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6.0/ 10 (4570 Votes)

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Production Company
Babelsberg International Film Produktion [de] - (produced for) (as Babelsberg International Filmproduktion)
Hallmark Entertainment [us]
NBC Studios [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - 28 February 1999
(Portugal) - 2 May 1999
(Germany) - 23 May 1999
(Australia) - 13 August 1999
(France) - 24 December 1999

Running Time
Finland:131 (TV) (2 parts)

A Masterpiece of Imagination. . .

alice-in-wonderland, alternate-dimension, apple, based-on-novel, cards, cat, character-name-in-title, cheshire-cat, chess, child's-point-of-view, dimension, fantasy-life, fantasy-world, girl-heroine, mad-hatter, magic, parallel-universe, pool-of-tears, puppet, rabbit, reality, sneeze-from-pepper, stage-fright, sudden-change-in-size, surrealism,

Technical Support
RAT:1.33 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Barclay, David Alan as (as Dave Barclay) [Dormouse/Gryphon] <26>
  2. Barnett, Angus as [Four Of Hearts] <38>
  3. Bayliss, Peter (I) as [Mr Dodo] <27>
  4. Broadbent, Jonathan as [Royal Gardener #1] <41>
  5. Brudenell, Jeremy as [Father] <34>
  6. Byrne, Jason (I) as [Pat The Gardener] <30>
  7. Campbell, Ken (I) as [Mr Duck] <29>
  8. Coltrane, Robbie as [Ned Tweedledum] <1>
  9. Coombs, Richard as (voice) [The White Rabbit] <20>
  10. Dodd, Ken (I) as [Mr. Mouse] <12>
  11. Eyre, Peter (I) as [Frogface Footman] <44>
  12. Flemyng, Jason as [Sir Jack, the Knave of Hearts/Cad] <13>
  13. Getley, Adrian (I) as [March Hare/Gryphon] <23>
  14. Greet, Christopher as [White Castle] <47>
  15. Joyce, Paddy as [Bill The Gardener] <31>
  16. Kingsley, Ben as [Major Caterpillar] <3>
  17. Lloyd, Christopher (I) as [White Knight] <4>
  18. Lloyd, Hugh as [Fishface Footman] <45>
  19. Melvin, Murray as [Chief Executioner] <32>
  20. Naprous, Gerard as (uncredited) [Red Knight]
  21. Owens, John (I) as [Red Bishop] <46>
  22. Plaskitt, Nigel as [Dormouse] <25>
  23. Postlethwaite, Pete as [Carpenter] <5>
  24. Potter, Tim (II) as [Three Of Hearts] <37>
  25. Ross-Bryant, Toby as [Eight Of Hearts] <40>
  26. Russell Beale, Simon as [King Cedric of Hearts/Society Man] <15>
  27. Ryan, Christopher (I) as (as Chris Ryan) [Royal Gardener #3] <43>
  28. Shah, Kiran as [The White Rabbit] <21>
  29. Short, Martin (I) as [Mad Hatter/Chinless Idiot] <7>
  30. Sim, Matthew as [Royal Gardener #2] <42>
  31. Sinden, Donald as (voice) [The Gryphon] <18>
  32. Strange, Richard as [Six Of Hearts] <39>
  33. Tygner, Robert as [March Hare/Gryphon] <24>
  34. Ustinov, Peter as [Walrus] <8>
  35. Wendt, George (I) as [Fred Tweedledee] <9>
  36. Wilder, Gene as [Mock Turtle] <10>
  37. Williams, Heathcote as [Mr Eaglet] <28>
  38. Wright, Francis as [The March Hare] <22>
  39. Eser, Janine as [Mother] <33>
  40. Goldberg, Whoopi as [Cheshire Cat] <2>
  41. Hancock, Sheila as [Cook] <14>
  42. Healey, Mary (I) as [Nanny] <35>
  43. Laye, Dilys as [Governess] <36>
  44. Lumley, Joanna as (voice) [Tiger Lily] <19>
  45. Majorino, Tina as [Alice] <11>
  46. Richardson, Miranda (I) as [Queen of Hearts/Society Woman] <6>
  47. Smith, Liz (I) as [Miss Lory] <16>
  48. Spriggs, Elizabeth as [Duchess] <17>


