"'Allo 'Allo!" (1982) {Forged Francs & Fishsellers (#5.15)} TV Season

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Overview "'Allo 'Allo!" Season 05 Episode 15 (S05E15)



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8.2/ 10 (27 Votes)

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Release Date
(UK) - 10 December 1988
(Netherlands) - 12 April 1991

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Full Cast

  1. Bostrom, Arthur as [Officer Crabtree] <11>
  2. Brenman, Owen as (voice) [Kingfisher] <20>
  3. Collins, John D. as [Flying Officer Fairfax] <15>
  4. Connor, Kenneth as [Monsieur Alfonse] <13>
  5. Frankau, Nicholas as [Flying Officer Carstairs] <16>
  6. Gibson, Richard (I) as [Herr Otto Flick] <4>
  7. Gray, Christopher (I) as [German Guard] <17>
  8. Kaye, Gorden as [René Artois] <1>
  9. Mansi, Louis as (as John Louis Mansi) [Herr Engelbert von Smallhausen] <5>
  10. Marner, Richard as [Colonel Kurt von Strohm] <7>
  11. Richards, Gavin (I) as [Captain Alberto Bertorelli] <9>
  12. Siner, Guy as [Lieutenant Hubert Gruber] <6>
  13. Ashby, Carole as [Louise] <19>
  14. Cooke, Kirsten as [Michelle Dubois] <10>
  15. Foot, Moira as [Denise Laroque] <18>
  16. Hartman, Kim as [Private Helga Geerhart] <8>
  17. Hill, Rose (I) as [Madame Fanny] <14>
  18. Hodge, Sue as [Mimi Labonq] <12>
  19. Michelle, Vicki as [Yvette Carte-Blanche] <2>
  20. Silvera, Carmen as [Edith Artois] <3>

Full Plot

When feeding the long distance duck, René sees she has given birth to a group of ducklings. Nevertheless, Michelle orders René to launch the duck. Gruber, colonel Von Strohm, Helga and captain Bertorelli are dividing the money that was stolen from the bank and Herr Flick - who owned the stolen money - is ordered by his uncle Heinrich Himmler to find the money again, even though it was forged money. Herr Flick and Von Smallhausen start selling fish in the town square hoping somebody will pay with the forged money so they can arrest and interrogate this person. Meanwhile, hearty eaters Denise Laroque and Louise are still hiding at Cafe René. Marco van Hoof Plot not found

Dress Designers

  1. Napier, Sheena


  1. Gowers, Sarah (I) (assistant floor manager)
  2. Philipps, Richard (technical coordinator)
  3. Silburn, Susan (production assistant)


[attemping to sell fish at the town square] Herr Otto Flick: I have the winkles, I have the winkles, alive, alive! Herr Engelbert von Smallhausen: I have the crabs, I have the crabs, alive, alive! Capt. Bertorelli: I can put-a you in the you-know-what and you not come-a out smell-a de roses!