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6.8/ 10 (22674 Votes)

MPAA Ratings
Rated PG-13 for some violence and sexual content

Production Company
Anonymous Pictures [gb]
Centropolis Entertainment [us]
Columbia Pictures [us] - (presents)
Relativity Media [us] - (in association with)
Studio Babelsberg Motion Pictures [de] - (as Studio Babelsberg) (in association with)

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(Canada) - 11 September 2011
(Canada) - 28 October 2011
(Ireland) - 28 October 2011
(UK) - 28 October 2011
(USA) - 28 October 2011

Running Time

Was Shakespeare a Fraud?

16th-century, abandonment, actor, actress, ale, ambush, amnesty, anonymity, applause, arrest, arson, assassination-threat, audience, author, backstage, badminton, bag-of-money, banishment, bare-butt, bare-chested-male, beheading, ben-jonson, betrayal, betting, blackmail,

Technical Support
CAM:Arri Alexa, Zeiss Master Prime, Ultra Prime and Lightweight Lenses
MET:3552 m - (Portugal, 35 mm)
PFM:35 mm - (anamorphic) (Kodak)
RAT:2.35 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Armesto, Sebastian as [Ben Jonson] <3>
  2. Assböck, Joachim Paul as (uncredited) [Prison Guard]
  3. Banzhaf, Christian as [Stage Player: Shakespeare Company] <57>
  4. Benedix, Gode as [Groundling] <43>
  5. Berger, Carsten as (uncredited) [Lord of Court]
  6. Bigalke, Oli as (uncredited) [Essex Assassin]
  7. Bleach, Julian as [Captain Richard Pole] <15>
  8. Bothe, Detlef as [John De Vere] <34>
  9. Britton, Jasper as [Pope] <20>
  10. Brown, Michael (XXI) as [Sly] <21>
  11. Calero, Victor as [Stage Player: Shakespeare Company] <58>
  12. Campbell Bower, Jamie as [Young Earl of Oxford] <9>
  13. Clyde, James as [King James I] <35>
  14. De Vita, Paolo (I) as [Francesco] <11>
  15. Dennehy, Ned as [Interrogator] <22>
  16. Diemling, Patrick as [Oxford's Servant] <46>
  17. Durden, Richard as [Archbishop] <32>
  18. Emms, Robert as [Thomas Dekker] <13>
  19. Engler, Martin as [Stage Player: Shakespeare Company] <59>
  20. Flache, Alexander as [Dancer] <67>
  21. Fourure, Jean-Loup as [Monsieur Beaulieu] <37>
  22. Frakowiak, Andreas as (uncredited) [Nobleman with Feathered Hat]
  23. Garnon, James as [Heminge] <18>
  24. Gravelle, Trystan as [Christopher Marlowe] <12>
  25. Guldener, Rainer as [Quince] <50>
  26. Hartung, Alfred as [Stage Player: Shakespeare Company] <60>
  27. Hassell, Alex as [Spencer] <17>
  28. Heyn, Patrick (I) as [Oxford's Doctor] <47>
  29. Hogg, Edward as [Robert Cecil] <6>
  30. Huber, Timo (II) as [Boy Earl of Southampton] <31>
  31. Hutchinson, Lloyd as [Richard Burbage] <24>
  32. Hämmerle, Jonas as [Child Oberon] <53>
  33. Hötzel, Lukas as [Dancer] <70>
  34. Ifans, Rhys as [Earl of Oxford] <1>
  35. Jacobi, Derek as [Prologue] <16>
  36. Kaczmarczyk, André as [Titania] <52>
  37. Keogh, John (I) as [Philip Henslowe] <23>
