"Adventures of the Gummi Bears" (1985) {Presto Gummo/A Tree Grows in Dunwyn (#3.3)} TV Season

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Overview "Adventures of the Gummi Bears" Season 03 Episode 03 (S03E03)



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8.2/ 10 (6 Votes)

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Release Date
(USA) - 26 September 1987
(USA) - 26 September 1987

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Full Cast

  1. Burton, Corey (I) as (voice) [Gruffi Gummi/Toadwart/Clutch]
  2. Music, Lorenzo as (voice) [Tummi Gummi/Knight]
  3. Ryan, Will (I) as (voice) [Ogres]
  4. Rye, Michael (I) as (voice) [Duke Igthorn/King Gregor/Tuck/Knight]
  5. Winchell, Paul as (voice) [Zummi Gummi/Nip/Knight]
  6. Foray, June as (voice) [Grammi Gummi]
  7. Leigh, Katie as (voice) [Sunni Gummi]
  8. North, Noelle as (voice) [Cubbi Gummi/Princess Calla]

Full Plot

"Presto Gummo": Tummi wants to be a magician for entertainment and Cubbi wants some excitement, so he sets up some stunts to make Tummi think the fake medallion he made works. Problems occur when Tummi tries to ward off Duke Igthorn with his "magic" and is captured. "A Tree Grows in Dunwyn": Calla has the Gummi Bears help her secretly plant a tree in the castle orchard for King Gregor's Monarch's Day present, but it's the same tree the trolls stashed their loot in - and the lead troll, Tuck, and two of his crew have just escaped the jail and, finding it gone, attack the Gummis to get it back. Plot not found


  1. Ebel, Barbra J. (production assistant) (as Barbara Brysman)
  2. Magon, Jymn (story editor)
  3. Stones, Tad (story editor)
  4. Wood, Luanne (production assistant)


Cubbi Gummi: Hasn't doing all this magic worked up an appetite? Tummi Gummi: Now that you mention it, my stomach is sounding a bit hollow. Tummi Gummi: [Cubbi's machine causes food to fall to them so he thinks it's his magic] Now that's what I call fast food. Duke Igthorn: I should know better than to send ogres out to do a dog's job. Toadwart: If His Dukiness only give poor, insignificant Toadie a chance. Duke Igthorn: Very well. But it had better work. Or I'll be using poor insignificant Toadie for boot leather. Toadwart: Come on, guys. Think like bloodhounds. You find Gummis and Toadie will run you into Dregmoor stables. Ogres: [jumping in excitement] Oh, boy. Duke Igthorn: [they walk in a circle, binding Toadwart in their leashes] Impressive, Toadwart. I'd say you're a size 9, wouldn't you? Toadwart: Actually, 8 and a half. But I can be a 9 if Dukie wishes. Tummi Gummi: I kinda had my heart set on movin' a mountain. Cubbi Gummi: Where would you put it? Tummi Gummi: Good question. Duke Igthorn: [stomping on Toadwart] Hm. Not quite like walking on a cloud, but I suppose I could get used to it. Tummi Gummi: I'm gonna bring back the age of Gummi Greatness. Humans and Gummis will be friends again. There'll be food everywhere. Tummi Gummi: Hi there, Iggy. Out for a walk? Ogre: Why he not run away? Duke Igthorn: Or even cringe in fear. Toadwart: Or cower in terror? Duke Igthorn: Turn Toadwart here into something useful. Toadwart: But I was just getting the knack of being a stylish leather pump. Tummi Gummi: I couldn't even make air disappear. Cubbi Gummi: Psst! Tummi Gummi: Snakes! Cubbi Gummi: No, it's me. Tummi Gummi: Oh, Cubbi. Thank goodness. I hate snakes. Tummi Gummi: Well, I wanted people to laugh with magic, and you sure did. It would've been nice if you'd let me pretend too. Tummi Gummi: I'll just use magic. Cubbi Gummi: But I told you, you can't do magic. Tummi Gummi: [lifting his chin grinning] I can when you help. Ogre: [both draw Os in the tic-tac-toe board] There! Who win? Ogre: Dunno. Another game? Ogre: Sure. Cubbi Gummi: [last lines: "Presto Gummo"] I'm nervous, Tummi. What if the tricks don't work? Tummi Gummi: Don't worry. You're the best wizard's helper I could ever have. And I know *you* can make 'em laugh. Tuck: Want a walnut, Clutch? Clutch: Stop chewing; that's our ammunition. A few odds and ends from the prison kitchen, and - nuts to you, Gregor! Princess Calla: Oh, Gruffi, it's a gift for my father for Monarch's Day. And you of all people know it's better to give than receive. Gruffi Gummi: [seeing the others looking on] Well, Calla, I guess... What're you all staring at? We've got an apple tree to deliver. Gruffi Gummi: As leader of this expedition, I have only one thing to say: bottoms up! Princess Calla: Oh, Gummiberry juice! [drinks it and throws the tree into the courtyard] Zummi Gummi: An uplifting idea, Gruffi. Gruffi Gummi: [riding in the cart everyone else pushes] An award of merit. That has a nice ring to it. Grammi Gummi: If *he* doesn't start pushing, *I'll* give him him an award of merit. Tummi Gummi: [talking in his sleep] Baked beans, baloney, bananas... Gruffi Gummi: What do you want, you smelly green troublemakers? Tuck: Hey, I resemble that remark. Clutch: [to Gruffi] Don't play smart; you're not good at it. Tuck: Not the castle! Nip: We can't go back there! Tuck: Jail! Nip: Prison! Tuck: The cooler! Nip: The Tuck: The pen! Nip: The slammer! Clutch: Take the fat one, and the old one. Tummi Gummi: Who you callin' old? [Zummi looks shocked] Nip: You put enough onions on those pancakes? Cubbi Gummi: [Sunni rolls the pot he was stuck in to trip the Nip; it breaks and he's freed] Strike! Gruffi Gummi: [he throws a shield to knock down Clutch] Nice spell, Zummi. Zummi Gummi: [laughs] Thanks. Something I picked up from Grammi. Gruffi Gummi: Tough break, trolley. Out of ammo. You're heading back to Dunwyn's iron hotel. Gruffi Gummi: Calla was right. It is better to give... [tosses his award down the pit] Clutch: Oooohooohooh. Gruffi Gummi: Than to receive. [last lines] King Gregor: But how on Earth did you find them? Princess Calla: Oh, a little Gummi helped me. [laughs] King Gregor: [heading off with her] But, Calla, you know I don't believe in Gummi bears. Princess Calla: [sitting in the tree] You know, Kingie, sometimes I guess we are pretty unbelievable at that. [chuckles]