  1. Adventure
  2. Comedy
  3. Family
  4. Fantasy

Full Plot

Alice follows a white rabbit down a rabbit-hole into a whimsical Wonderland, where she meets characters like the delightful Cheshire Cat, the clumsy White Knight, a rude caterpillar, and the hot-tempered Queen of Hearts and can grow ten feet tall or shrink to three inches. But will she ever be able to return home? Anonymous Stage fright leads Alice down the rabbit hole, through the looking glass, and into the pool of tears of Wonderland. Here she meets the oddest creatures imaginable, where doors lead into trees and claustrophobic halls where you shrink to three inches or grow to ten feet and get stuck in a vault. You can take tea with a Mad Hatter and play croquet with a Queen made-up as a playing card, listen to singing trees and talking flowers, or get advice from a hallucinating veteran caterpillar. But everything has a purpose, and the purpose here is to make Alice confident; it's not all fun and games. Anonymous Plot not found

Total Business

BT: USD 21,000,000 CP: © 1999 Babelsberg International Filmproduktion GmbH & Co. Betriebs KG and Hallmark Entertainment Distribution Company SD: 10 August 1998 - 24 October 1998

Movie Certificate

PG (Singapore)
G (Australia)
Not Rated (USA)(DVD)
U (UK)

Music Composers

  1. Hartley, Richard (I)


  1. Nuttgens, Giles (director of photography)

Dress Designers

  1. Knode, Charles


Alpha Filmes [br] - (????) (Brazil) (VHS)
Artisan Entertainment [us]
Elephant Films [fr] - (2000) (France) (all media)
Hallmark Entertainment [us]
NBC Home Video
National Broadcasting Company (NBC) [us] - (1999) (USA) (TV)
SAV [es] - (1999) (Spain) (VHS)
Sonar Entertainment (II) [us] - (1999-) (USA) (all media)

Film Editors

  1. Mackie, Alex (I)


  1. Allies, Chris (titles)
  2. Barr, Patricia (unit nurse) (as Pat Barr)
  3. Bensly, Erica (production coordinator)
  4. Brock, Chris (I) (location manager)
  5. Brooker, Scott (puppet fabricator)
  6. Dacre, Sue (additional puppeteer) (as Susan Dacre)
  7. Ellis, Tina (assistant accountant) (uncredited)
  8. Fogg, Ben (assistant: Dyson Lovell)
  9. Garrett, Pat (I) (choreographer)
  10. Gold, Louise (additional puppeteer)
  11. Hennigan, Andy (financial controller)
  12. Holmes, Nathan (I) (floor runner)
  13. Kernot, Amanda (utility stand-in)
  14. Kozma, Rita (assistant accountant)
  15. Lacey, Joe (I) (utility stand-in)
  16. Lee, Bernadette (production coordinator: New York special effects) (uncredited)
  17. Lester, Sarah (I) (utility stand-in)
  18. Maynard, Eth Ibrahim (continuity: second unit) (as Eth Ibrahim-Maynard)
  19. Mayor, Rob (technician) (uncredited)
  20. McConnell, Tina (assistant accountant)
  21. Moore, Caroline (I) (production assistant)
  22. Morphew, Neil (stand-in) (uncredited)
  23. Moseley, Debbie (production runner)
  24. Nagan, Rebecca (additional puppeteer) (as Rebecca Negan)
  25. Naprous, Gerard (horse master)
  26. Palmer, Joanne (I) (utility stand-in)
  27. Penn, Annie (script supervisor) (as Annie Wotton)
  28. Pilcher, Jonathan (assistant: Nick Willing)
  29. Waldron, Nick (location assistant)
  30. Willing, Victoria (additional puppeteer)