  38. Keusch, Johannes as [Dancer] <71>
  39. Kinzinger, Leonard as [Child Titania] <54>
  40. Kube, Oliver as [Stage Player: Shakespeare Company] <61>
  41. Lawton, Shaun as [Footman] <33>
  42. Leonard, Christian (I) as [Stage Player: Shakespeare Company] <56>
  43. Lloyd-Hughes, Henry as [Bear Baiter] <45>
  44. Ludwig, Christian (II) as [Stage Player: Shakespeare Company] <62>
  45. Luig, Urban as [Dancer] <74>
  46. Maas, Mike (II) as [Pole's Commander] <55>
  47. Maaß, Hendrik as (uncredited) [Young Lord Of Court]
  48. Michalski, Isaiah as [Boy Robert Cecil] <30>
  49. Munzinger, Robert as [Dancer] <77>
  50. Oestreich, Dennis as (uncredited) [Angry Young Man in Theatre]
  51. Plath, Benjamin as [Dancer] <78>
  52. Reid, Sam (III) as [Earl of Essex] <8>
  53. Rickenbacher, Oliver as [Stage Player: Shakespeare Company] <63>
  54. Romm, Nic as [Usher] <44>
  55. Ruscheinsky, Michael S. as (uncredited) [Elizabeth's Personal Guard]
  56. Rylance, Mark as [Condell] <19>
  57. Salisbury, Craig (I) as [Dwarf / Puck] <49>
  58. Samuel, Xavier as [Earl of Southampton] <7>
  59. Sandow, Nino as [Stage Manager (New York)] <48>
  60. Sengewald, Christian as [Cecil's Spy Servant] <36>
  61. Sichrovsky, Axel as [Essex General] <39>
  62. Spall, Rafe as [William Shakespeare] <4>
  63. Studte, Erik as [Dancer] <79>
  64. Taylor, Luke Thomas as (as Luke Taylor) [Boy Earl of Oxford] <29>
  65. Thewlis, David as [William Cecil] <5>
  66. von Stolzmann, Claudius as [Stage Player: Shakespeare Company] <64>
  67. Way, Tony as [Thomas Nashe] <14>
  68. Wlaschiha, Tom as (uncredited) [Captain of the Guard]
  69. Wurster, Johann Hakob as [Dancer] <80>
  70. Wyn Puetter, Trystan as (as Trystan Pütter) [Bottom] <51>
  71. Yassin, Alexander as (uncredited) [Javanese Nobleman]
  72. Baxendale, Helen as [Anne De Vere] <26>
  73. Biallowons, Tjafke as [Dancer] <65>
  74. Brandt, Ulrike as (uncredited) [Robert Cecil's Wife]
  75. Fielder, Dafne-Maria as [Dancer] <66>
  76. Funke, Claudia as (uncredited) [Young Lady in Waiting]
  77. Gabrysch, Victoria as [Buxom Lady] <38>
  78. Gerke, Antonia as [Dancer] <68>
  79. Grove, Patricia as [Lady-in-Waiting] <41>
  80. Hichert, Sophie as [Dancer] <69>
  81. Kreyer, Vera as [Dancer] <72>
  82. Krieps, Vicky as [Bessie Vavasour] <25>
  83. Kwolek, Amy as [Young Anne De Vere] <28>
  84. Lanius, Stefanie as [Dancer] <73>
  85. Lo Zito, Laura as [Selling Maid] <42>
  86. Mehling, Jasmin as [Dancer] <75>
  87. Milarch, Elisabeth as [Dancer] <76>
  88. Picolin, Gesche as (uncredited) [Lady in Waiting]
  89. Pollitt, Katrin as [Lady-in-Waiting] <40>
  90. Redgrave, Vanessa as [Queen Elizabeth I] <2>
  91. Richardson, Joely as [Young Queen Elizabeth I] <10>
  92. Schramm, Paula as [Bridget De Vere] <27>
  93. Surer, Alexandra as (uncredited) [Lady in Waiting]
  94. Ysker, Martina as (uncredited) [Young Lady in Waiting]


