"'Allo 'Allo!" (1982) {Herr Flick's Revenge (#2.6)} TV Season

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Overview "'Allo 'Allo!" Season 02 Episode 06 (S02E06)



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8.3/ 10 (50 Votes)

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Release Date
(UK) - 25 November 1985
(Sweden) - 19 April 1986

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Full Cast

  1. Bostrom, Arthur as [Officer Crabtree] <17>
  2. Collins, John D. as [Flying Officer Fairfax] <8>
  3. Connor, Kenneth as [Monsieur Alfonse] <4>
  4. Frankau, Nicholas as [Flying Officer Carstairs] <9>
  5. Gibson, Richard (I) as [Herr Otto Flick] <13>
  6. Haig, Jack as [Roger Leclerc] <14>
  7. Kaye, Gorden as [René Artois] <1>
  8. Kelly, Sam (I) as [Captain Hans Geering] <12>
  9. Kendall, Philip as (voice) [London Calling] <21>
  10. Mansi, Louis as (as John Louis Mansi) [Herr Engelbert von Smallhausen] <19>
  11. Marner, Richard as [Colonel Kurt von Strohm] <11>
  12. Merry, Gary as [German Soldier] <20>
  13. Minster, Hilary as [General Erich von Klinkerhoffen] <15>
  14. Siner, Guy as [Lieutenant Hubert Gruber] <6>
  15. Cooke, Kirsten as [Michelle Dubois] <2>
  16. Gonshaw, Francesca as [Maria Recamier] <7>
  17. Hartman, Kim as [Private Helga Geerhart] <10>
  18. Hill, Rose (I) as [Madame Fanny] <16>
  19. Michelle, Vicki as [Yvette Carte-Blanche] <5>
  20. Scholfield, Phoebe as [Henriette] <18>
  21. Silvera, Carmen as [Edith Artois] <3>

Full Plot

Michelle saves René's skin and his reputation by telling Alphonse that he is an heroic member of the Resistance. Alphonse thus has too much respect for him to kill him. However Rene is in drag, which gets him more attention from Gruber. Flick has imprisoned Von Strahm and Geering and also captures Rene, planning to torture them to reveal what happened to the painting. Fortunately Von Klinkerhoffen stops him as he has more influential connections than Flick in the German high command. The airmen are taken to the balloon dressed as mourners in a fake funeral for Madame Fanny who has allegedly died of the plague. don @ minifie-1 Plot not found

Dress Designers

  1. Parry, Jacqueline

Film Editors

  1. Dunstan, John (I)


  1. Darnell, Bernadette (production team)
  2. Davies, Tudor (III) (dance staged by)
  3. Dyson, Arch (production team)
  4. Spencer, Simon (I) (production team)
  5. Wright, Jackie (V) (production team)


Col. Von Strom: You are exceeding your authority. The Gestapo has no jurisdiction over senior officers of the German Army. Capt. Hans Geering: Or junior officers. René: What about café owners? Capt. Hans Geering: They can do what they like with them. Monsieur Alfonse: [René has returned to the café disguised as a resistance girl] Thank God he is safe. The bravest transvestite in all of France. [Helga has come to the cafe to talk to René, when a clattering noise is heard from outside] Helga: What was that? René: Just the phantoms falling over the dustbins.