Alice: I'm not staying here listening you to be rude. March Hare: You'll find better places for that, I'm sure. Alice: If you drink too much from a bottle marked "poison," it's almost certain to disagree with you sooner or later. Alice: I think carefully before acting rashly. Queen of Hearts: Sound advice. Tweedledee: I was an advisor to the British army. Tweedledum: I advised them not to take him, but they wouldn't listen. Alice: You don't seem to have much riding practice. White Knight: What makes you say that? Alice: You keep falling off your horse! White Knight: I've had plenty of practice at THAT, plenty of practice! Mad Hatter: Personal remarks are rude? Alice: Mm-hmm. Mad Hatter: Egad, you learn something new every day. Make a note of that, Marcsy, it might come in useful... Queen of Hearts: [nervously] Lovely day, Your Majesty... Queen of Hearts: I gave you fair warning: either you or your head must be OFF! [Faced with such a proposal, the Duchess decides to take off] Mock Turtle: When Griff and I were little, we went to school in the same sea. And the master was an old turtle; we used to call him "tortoise." Alice: Why would you call him tortoise if he wasn't one? Mock Turtle: We called him "tortoise" because he "tort-us."... He tort us reading and writing... White Knight: I see you're admiring my box. It's my own invention, to keep sandwiches in. You see, I carry it upside-down so they don't get wet when it rains. Alice: ...But they can drop out. The lid is open. White Knight: So, THAT's what happened to my sandwiches. Alice: What are they doing? They can't have anything to write; the trial hasn't even begun yet. Duchess: They're writing down their own names in case they forget them by the time the trial is over. Alice: Stupid things. Jury Member 1: Stupid... how do you spell "stupid"? Jury Member 2: Uhhh, S... T... what comes after T? Jury Member 3: Dinner. Jury Member 4: Is it dinner time? It's dinner time! Alice: Why am I here? Duchess: To save Jack from a death worse than fate! Alice: Oh Tiger Lily, I wish you could talk so you could tell me how to get out of this wood. Tiger Lily: I can talk, when there's anybody worth talking to! Alice: You have to tread with care when dealing with cats, they have influence and are seen in all the smart places. Queen of Hearts: Cedric! You must cross-examine the witness! King of Hearts: [sigh] Oh, must I? Queen of Hearts: Yes, Cedric, be a man. King of Hearts: [sigh] Oh, all right. Queen of Hearts: I am NOT in the habit of talking to myself. [aside] Even though it's the only way I can get a decent conversation around here. Mad Hatter: Time marches on its stomach! Alice: It's an army that marches on its stomach! March Hare: It doesn't matter what's supposed to march on its stomach. It's time to move down. Alice: I don't want to meet mad people... Cheshire Cat: But you can't help it. Everyone here is mad. I'm mad. You're mad. It's only by chance n' careful planning if you're not! Alice: How do you know I'M mad? Cheshire Cat: [disappearing] Because you're here, and everyone here is mad! Cheshire Cat: I went to a hunting party once, I didn't like it. Terrible people. They all started hunting me! Alice: Life must be hard for you. Cheshire Cat: But I grin and bear it! [Alice arrives at the Mad Tea Party] Alice: I'm lost. Could you help me...? March Hare: No room! Mad Hatter: There's no room! Alice: [indignant] There's PLENTY of room! March Hare: Why didn't you report this sooner, Hatty? Mad Hatter: I overslept! March Hare: Waiter, waiter, there's a HARE in my soup! Mad Hatter: Is it blonde? We're missing a waitress! March Hare: [in an encouraging tone] Have some wine. Alice: [looking down the table] I don't see any wine... March Hare: There isn't any. And you're too young. Alice: Then it wasn't very kind of you to offer it! March Hare: It wasn't very kind of YOU to sit down without an invitation! This is a PRIVATE soirée... Alice: Well, I know it wasn't polite to barge in when I know I wasn't invited. But the table was laid out for a great many people. Mad Hatter: My response to that is both profound and meaningful: get your hair cut! Alice: How can you keep talking like that? White Knight: Like what? Alice: Head downwards, and body in the air! White Knight: What does it matter where my head and body are? My mind goes on working just the same... Mad Hatter: Now, I have one for you... March Hare: Oooooh! Mad Hatter: Why is a raven like a writing table? March Hare: Why is a raven like a...? Mad Hatter: I'm not talking to YOU, hmmm? March Hare: Why not? Aren't I good enough? Mad Hatter: You've heard it before. March Hare: But you were looking at me when you said, "Why is a raven like a writing..." Mad Hatter: I'm asking Alice! Cheshire Cat: How're you enjoying the game? Alice: They don't play very fair. Cheshire Cat: No one does if they think they can get away with it. That's a lesson you'll have to learn. White Knight: Just be brave, and always get back on your horse! White Knight: [to Alice] You look worried. You're too young to worry. [Tweedledum and Tweedledee offer to tell Alice a story] Alice: I'm sorry, I don't have the time... Tweedledee: Neither do we! We never carry a watch! Tweedledee: Well, all's well that ends well... Tweedledum: What is THAT? [points at a broken rattle] Alice: Would you stop