  1. Drama
  2. History
  3. Thriller

Full Plot

Edward De Vere, Earl of Oxford, is presented as the real author of Shakespeare's works. Edward's life is followed through flashbacks from a young child, through to the end of his life. He is portrayed as a child prodigy who writes and performs A Midsummer Night's Dream for a young Elizabeth I. A series of events sees his plays being performed by a frontman, Shakespeare. Anonymous Plot not found

Total Business

BT: USD 30,000,000 GR: USD 4,463,292 (USA) (11 December 2011) GR: USD 4,395,456 (USA) (4 December 2011) GR: USD 4,152,954 (USA) (20 November 2011) GR: USD 3,753,918 (USA) (13 November 2011) GR: USD 2,683,332 (USA) (6 November 2011) GR: USD 1,012,768 (USA) (30 October 2011) OW: USD 1,012,768 (USA) (30 October 2011) (265 screens) OW: KZT 6,430,600 (Kazakhstan) (20 November 2011) (26 screens) SD: 22 March 2010 - 18 June 2010 WG: USD 31,852 (USA) (11 December 2011) (82 screens) WG: USD 71,883 (USA) (4 December 2011) (105 screens) WG: USD 176,612 (USA) (20 November 2011) (179 screens) WG: USD 582,527 (USA) (13 November 2011) (482 screens) WG: USD 1,233,006 (USA) (6 November 2011) (513 screens) WG: USD 1,012,768 (USA) (30 October 2011) (265 screens)

Movie Certificate

12A (Ireland)
PG (Canada)(Alberta/British Columbia/Manitoba/Ontario)
G (Canada)(Quebec)
12 (Netherlands)
PG12 (Japan)
M/12 (Portugal)
15 (South Korea)
B (Mexico)
11 (Sweden)
M18 (Singapore)
18 (Malaysia)
PG-13 (Philippines)
T (Italy)
TE (Chile)
13 (Argentina)
PG-13 (USA)(certificate #46379)

Music Composers

  1. Kloser, Harald
  2. Wanker, Thomas (as Thomas Wander)


  1. Foerster, Anna (director of photography) (as Anna J. Foerster)

Dress Designers

  1. Christl, Lisy


Columbia Pictures [us] - (2011) (USA) (theatrical)
Columbia TriStar Warner Filmes de Portugal [pt] - (2011) (Portugal) (theatrical)
Entertainment Film Distributors [gb] - (2011) (UK) (theatrical)
Feelgood Entertainment [gr] - (2011) (Greece) (theatrical)
Home Box Office (HBO) [nl] - (2012) (Netherlands) (TV) (limited)
Phantom Film [jp] - (2012) (Japan) (theatrical)
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment [ar] - (2012) (Argentina) (DVD)
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment [ar] - (2012) (Argentina) (DVD) (Blu-ray)
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment [gr] - (2012) (Greece) (DVD) (blu-ray)
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment [us] - (2012) (USA) (DVD)
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment [us] - (2012) (USA) (DVD) (Blu-ray)
Sony Pictures Releasing Canada [ca] - (2011) (Canada) (theatrical)
Sony Pictures Releasing [ar] - (2012) (Argentina) (all media)
Sony Pictures Releasing [be] - (2012) (Belgium) (theatrical)
Sony Pictures Releasing [de] - (2011) (Germany) (theatrical)
Sony Pictures Releasing [fr] - (2012) (France) (theatrical)
Sony Pictures Releasing [nl] - (2011) (Netherlands) (theatrical)
Sony Pictures Releasing [us] - (2011) (USA) (theatrical)

