"'Allo 'Allo!" (1982) {Feathers (#5.17)} TV Season

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Overview "'Allo 'Allo!" Season 05 Episode 17 (S05E17)



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8.0/ 10 (26 Votes)

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Release Date
(UK) - 24 December 1988
(Netherlands) - 26 April 1991

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Full Cast

  1. Bostrom, Arthur as [Officer Crabtree] <10>
  2. Collins, John D. as [Flying Officer Fairfax] <13>
  3. Connor, Kenneth as [Monsieur Alfonse] <16>
  4. Frankau, Nicholas as [Flying Officer Carstairs] <14>
  5. Gibson, Richard (I) as [Herr Otto Flick] <5>
  6. Haig, Jack as [Roger Leclerc] <17>
  7. Kaye, Gorden as [René Artois] <1>
  8. Mansi, Louis as (as John Louis Mansi) [Herr Engelbert von Smallhausen] <6>
  9. Marner, Richard as [Colonel Kurt von Strohm] <8>
  10. Richards, Gavin (I) as [Captain Alberto Bertorelli] <9>
  11. Siner, Guy as [Lieutenant Hubert Gruber] <2>
  12. Ashby, Carole as [Louise] <19>
  13. Cooke, Kirsten as [Michelle Dubois] <11>
  14. Foot, Moira as [Denise Laroque] <18>
  15. Hartman, Kim as [Private Helga Geerhart] <7>
  16. Hill, Rose (I) as [Madame Fanny] <15>
  17. Hodge, Sue as [Mimi Labonq] <12>
  18. Michelle, Vicki as [Yvette Carte-Blanche] <3>
  19. Silvera, Carmen as [Edith Artois] <4>

Full Plot

Herr Flick tells Helga the stolen Gestapo money was false. When she tells this to the colonel he tells Bertorelli to get it back to René. What Bertorelli doesn't know is that Von Strohm anonymously called Herr Flick to say a man with feathers on his hat has the stolen money and is on his way to Cafe René. Michelle has a new plan to get the British airmen back to England; they'll be put in two emptied land mines and dropped over England. They then need to 'unscrew their nuts' and land safely using their parachutes. The parachutes will be brought by monsieur Leclerq, who'll be disguised as a pillow-stuffer. Meanwhile, the communist girls leave Cafe René. Marco van Hoof Plot not found

Music Composers

  1. Croft, David (I) (uncredited)

Dress Designers

  1. Napier, Sheena


  1. Gowers, Sarah (I) (assistant floor manager)
  2. Philipps, Richard (technical coordinator)
  3. Silburn, Susan (production assistant)


[about Monsieur Alphonse, who they believe to be dead] Herr Engelbert von Smallhausen: Did he die under suspicious circumstances? Herr Otto Flick: I would hardly call an exploding bedpan an everyday occurrence.