"And the Beat Goes On" (1996) {(#1.2)} TV Season

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Overview "And the Beat Goes On" Season 01 Episode 02 (S01E02)



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(UK) - 26 March 1996

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Full Cast

  1. Brandon, Roy as [Mickey O'Rourke]
  2. Burnside, Ray as [Harry Williams]
  3. Davies, Richard (II) as [Father Hopkins]
  4. Elmes, John as [Sean Daley]
  5. Jephcott, Dominic as [Kenneth Fairbrother]
  6. McArdle, John (I) as [Charlie Woods]
  7. McCall, Danny as [Ritchie O'Rourke]
  8. McCormick, Barry (I) as [Sergeant Heald]
  9. McGough, Philip as [Howard Clegg]
  10. Moore, Stephen (I) as [Nicholas Spencer]
  11. O Brien, Martin (I) as [Danny McVey]
  12. Rossington, Norman as [Pop]
  13. Trinder, Richard as [Jack Dempsey]
  14. Agutter, Jenny as [Connie Fairbrother Spencer]
  15. Barker, Judith as [Mrs. Dempsey]
  16. Carmichael, Katy as [Cathy Williams]
  17. Cunningham, Mary (I) as [Maureen]
  18. Ekblom, Annette as [Jeanette]
  19. Faulkner, Lisa as [Christine Spencer]
  20. Holt, Judy (I) as [Susan Fairbrother]
  21. Maher, Gina as [Theresa]
  22. O Brien, Eileen (I) as [Mary-Ann O'Rourke]
  23. Spearitt, Gaylor as [Doreen Beddows]
  24. Thornhill, Lynda as [Gloria O'Rourke]
  25. Wilson, Carol Ann as [Waitress]

Music Composers

  1. Wright, Steve (IX)


  1. Black, Fiona (assistant location manager)
  2. de Beauvoir, Sue (location manager)