Amorphous (2014) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Americana Films [us]
My Own Worst Enemy [us]
New Visions Cinema [us]

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(USA) - 2014

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  1. Sci-Fi

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Ours is not the only dimension... Dimension of Shadows are seeking their flesh. They are determined to win the battle of the millennium, this time. Their banishment for a thousand years has been too much! Their dimension thrives on chaos, mayhem and calamity. Their mission here, find the evil candidate, prepare him for war, within the twenty three-day cycle. To prove his worthiness, the evil candidate must live through the drinking of a unique liquid, called "EMBODY", or die trying. Fortunately, there is someone, who can sense both dimensions at the same time. Just before dawn, on the twenty-third day, the two realities will clash. The battle site has been specifically chosen for its atmospheric and environmental purity. Free from outside influences, the jousting match begins. Depending on the outcome, the opposing forces will either remain the same, or amorphous into their other selves. The propensity of good or evil will reign for the next thousand years. Igor Dymkov Plot not found