"Adventures of the Gummi Bears" (1985) {My Kingdom for a Pie/The World According to Gusto (#5.4)} TV Season

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Overview "Adventures of the Gummi Bears" Season 05 Episode 04 (S05E04)



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8.5/ 10 (6 Votes)

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Release Date
(USA) - 7 October 1989
(USA) - 21 October 1989

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Full Cast

  1. Burton, Corey (I) as (voice) [Gruffi Gummi/Toadwart]
  2. Cummings, Brian (I) as (voice) [Artie Deco]
  3. Music, Lorenzo as (voice) [Tummi Gummi]
  4. Paulsen, Rob as (voice) [Gusto Gummi]
  5. Ryan, Will (I) as (voice) [Gad/Zook/Ogres]
  6. Rye, Michael (I) as (voice) [Duke Igthorn]
  7. Foray, June as (voice) [Grammi Gummi]
  8. North, Noelle as (voice) [Cubbi Gummi]


  1. Arthur, Jeffrey (I) (production assistant)
  2. Beaudoin, Johanne (production assistant)
  3. Bunn, Krista (production archives administrator)
  4. Fogel, Rich (story editor)
  5. Miner, Olivia (talent coordinator)
  6. Nassir, Wade Zia (production assistant) (as Wade Nassir)
  7. Seidenberg, Mark (story editor)


Gruffi Gummi: Do you think the Great Gummies let their stomachs do the thinking for them, the way you always do? Tummi Gummi: Look, I promise I won't even think about food for the rest of the day. Cross my heart. Gruffi Gummi: Ha! Don't bite off more than you can chew. Tummi Gummi: Why, I wouldn't even touch Grammi's gummiberry fudge cake. And forget those mouth-watering lemon tarts. Not to mention, that honey-glazed hams topped with - candy cherries... Tummi Gummi: Remember, stomach: willpower. Duke Igthorn: And have you caught any of the little furballs yet? Toadwart: No, but we've sold twelve coffee cakes. Duke Igthorn: You muddleheaded misfit! Toadwart: But, Dukie, according to my Patty Ogres' Almanac, it's a foolproof plan. Duke Igthorn: The only fool around here is you. Gad: Costume party not for us. Zook: Yeah. This dress not my style. Toadwart: No buts, bear, or it'll be the Executive Deluxe Torture Plan for you. Tummi Gummi: Sounds painful. Toadwart: You'd be forced to listen to a medley of popular folk tunes sung by Gad and Zook. Tummi Gummi: I let my stomach do all the thinkin'. [to his stomach] Why couldn't you be a little smarter? Duke Igthorn: [to Zook] No, you two-legged piece of furniture. Duke Igthorn: Silence, you recipient of the Nincompoop of the Year Award. Tummi Gummi: I must be dreaming. Toadwart: [coming in] Soup's on! Tummi Gummi: I was right. I *am* dreaming. Duke Igthorn: All this is yours, dear Gummi bear. There's just one little thing you must do. TELL ME WHERE YOUR FRIENDS LIVE! Duke Igthorn: Isn't this wonderful; I've got him eating of my hand! Tummi Gummi: [of Igthorn and Toadwart] Good riddance to bad rubbish. Tummi Gummi: Sorry, guys. Gotta eat and run. Toadwart: [in the garbage chute] This not where Gummis live, Dukamente. Duke Igthorn: Brilliant observation, fish face. Toadwart: [after getting washed out with the Gummis' garbage] Guess it not a good time to ask for raise. Tummi Gummi: [last lines: "My Kingdom for a Pie"] I don't wanna think about food for a lonnng time... uh, at least for a week, that is. Gusto Gummi: [after he gets paint stripes on his clothes] Oohh, quite the fashion statement, Gruff. Too bad plaid's the fad. Gusto Gummi: There's only one rule a Gummi needs, and that is: there are no rules. Following rules is like painting by numbers, like, where's the creativity, right? Throw out the rules, and you get new, new, new! How do you think I paint the way I do? Gruffi Gummi: [sarcastically] I've always wondered. Cubbi Gummi: Wow, no rules. I wish I could live like Gusto. Grammi Gummi: Well, if you wanna live like Gusto, maybe you should leave *with* Gusto. Gusto Gummi: Maybe I can teach the kid a thing or two. Gruffi Gummi: That's what I'm afraid of. Grammi Gummi: Now, Gruffi, I think it's a fine idea. Besides, you're forgettin' one very important rule. Gruffi Gummi: And what's that? Grammi Gummi: Never argue with Grammi! Cubbi Gummi: Wow. I've never seen anything like that before. Gusto Gummi: That's the idea. It's one of a kind. Like me. Gusto Gummi: [chuckling after Artie gets hit with clay] Hey, no need to ruffle your feathers. Besides, it's you, Artie boy. It's you. Cubbi Gummi: I, Sir Cubbi, am about to slay this dragon. Artie Deco: Why do I always have to be the dragon? Gusto Gummi: Imagine me sounding like Gruffamundo. I better watch it. Gusto Gummi: [on the edge of the ladder in front of the waterfall] Whoa. This is no place for a Gummi to hang out. Gusto Gummi: So what if inspiration's finally struck, and I'm all out of paint? Gusto Gummi: Boy, who would have ever thought that one little Gummi could give me such a big headache? Now I know why I live alone. Cubbi Gummi: When I grow up, I wanna be just like you. Gusto Gummi: Well, I guess it hasn't been that bad of a day. Gad: Well, as impossible as it seems, this is one time old Gruffamundo may be right. After all, ometimes we *do* need rules. Gad: Ogres listen to Toadie. Zook: Yeah. We just not do what you say. Gusto Gummi: All right, buster. I have somethin' to say to you. Toadwart: [popping out of a bush] Ogres have something to say too. Cubbi Gummi: What do we do now? Gusto Gummi: [laughs nervously] Plead for our lives? Toadwart: Fetching Gummis will make up-and-coming Toadie look real good. Zook: Duh, Toadie never look good. Toadwart: [reading the "cure" horrified] Take three baths a day? Gad: With soap? Gusto Gummi: And water. Zook: Yech. Cubbi Gummi: Guess having rules does come in handy. Gusto Gummi: Remember, stay on the right path, and look before you leap, and brush after every meal. Gusto Gummi: [last lines: "The World According to Gusto"] [to Gruffi as he swipes his pancakes] I mean, we're really not that different. More like two gummiberries on the same branch.


- The title is based upon a quote from 'William Shakespeare (I)' (qv)'s play "King Richard III": (Act V, Scene IV): "A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse!"