"Affaires étrangères" (2010) {Maroc (#1.2)} TV Season

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Overview "Affaires trangres" Season 01 Episode 02 (S01E02)



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Release Date
(Switzerland) - 18 February 2011
(Belgium) - 22 February 2011
(Morocco) - 22 February 2011
(France) - 24 February 2011

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adoption, bulletproof-vest, casablanca-morocco, child, child-kidnapping, child-trafficking, employer-employee-relationship, fictional-government-agency, illegal-adoption, kidnap, kidnap-plot, kidnap-victim, kidnapped-boy, kidnapped-child, kidnapping, lawyer, morocco, motorcycle, police, policeman, relationship, singer-acting, singer-as-actor, swimming-pool,

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Full Cast

  1. Abdelhak, Belmjahed as (as Abdelhak Belmjahed) [Patron boutique textile] <20>
  2. Amzil, Imad as [Pickpocket] <30>
  3. Aouragh, Mohamed as [Hadi Bencassim] <10>
  4. Benchetrite, Gilles as [Homme de main Omar 1] <25>
  5. Benjhaile, Rabij as [Mohamed] <24>
  6. Bisson, Mathieu as [M. Lascombe] <14>
  7. Bouchikha, Abdelouahed as [Saïd Lascombe] <12>
  8. Cuvelier, Eric (I) as [Ambassadeur Cassagne] <18>
  9. Dardeau, Christophe as [Vivier] <16>
  10. Ennaji, Amine as [Omar] <8>
  11. Gob, Nicolas as [Fab] <3>
  12. Hasnaoui, Abdellatif as [Pickpocket] <31>
  13. Ibrahimi, Hicham as [Chef police Casablanca] <22>
  14. Kabli, Mohamed as [Policier Farida] <21>
  15. Kati, Rabie as [Nacache] <9>
  16. Lamriki, Amine as [Terrorist]
  17. Mhand, Aziz as [Policier civil] <32>
  18. Mittah, Redouane as [Homme de main Omar 3] <27>
  19. Rabouli, Abdarazak as [Policier planque Nacache 2] <29>
  20. Riyad, Azzedine as (as Azzedine Ryad) [Homme de main Omar 2] <26>
  21. Saidi, Karim as [Abdelamar Bencassim] <7>
  22. Tastafout, Abdelilah as [Policier planque Nacache] <28>
  23. Yerlès, Bernard as [David Mercier] <1>
  24. Ben Seddik, Sabbah as [Amina Bencassim] <11>
  25. Bent, Amel as [Amale] <4>
  26. Daniel, Stéphanie as [Mme Lascombe] <15>
  27. Fleurot, Audrey as [Camille Joubert] <2>
  28. Khamlichi, Asnaa as [Farida Houssef] <6>
  29. Markowic, Samantha as [Mozart] <5>
  30. Obeid, Zineb as [Jeune femme consulat] <23>
  31. Ouchaye, Fatima as (as Fatima Ouechay) [Mère Amina] <19>
  32. Raouia as (as Raouya) [Grand-mère Bencassim] <13>
  33. Thomas, Angélique as [Femme PJ] <17>

Full Plot

David Mercier is actively looking for a fugitive called Bencassim. The man has kidnapped on French soil a young boy adopted a few months ago by a French family. In Morocco, Mercier teams up with Fabien, a young fearless cop. Commissioner Joubert, Mercier's commanding officer, joins him on site. They pose as a couple looking to adopt a child in order to bring down an illegal adoption network. A ploy which seems to really please to the two heroes... Happy_Evil_Dude Plot not found

Total Business

AD: 6,045,000 (France) (24 February 2011)

Music Composers

  1. Aboulker, Fabrice


  1. Ungaro, Chicca (as Kika Ungaro)

Dress Designers

  1. Cabeli, Valérie

Film Editors

  1. Serot, Bernie


  1. de Calan, Marie (production assistant)
  2. Diot, Sandrine (press attache: tf1)
  3. Elbakki, Rabii (location manager)
  4. Hallot, Véronique (production administrator)
  5. Raud-Ponsoda, Catherine (press attache: tf1)
  6. Vallet, Mathilde (script supervisor)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Berbère Palace Hotel, Ouarzazate, Morocco
  2. Casablanca, Morocco
  3. Issy-les-Moulineaux, Hauts-de-Seine, France


- Pop singer 'Amel Bent' (qv)'s acting debut.

- The most watched program in its time slot upon its initial broadcast in France, with 6,045,000 viewers (representing 24;1% of that night's audience). The show however lost approximately 1.5 million viewers from its pilot episode and these numbers were considered disappointing by pundits, especially considering the amount of promotion broadcasting channel TF1 had put behind the episode.