3>
  55. Ronchi, Lou-Anne as [The Girls] <40>
  56. Saunders, Suzanne (I) as (uncredited) [KGO 7 Reporter]
  57. Soo, Papillon as (as Papillon Soo Soo) [Pan Ho] <20>
  58. Spencer, Jane (III) as (uncredited) [The Girls]
  59. Stavin, Mary as [Kimberley Jones] <21>
  60. Thomas, Paula (I) as [The Girls] <38>
  61. Torigai, Mayako as [The Girls] <42>


  1. Action
  2. Adventure
  3. Crime
  4. Thriller

Full Plot

James Bond has one more mission. Bond returns from his travels in the USSR with a computer chip. This chip is capable of withstanding a nuclear electromagnetic pulse that would otherwise destroy a normal chip. The chip was created by Zorin Industries, and Bond heads off to investigate its owner, Max Zorin. Zorin may only seem like a innocent guilty man, but is really planning to set off an earthquake in San Andreas which will wipe out all of Silicon Valley. As well as Zorin, Bond must also tackle May Day and equally menacing companion of Zorin, whilst dragging Stacy Sutton along for the ride. simon A silicon chip is captured from the Soviets and found to be identical to a prototype British design capable of withstanding the intense electromagnetic radiation of a nuclear blast. The British suspect industrialist Max Zorin of leaking details of the design to the Russians. When James Bond is sent to investigate he finds that Zorin is stockpiling silicon chips and, mysteriously, drilling near the San Andreas fault. Dave Jenkins 007 returns from the USSR with a new computer chip; one that is invulnerable to the magnetic pulse of a nuclear explosion. The chip is being manufactured by Zorin Industries, headed up by a sociopathic businessman named Max Zorin who is planning to corner the world microchip market by using explosives to cause an earthquake in the San Andreas fault that will wipe out Silicon Valley - and the millions who live and work there! Bond must face not only Zorin himself, but the equally twisted May Day and Scarpine, another one of Zorin's henchmen. Assisted by San Francisco City employee Stacy, Bond goes after the would-be computer magnate in a series of frightening confrontations - including fire in the SF City Hall, a wild chase through the city with Stacy at the wheel of a fire department ladder truck, and finally in a hand-to-hand fight atop San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge. Derek O'Cain James Bond takes on one of his most maniacal villians to date, Max Zorin, a leading French Industrialist. Zorin plans to detonate a series of explosions in the Silicon Valley causing an earthquake so he can get his hands on the world's leading microchip market. It is up to 007 to stop him! Anonymous When Bond is sent to investigate a security leak at the high-tech Zorin Industries, he discovers a hotbed of murder and deception. The company's mysterious owner, Max Zorin has devised a plan to corner the world microchip market, even if he has to kill millions to do it! But before Bond can stop Zorin, he must confront the madman's beautiful and deadly companion May Day. With help from the gorgeous Stacey, Bond will launch an all-out assault on Zorin's deadly scheme, climaxing in a spine-tingling duel on the upper spans of the Golden Gate Bridge. Robert Lynch Plot not found