grumping like that? You sound as if you've turned into a pig... you HAVE turned into a pig! I'd better let you go... Mad Hatter: [singing] Auntie's wooden leg... March Hare: I say, I say, I say... Mad Hatter: How dare you interrupt my song with "I say, I say, I say!" March Hare: I say, I say, I say in this world it's now what you know but WHOM you know! Mad Hatter: I don't know either one of them! Mad Hatter: [singing] Twinkle, twinkle, little bat, / How I wonder what you're at / Up above the world so high / Like a tea tray in the sky... The Dormouse: Officer, these men are criminals! Mad Hatter: Who's got his ear trumpet? [trying to stuff the Dormouse into a teapot] Mad Hatter: I told you he wouldn't fit! March Hare: Oh, he'll fit! We just have to push harder! [some talking daisies insult Alice] Alice: If you're not quiet, I'll make you into a chain! [the daisies shut up] [Alice bangs on the door to the Duchess's palace] Fishface Footman: It's no good your knocking like that. Alice: Why not? Fishface Footman: Two good reasons. One: because I'm on the same side of the door as you. Alice: Oh, yes... Fishface Footman: Two: they're making so much noise inside no one can hear you. Alice: Why is a raven like a writing table... you know, I think I can guess that one... March Hare: You mean you think you know the answer? Alice: Yes. March Hare: Well, then, you should say what you mean! Alice: I do - I mean, I mean what I say - it's the same thing... Mad Hatter: It's not the same thing at all! You might as well say "I eat what I see" is the same as "I see what I eat!" [a pie sprouts crab legs and crawls across the table] March Hare: [eying the pie, picking up a fly swatter] You might as well say "I like what I get" is the same as "I get what I like!" [whacks the pie] The Dormouse: [talking in his sleep] You might as well say "I breathe when I sleep" is the same as "I sleep when I breathe." Mad Hatter: Well, it IS the same thing with you! The Gryphon: Hello! Who are you? Alice: Alice. The Gryphon: Alice... a charming misnomer. Alice: And you are...? The Gryphon: A Griffin! Part eagle, part lion - the best of each, I always say! Alice: I thought you were a mythical creature. The Gryphon: I am! That makes me even more fffffascinating! Alice: Curiouser and curiouser... King of Hearts: How do we get rid of a floating cat? Queen of Hearts: Off with its head! King of Hearts: Brilliant! [repeated line] Queen of Hearts: Off with your head! Alice: When I used to read about fairy tales, I never thought I would end up in the middle of one. There ought to be a story written about me. Perhaps one day, when I've grown up, I'll write one... Mad Hatter: [looking at his watch] What day of the month is it? Alice: The fourth. Mad Hatter: AHA! Two days wrong! [glares at the March Hare] Mad Hatter: I told you not to use butter! March Hare: It was the best butter... The Dormouse: Danish, mmm... Mad Hatter: Yes, but some crumbs must have got in as well. I said, don't put butter in the works with a breadknife...! March Hare: I couldn't put it in with a fork, could I? Here, let me see... Mad Hatter: I wouldn't think of it... but I will. [the Hare takes the watch and examines it; first by banging it on the table, and then by dipping it into his teacup] March Hare: I still don't understand it. It was the best butter... [the Hare tosses the watch over to Alice, who picks it up and studies it] Alice: What a funny watch! It tells the day and the month, but not the time! Mad Hatter: Why should it? Does your watch tell you what year it is? Alice: No, because it stays a year for so long. Mad Hatter: Well, then, I rest my case! March Hare: Where? Mad Hatter: [points to a pile of suitcases] There. [breaks into laughter] [the Cheshire Cat grins at the King of Hearts, vexing him] Alice: A cat may look at a king. King of Hearts: Where did you get that? Alice: I read it in a book. King of Hearts: I haven't. But I don't like it. It has undertones. That book should be banned. [about the Mock Turtle] The Gryphon: He's my best friend. True blue, true and true... The Gryphon: Mock, tell this young girl about yourself! Mock Turtle: You've come to the right person. Sit down, both of you... The Gryphon: No, thanks, I've heard it before... Mock Turtle: Sit down! It's the least you can do! [the Mock Turtle begins his tale] Mock Turtle: Once... [starts moaning and wringing his hands] Mock Turtle: I was once a real turtle... [breaks down completely] Alice: [rises to leave] Thank you for that very interesting story... Mock Turtle: I haven't started yet! The Gryphon: [half-pleading] Stay! You may learn something! White Knight: Is your hair fixed on your head right? Alice: Only in the usual way. White Knight: Well, that's not good enough! The wind around here is as strong as soup! The White Rabbit: Oh my furry ears and whiskers, look how late it's getting! [rushes off] Ooh! Alice: [voiceover, as she watches the White Rabbit rush off, then slowly follows him] Perhaps I fell right *through* the earth, then - came out the other side. Yet, I'll have to ask somebody the name of the country. "Please, ma'am, is this New Zealand or Australia?" Alice: [falling down the rabbit hole] I wonder what latitude or longitude I've gotten to? I've no idea what latitude or longitude are, but they're grand words. Longitude, latitude...

