"Adventures of the Gummi Bears" (1985) {Tummi Trouble (#6.14)} TV Season

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Overview "Adventures of the Gummi Bears" Season 06 Episode 14 (S06E14)



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8.9/ 10 (5 Votes)

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Release Date
(USA) - 14 February 1991
(USA) - 14 February 1991

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Full Cast

  1. Burton, Corey (I) as (voice) [Gruffi Gummi/Toadwart]
  2. Music, Lorenzo as (voice) [Tummi Gummi]
  3. Ryan, Will (I) as (voice) [Gad/Zook/Ogres]
  4. Rye, Michael (I) as (voice) [Duke Igthorn]
  5. Foray, June as (voice) [Grammi Gummi]
  6. Leigh, Katie as (voice) [Sunni Gummi]
  7. MacNeille, Tress as (voice) [Lady Bane]
  8. Taylor, Russi as (voice) [Madame Placebo]

Full Plot

Duke Igthorn buys a gypsy love potion to make Lady Bane fall for him. She, meanwhile, has had her Troggles out Gummi Bear-hunting and has succeeded in capturing Tummi. As their two carriage race toward each other and crash, the bottle of potion breaks and sends it spraying over the other carriage. Lady Bane has fallen in love with Toadwart, to Igthorn's misery, and is aware that Tummi has fallen in love with her so tries to exploit this to get him to give her the Great Book of Gummi so she can be all-powerful... Plot not found


  1. Battelle, Nanci (production assistant)
  2. Fogel, Rich (story editor)
  3. Miner, Olivia (talent coordinator)
  4. Nassir, Wade Zia (production assistant)
  5. Royer, John (production assistant)
  6. Seidenberg, Mark (story editor)
  7. Veber, Jacaleen (production assistant) (as Jacaleen Cotter)


[first lines] Sunni Gummi: It's springtime! And love is in the air. Tummi Gummi: It is? I don't see it. Sunni Gummi: Ah, wouldn't it be wonderful to fall head over heels in love? Tummi Gummi: [the cart he was pulling and fell into when a butterfly landed on his face rolls against a rock, overturning and drenching him with the gummiberries' juice] I dunno, Sunni. I think I've done enough falling for one day. Gruffi Gummi: When you've got a question, I'm the Gummi to ask. Now what do you wanna know? Tummi Gummi: Uh, what's it like to be in love? Gruffi Gummi: ...Uhh, uh... Ask Grammi. Grammi Gummi: Bein' in love is wonderful, Tummi. Your heart pounds, your toes tingle, you get butterflies in your stomach... Somtimes you can't even eat. Tummi Gummi: Ugh. That sounds horrible. Duke Igthorn: [writing a poem] Roses are red, violets are blue... You're so rotten, and I love you. Duke Igthorn: When Lady Bane reads this, she'll never be able to resist me. Toadwart: Don't be so sure, O Mushy One. Your little cuddly-wumpkins has returned every one of your letters. Duke Igthorn: We were meant for each other. We're both so diabolically despicable. Duke Igthorn: The poor girl's so in love, she's completely lost her mind. Toadwart: *Somebody* sure has. Toadwart: There are plenty more snakes in the grass. Duke Igthorn: That's "fish in the sea", you knuckleheaded know-it-all! Madame Placebo: Smell like a petunia! Gad: [sniffs the potion being offered] P.U.! Madame Placebo: So, kind sir, what is it that you desire? Duke Igthorn: That you get out, out, out! Lady Bane: But of course, even I have someone to love: myself. Tummi Gummi: Love sure is confusing. Zummmi says it has somethin' to do with the birds and the bees, but I still don't get it. Troggles: [advancing on him] Get it! Get it! Lady Bane: Now we must let the other Gummis know we have a guest. And that they have 'til sundown to bring me those magic Gummi books I've heard so much about. Tummi Gummi: Would ya settle for one of Grammi's cookbooks? Lady Bane: I'm afraid not. Tummi Gummi: I didn't think so. Lady Bane: And where, oh, where have you been all my life, you irresistible little bug-eyed beauty? Duke Igthorn: You're supposed to be in love with me, not that little monkey-faced masher! Tummi Gummi: Maybe the way to her heart is through her stomach, like mine. Lady Bane: Oh, my handsome little love-chunk. Lady Bane: That funny birthmark. Toadwart: It's a wart. Lady Bane: Oh, but it's such a handsome wart. Toadwart: Two-timing Toadie like it here. Lady Bane: Let go; he's mine! Duke Igthorn: No way, lady. I saw him first. Toadwart: [being stretched between Igthorn and Lady Bane] I guess it's true that you only hurt the one you love. Duke Igthorn: But, but - this is all a mistake! Lady Bane: The only mistake is that you're still here! Duke Igthorn: [plucking a thorn out of himself after getting thrown out by Lady Bane into a rosebush] Why didn't anyone tell me that love could be so dangerous? Toadwart: [after getting crushed by a door] Love definitely makes the world go round. Gruffi Gummi: Let's lose these bounding bullies! Tummi Gummi: I, uh, guess Lady Bane doesn't love me as much as I love her. Grammi Gummi: Oh, the poor dear, he's heartbroken. Gruffi Gummi: Heartbroken? Hm! Sounds more like he's finally come to his senses. Lady Bane: What's the meaning of this? Toadwart: It's a old ogre tradition. It's bachelor party! : Party! Party! Gad: Everyone eat and drink too much. : Stay up all night for one last thing. Tummi Gummi: [in his sleep] Mmm... No, you can't have the Great Book. Take my love, please, but not the Book. Anything but that. Lady Bane: Oh, how I've hungered for this moment. Toadwart: Me too, me too! [sticks his finger in the cake icing and licks it] Toadwart: Now, then, my little drooling dreamboat, who's going to be your best man? : Well, I did warn you that my love potion could cause you trouble. Duke Igthorn: I know, I know, but what am I to do? : Shop for a wedding present? Madame Placebo: Well, I did warn you that my love potion could cause you trouble. Zook: I know, I know, but what am I to do? Madame Placebo: Shop for a wedding present? Zook: No, no, no, that's *not* what I had in mind! Duke Igthorn: [runs out of a dragon's cave after using its fire to heat the love-potion antidote] Oh, why is it every time I fall in love I get burned? Lady Bane: This is truly the happiest day of my life! [kisses the Great Book] Tummi Gummi: Uh, don't ya think you should be kissin' me? Lady Bane: Consider yourself my prisoner of love. And I'll consider myself the most powerful sorceress in the land! Lady Bane: I'm afraid the magic's gone out of our romance. Fortunately, this book has all the magic I need. Gad: [crying] Gad always get choked up at weddings. : Maybe collar too tight. Gad: [pulls it, breaking it] Hey, you right! Lady Bane: Well, all's fair in love and war. And this is war! Tummi Gummi: Isn't she pretty when she's mad? Gruffi Gummi: Yeah, let's just hope she doesn't get any prettier. Duke Igthorn: I came to ask for your hand in marriage. Lady Bane: My hand? I'll give you a hand, all right. A hand right out of here! [last lines] Tummi Gummi: I think I'm in love. Gruffi Gummi: Oh, no, not again. Tummi Gummi: Yep. This rootmoss cake is the best I've ever tasted. I love it. Grammi Gummi: We love you too, Tummi dear. And we always will.