Total Business

AD: 14,100,000 (USA) AD: 2,423,306 (France) AD: 1,553,971 (Spain) AD: 947,853 (Sweden) BT: USD 30,000,000 CP: Danjaq S.A. GR: USD 49,667,091 (USA) (11 August 1985) GR: USD 49,239,083 (USA) (4 August 1985) GR: USD 48,666,205 (USA) (28 July 1985) GR: USD 47,985,027 (USA) (21 July 1985) GR: USD 47,016,906 (USA) (14 July 1985) GR: USD 45,667,510 (USA) (7 July 1985) GR: USD 43,256,109 (USA) (30 June 1985) GR: USD 40,109,253 (USA) (23 June 1985) GR: USD 35,862,076 (USA) (16 June 1985) GR: USD 29,194,721 (USA) (9 June 1985) GR: USD 22,912,542 (USA) (2 June 1985) GR: USD 13,294,435 (USA) (27 May 1985) GR: USD 50,327,960 (USA) GR: USD 8,082,000 (UK) GR: USD 152,400,000 (Worldwide) GR: USD 102,100,000 (Worldwide) (except USA) GR: AUD 5,189,000 (Australia) (24 April 2004) GR: SEK 33,771,247 (Sweden) GR: USD 13,452,089 (West Germany) OW: USD 13,294,435 (USA) (27 May 1985) (1 screen) PD: June 1984 - RT: USD 25,356,000 (USA) SD: 3 August 1984 - 14 January 1985 WG: USD 218,012 (USA) (11 August 1985) (195 screens) WG: USD 321,712 (USA) (4 August 1985) (318 screens) WG: USD 353,590 (USA) (28 July 1985) (389 screens) WG: USD 495,684 (USA) (21 July 1985) (472 screens) WG: USD 771,866 (USA) (14 July 1985) (674 screens) WG: USD 1,234,570 (USA) (7 July 1985) (841 screens) WG: USD 1,742,866 (USA) (30 June 1985) WG: USD 2,486,459 (USA) (23 June 1985) WG: USD 3,437,519 (USA) (16 June 1985) WG: USD 3,529,804 (USA) (9 June 1985) WG: USD 6,655,707 (USA) (2 June 1985) WG: USD 13,294,435 (USA) (27 May 1985)

Movie Certificate

PG (Canada)(Ontario)
A (Canada)(Nova Scotia)
G (Canada)(Quebec)
PA (Canada)(Manitoba)
12 (West Germany)(cut) (video premiere)
12 (Germany)(re-release) (uncut)
10 (Iceland)(original rating)
12 (Iceland)(video rating)
PG (UK)(cut)
15 (South Korea)
12 (Brazil)
M/12 (Portugal)
12 (UK)(uncut version)
M (Australia)
K-16 (Finland)
12 (Netherlands)
15 (Norway)
16 (Norway)(1985)
PG (Singapore)
15 (Sweden)

Music Composers

  1. Barry, John (I)


  1. Hume, Alan (director of photography)

Dress Designers

  1. Porteus, Emma (as Emma Porteous)


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Film Editors

  1. Davies, Peter (III)


  1. Baldursson, Agust (location manager)
  2. Banta, Tina (contact: USA)
  3. Barkshire, Reginald A. (production controller)
  4. Bennett, Nicholas T. (pilot: Skyship 500)
  5. Benseman, Steph (location manager)
  6. Binder, Maurice (title designer: main titles)
  7. Blum, Cathryn (key location assistant) (uncredited)
  8. Bogner, Willy (director: ski sequence)
  9. Boguski, Thomas 'Doc' (production assistant) (uncredited)
  10. Boissard, Mauricette (location accountant) (as Mauricette Boisard)
  11. Bowes, Brian (horse team)
  12. Brown, Joanna (I) (production secretary)
  13. Brown, Joe (II) (snow team)
  14. Caltvedt, Don 'Tweet' (skydiver backup) (uncredited)
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  16. Carr, Daphne (continuity: second unit)
  17. Collen-Smith, Jennifer (publicity assistant)
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  57. Zürcher, Stefan (location manager)