Other Titles

  1. Alice im Wunderland (1999) (TV) (ENG)

  2. Alice nel paese delle meraviglie (1999) (TV) (ENG)

  3. Alice im Wunderland (1999) (TV) (GER)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Burnham Beeches, Buckinghamshire, England, UK
  2. Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA
  3. Shepperton Studios, Shepperton, Surrey, England, UK - (studio)


- 'Sigourney Weaver' (qv) was originally cast in the film, but had to drop out due to a conflicting schedule.

- Much of the scenes in the film were directly copied from the illustrations of Sir 'John Tenniel' (qv), the original "Alice in Wonderland" artist.

- The Cheshire Cat was created using a mix of puppetry and CGI. The Cat's body was puppetry, but its face had 'Whoopi Goldberg' (qv)'s face digitally scanned and composed on it.

- Part of the series features events from 'Lewis Carroll' (qv)'s second Wonderland book "Through the Looking-Glass." These events include Alice stepping through a mirror and the appearances of the White Knight, Tiger Lily and the talking flowers, Tweedledum and Tweedledee, the Walrus and the Carpenter, and the Red King.

- Most of the Wonderland residents appear at the start/end of the series as guests at a party. This double casting, as well as reinforcing Alice's dream-like perception, is a homage to writer 'Lewis Carroll' (qv) having based his characters upon people he personally knew.

- Alice offers up "lions and unicorns" as a possible password for Wonderland. "The Lion and the Unicorn" was a rhyme that appeared in "Through the