James Bond: Hello. My name is James St. John Smythe. I'm English. Stacey Sutton: I never would have guessed. [Zorin is going to kill Bond] James Bond: My department know I'm here. When I don't report they'll retaliate. Max Zorin: If you're the best they've got, they're more likely try and cover up your embarrassing incompetence. James Bond: Don't count on it, Zorin. Max Zorin: [laughs] Ha ha, you amuse me, Mr. Bond. James Bond: It's not mutual. James Bond: Well my dear, I take it you spend quite a lot of time in the saddle. Jenny Flex: Yes, I love an early morning ride. James Bond: Well, I'm an early riser myself. [the morning after Bond sleeps with May Day] Max Zorin: You slept well? James Bond: A little restless but I got off eventually. U.S. Police Captain: You're under arrest. Stacey Sutton: Wait a minute, this is James Stock of the London Financial times. James Bond: Well, actually, captain, I'm with the British Secret Service. The name is Bond, James Bond. U.S. Police Captain: Is he? Stacey Sutton: Are you? James Bond: Yes. U.S. Police Captain: And I'm Dick Tracy and you're still under arrest! James Bond: Bond, James Bond Howe: What have they done? Max Zorin: You discharged her, so she and her accomplice came here to kill you. Then they set fire to the office, to conceal the crime but they were trapped in the elevator and perished in the flames. Howe: But that means I would have to be... Max Zorin: Dead! [shoots him] Max Zorin: That's rather neat, Don't you think? James Bond: Brilliant. I'm almost speechless with admiration. Max Zorin: Intuitive improvisation is the secret of genius. James Bond: Herr Doktor Mortner would be proud of his creation. Scarpine: It's time to flood the fault. Bob Conley: But May Day and my men! Max Zorin: Yes. A convenient coincidence. Bob Conley: Mr. Zorin, those men are LOYAL to you! [Scarpine knocks him out] [Hovering over Silicon Valley in their airship] May Day: Wow! What a view! Max Zorin: To a KILL! James Bond: I take it you ride. Max Zorin: I'm happiest in the saddle. James Bond: A fellow sportsman. So, what about fishing? Fly-casting? Max Zorin: [realizes he's been trapped] I'm neglecting my other guests. Enjoy yourself, you'll find the young ladies stimulating company. [after dropping the tycoon out of the airship] Max Zorin: So, anyone else want to drop out? James Bond: Taxi! Paris Taxi Driver: No, no, no English! James Bond: [Pulling him from the car] Out! James Bond: What's this thing loaded with? Stacey Sutton: Rock salt. James Bond: Now you tell me! [Bond is dangling from an unlocked fire engine ladder] James Bond: Turn! [Stacey turns] Not this way! That way! [first lines] Kimberley Jones: I thought you'd never get back. James Bond: Well, there was a heck of a crowd on the piste! Restaurant guest: Qu'est-ce qu'il y a, monsieur? James Bond: There's a fly in his soup! Scarpine: He's the outstanding horse of the sales. We expect him to fetch over three million dollars! James Bond: Oh, sounds quite reasonable! Tibbett, Sir Godfrey: Another wealthy owner? James Bond: Who knows? But she certainly bare closer inspection. Tibbett, Sir Godfrey: We're on a mission. James Bond: Sir Godfrey, on a mission, I am expected to sacrifice myself! Pola Ivanova: In my dressing room, later, did you know I was an agent with orders to seduce you? James Bond: Why do you think I sent you three dozen RED roses...? [c.f. _Diamonds Are Forever (1971)_ (qv)] Jenny Flex: Welcome, sir. I'm Jenny Flex. James Bond: Of course you are. U.S. Police Captain: [as he's chasing Bond and Stacey] Captain to all units: Intercept murder suspect in a stolen fire truck. He MAY be armed... and he's SURE dangerous! Pola Ivanova: Long time no see, James...! [she giggles]... Oh, you haven't changed a bit! James Bond: Well, YOU have. You're even LOVELIER. May Day: [on being betrayed by Zorin]... And I thought that creep loved me! [Bond is released from jail in Paris for violating the Napoleonic Code] M: [to Bond] May I remind you that this operation was to be conducted discreetly. All it took was six million Francs in damages and penalties for violating most of the Napoleonic Code. James Bond: Well, under the circumstances, sir, I thought it MORE IMPORTANT to identify the assassin. M: What did you learn from Aubergine before his untimely demise? James Bond: [to M] Well, only that Zorin is having a thoroughbred sale at his stud not far from here. I think I should be there. [to Tibbett] Can you help me with that, Sir Godfrey? Sir Godfrey Tibbett: It may be possible to arrange an invitation. It's a bit short notice, but I might just be able to squeeze you in, Bond. James Bond: [to Tibbett] Thank you, sir. [Bond and Aubergine are discussing the use of steriods in Zorin's horses] James Bond: Tell me, why do Zorin's horses beat others with far superior bloodlines? Aubergine: This is a mystery. James Bond: Could he be using drugs? Aubergine: Nothing showed up in the tests. [a mystery person is seen entering the room] Aubergine: Later this month, Zorin will hold his annual sales at his stud near Paris. Security is formidable. [the mystery person attacks another person dressed in black. The butterflies in the room go stir crazy] Aubergine: But the key to this mystery is there. And I, Achille Aubergine, will intend to find it. [We get a good look at the eyes of the mystery person. Aubergine is suddenly stabbed in the cheek with a hook and his head falls to the table] [last lines] [Bond is in the shower with Stacey and Q is using Snooper to spy on them] Q: 007 alive. M: Where is he? What's he doing? Q: Just cleaning up a few details. Stacey Sutton: Oh, James! May Day: Get Zorin for me! Max Zorin: More. More power. More. Do it! May Day: Somebody will take care of you. James Bond: Oh, you'll see to that personally, will you? [May Day walks into her room and finds Bond naked in her bed] James Bond: May Day, where have you been? I've been waiting for you... to take care of me, personally. [Zorin nods to May Day, and she enters silently in the room] James Bond: I see you're a woman of very few words. May Day: What's there to say? Pola Ivanova: The bubbles tickle my... Tchaikovsky! Max Zorin: For centuries alchemists tried to make gold from base metals. Today, we make microchips from sillicon, which is common sand, but far better than gold. Now, for several years, we had a profitable partnership, you as manufacturers, while I acquired and passed on to you industrial information that made you competitive, succesful. We are now on the unique position to form an international cartel to control not only production, but distribution of these microchips. There is one obstacle - Sillicon Valley in San Francisco. Q: She must take a lot of vitamins! James Bond: Yes, and perhaps Pegasus does too. Kimberley Jones: Commander Bond! James Bond: Call me James. It's five days until Alaska. Max Zorin: This will hurt him more than me. General Anatol Gogol: [Bond has just received the Order of Lenin from General Gogol] The order of Lenin, for Comrade Bond. The first ever non-Soviet citizen to receive this award. M: I'd thought the KGB would have celebrated if Silicon Valley had been destroyed. General Anatol Gogol: On the contrary, Admiral, where would Russian research be without it? Mine Foreman: [sees Bond disguised as a fireman] Where's the fire? James Bond: [American accent] In your rear end! Max Zorin: You lost, 007. James Bond: [after looking at Tibbett's body] Killing Tibbett was a mistake. Max Zorin: Then I'm about to make that same mistake twice. [Bond is gettting ready to have a horse race with Zorin] James Bond: And what if I'm thrown? Max Zorin: Then you lose. [At Stacey Sutton's home, Bond cooks dinner; pulls out a excellent quiche from the oven] James Bond: Et voil. Quiche des Cabinet. Stacey Sutton: Sounds interesting. Mmm. What is it? James Bond: An omelet. [Stacey chuckles] Now, you were telling me about your grandfather. Stacey Sutton: He left Sutton Oil to Dad, who expected me, as the only child, to take it over someday. So, at college, I studied geology. James Bond: And then what happened? Stacey Sutton: Zorin. He took ober Sutton Oil on a rigged proxy fight. I fought him in the courts. It's taken everything I had: All the cash, all the furniture, everything. So I took this job as state geologist. And I've just managed to hold on to this house and-and my shares. James Bond: Well, that's what the $5 million were for, your shares? Stacey Sutton: Ten time more than they're worth. Just, uh... [grabs the check] just drop the lawsuit and shut my mouth. I haven't accepted yet. James Bond: So Zorin sent along his gorillas to help you make up your mind. Stacey Sutton: They have. [tears up the check; sighs] I'd sell everything and live in a tent before I give up.

Other Titles

  1. 007: A View to a Kill (1985) (ENG)
    (Australia) (video title)

  2. Agente 007, bersaglio mobile (1985) (ENG)
    (Italy) (imdb display title)

  3. From a View to a Kill (1985) (ENG)
    (UK) (working title)

  4. James Bond 007 - Im Angesicht des Todes (1985) (ENG)
    (West Germany)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. 2201 Broadway, Oakland, California, USA
  2. 3rd St. Bridge, 3rd Street, China Basin, San Francisco, California, USA - (fire engine chase)
  3. 3rd Street, China Basin, San Francisco, California, USA - (fire engine chase)
  4. Alameda County, California, USA
  5. Albert R. Broccoli 007 Stage, Pinewood Studios, Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire, England, UK - (studio) (interiors: Max Zorin's silicon mine)
  6. Amberley Museum, Amberley, West Sussex, England, UK - (Mine entrance and exteriors)
  7. Amberley, West Sussex, England, UK - (Mine entrance and exteriors)
  8. Ascot Racecourse, Ascot, Berkshire, England, UK - (James Bond, M, Q and Moneypenny assess horseracing lead and Zorin and co)
  9. Ascot, Berkshire, England, UK - (James Bond, M, Q and Moneypenny go to the races)
  10. Avenue du Maréchal Joffre, Chantilly, Oise, France
  11. BP Gas Station du Parc Aumontin, Avenue du Maréchal Joffre, Chantilly, Oise, France - (Avtak petrol station where Grace Jones surprises Tibett)
  12. Bay Area, San Francisco, California, USA
  13. Burger Island - 901 3rd Street, China Basin, San Francisco, California, USA - (fire engine chase)
  14. California, USA
  15. Champ de Mars, Paris 7, Paris, France - (Paris car chase)
  16. Chantilly Racecourse, Grandes Écuries, Chantilly, Oise, France - (Hippodrome de Chantilly)
  17. Chantilly, Oise, France - (Tibbett takes Silver Cloud Rolls Royce to the car wash - Mayday attacks Tibbett)
  18. China Basin, San Francisco, California, USA - (fire engine chase)
  19. Chinatown, San Francisco, California, USA
  20. Château de Chantilly, Chantilly, Oise, France - (James Bond stays at Zorin's Estate)
  21. City Hall - 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, San Francisco, California, USA
  22. Civic Center Plaza, Civic Center, San Francisco, California, USA
  23. Civic Center, San Francisco, California, USA
  24. Dunsmuir House & Gardens - 2960 Peralta Oaks Court, Oakland, California, USA
  25. Embarcadero Freeway, San Francisco, California, USA - (demolished due to 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake damage) (Bond follows Stacy after leaving San Francisco City Hall)
  26. England, UK
  27. Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco, California, USA - (James Bond meets CIA Agent Chuck Lee)
  28. Forest of Chantilly, Chantilly, Oise, France
  29. France
  30. Glacier Lake, Vatnajökull Glacier, Vatnajökull, Austurland, Iceland
  31. Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California, USA - (finale)
  32. Grandes Écuries, Chantilly, Oise, France - (Zorin's Estate)
  33. Höfn, Iceland - (opening sequence)
  34. Iceland - (opening sequence)
  35. Jökulsárlón, Breiðamerkursandur, Iceland - (opening sequence)
  36. Langley Park, Slough, Berkshire, England, UK
  37. Lefty O'Doul Drawbridge, 3rd Street, China Basin, San Francisco, California, USA - (fire engine chase)
  38. Market Street, San Francisco, California, USA - (fire engine chase)
  39. McAllister Street, San Francisco, California, USA - (city hall)
  40. Musée Vivant du Cheval, Grandes Écuries, Chantilly, Oise, France
  41. Oakland, California, USA - (Dunsmuir historic estate)
  42. Old War Office Building, Whitehall, Westminster, London, England, UK - (MI6 Headquarters)
  43. Paris 7, Paris, France - (Paris car chase)
  44. Paris, France
  45. Pinewood Studios, Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire, England, UK - (studio)
  46. Piste d'Avilly, Chantilly, Oise, France - (French Racecourse)
  47. Pont Alexandre III, Paris 7, Paris, France - (James Bond chases Mayday - James Bond's jumps onto a boat in the Seine from the Pont Alexandre III Bridge)
  48. Port of San Francisco, San Francisco Bay, California, USA
  49. Potrero Hill, San Francisco, California, USA
  50. Presidio, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, San Francisco, California, USA
  51. Quarry, Wraysbury, Berkshire, England, UK - (water-filled quarry where Silver Cloud Rolls Royce gets pushed into lake)
  52. Renault Building, Swindon, Wiltshire, England, UK - (Max Zoran's underground warehouse)
  53. Restaurant Le Jules Verne, Tour Eiffel, Champ de Mars, Paris 7, Paris, France - (James Bond has lunch with Aubergine)
  54. San Francisco Bay, California, USA
  55. San Francisco Peninsula, California, USA
  56. San Francisco, California, USA
  57. Seine River, Paris, France - (James Bond chases Mayday - James Bond's jumps onto a boat in the Seine from the Pont Alexandre III)
  58. Staines, Surrey, England, UK - (near) (Silver Cloud Rolls Royce gets pushed into lake)
  59. Swindon, Wiltshire, England, UK - (Max Zoran's underground warehouse)
  60. Swiss Alps, Switzerland - (opening sequence)
  61. Switzerland - (opening sequence)
  62. The Great Stables, Château de Chantilly, Chantilly, Oise, France - (Zorin's Estate)
  63. The Left Bank, Paris, France - (James Bond chases Mayday in Paris)
  64. Tour Eiffel, Champ de Mars, Paris 7, Paris, France - (James Bond has lunch with Aubergine - James Bond chases Mayday in Paris - Mayday jumps off Eiffel Tower)
  65. UK
  66. USA
  67. Vadretta di Scerscen Inferiore Glacier, Swiss Alps, Switzerland - (opening sequence)
  68. Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco, California, USA - (city hall)
  69. Vatnajökull Glacier, Vatnajökull, Austurland, Iceland
  70. Vatnajökull, Austurland, Iceland
  71. West Sussex, England, UK - (mine entrance and exteriors)


- 'Anthony Chinn' (qv) as a Taiwanese Tycoon previously played a SPECTRE Guard in _You Only Live Twice (1967)_ (qv) and was an uncredited Servant at Auric Stud Farm in _Goldfinger (1964)_ (qv). 'Manning Redwood' (qv) as Bob Conley had previously played General Miller in _Never Say Never Again (1983)_ (qv).

- Stacy Sutton's villa mansion, Whitewood House, was played by Oakland California's Dunsmuir House.

- This is the only James Bond movie ever where the famous spy genre catchphrase "Nobody ever leaves the KGB" is heard. It is said by General Gogol ('Walter Gotell' (qv)).

- Two classical pieces of music are excerpted in the movie. The piece of classical music heard during the French château sequence was 'Antonio Vivaldi' (qv)'s "The Four Seasons" (Italian title is Le quattro stagioni). The piece of music heard during the hot tub sequence was classical music composed by 'Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky' (qv). Neither piece of music though is included on the movie's soundtrack album as they are only excerpted for the movie.

- The disclaimer, "Neither the name Zorin nor any other name or character in this film is meant to portray a real company or actual person" was added after