Film Editors

  1. Adam, Peter R.


  1. Ackermann, Daniel A. (assistant set manager) (uncredited)
  2. Albiez, Yves (travel coordinator) (uncredited)
  3. Becker, Dennis (III) (caretaker: extras) (uncredited)
  4. Boden, Alex (researcher: UK) (uncredited)
  5. Brauner, Matthias (II) (title designer)
  6. Brenner, Bettina (III) (assistant accountant)
  7. Brown, Matthew (XXIII) (caretaker: extras) (uncredited)
  8. Brugmann, Gero (legal counsel: for Studio Babelsberg) (uncredited)
  9. Camerer, Florentin (caretaker: extras) (uncredited)
  10. Conradt, Max (caretaker: extras) (uncredited)
  11. Czirjak, Sandor (horse master)
  12. Degenhardt, Christina (production assistant)
  13. Dobbert, Timo (assistant production accountant) (uncredited)
  14. Donovan, Kathryn (unit publicist)
  15. Dumitrescu, Gabriela (I) (choreographer)
  16. Dunker, Silke (additional script supervisor) (uncredited)
  17. Dunn, Piers (location consultant: UK) (uncredited)
  18. Edleston, Giles (location manager) (uncredited)
  19. Edwards, Doris (I) (production coordinator)
  20. Emberger, Gisela (stage manager)
  21. Ewerlin, Katrin (production assistant)
  22. Filkorn, Jan (caretaker: extras) (uncredited)
  23. Fischer, Susanne (production coordinator)
  24. Ford, Anne C. (production accountant) (as Anne Ford)
  25. Friedland, Sabina (assistant: Mr. Franco)
  26. Gobber, Gabriella (script supervisor)
  27. Gunn, Brendan (I) (dialect coach)
  28. Habermann, Katrin (production assistant) (uncredited)
  29. Horkai, Zoltan (animal trainer: bear, dogs) (uncredited)
  30. Ivanyi, Peter (animal trainer: bear, dogs) (uncredited)
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  38. Linkowski, Adam-Victor (assistant production coordinator)
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  42. Meyer-Gerlt, Paul (production accountant)
  43. Morávek, Robert (II) (crowd marshall) (uncredited)
  44. Müller, Marcus (III) (caretaker: extras) (uncredited)
  45. Müßener, Florian (caretaker: extras) (uncredited)
  46. Oliver, Nick (I) (assistant location manager: uk) (uncredited)
  47. Pawlowski, Paul (I) (post-production accountant) (uncredited)
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  56. Wilson, Laura (XXVII) (consultant)
  57. Wilson, Lisa (XXVIII) (consultant)
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  59. Wolf, Paul (VII) (assistant stage manager)
  60. Wöltche, Christian (assistant accountant)
  61. Zimmer, Sonja B. (I) (production executive) (uncredited)


William Shakespeare: ...and the whole bloody thing in verse. Ben Jonson: It's really not that difficult... if you try. William Shakespeare: Oh, and have you ever tried? But soft! What light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Juliet is the sun... Ben Jonson: You. Cannot. Play Romeo. William Shakespeare: What! Why not? I'm perfect for the role. I'm perfect! I will not let that oaf Spencer have another go at one of my roles. No! Only Will Shakespeare can pump the life into Romeo's veins!... And his codpiece. Ben Jonson: Politics? My play has nothing to do with politics. I-i-i-it's just a simple comedy. Earl of Oxford: It showed your betters as fools who'd go through life barely managing to get food from plate to mouth were it not for the cleverness of their servants. All art is political, Jonson, otherwise it would just be decoration. And all artists have something to say, otherwise they'd make shoes. And you are not a cobbler, are you Jonson. Young Earl of Oxford: [after sword gets knocked into young Robert Cecil's chess game] You were losing anyway. Boy Robert Cecil: [had been playing alone] I was also winning! Young Earl of Oxford: [tosses a piece back at Robert, who misses it] Really? Prologue: Though our story is at an end, our poet's is not; for his monument is everliving. Not of stone but of verse. And it shall be remembered. As long as words are made of breath. And breath of life. Ben Jonson: You are the soul of the age... Undeniable perfection that plagued my soul. Robert Cecil: Plays are the work of the devil - born from a cesspool of plague, whoredom, thievery, fornication, and heresy. Anne De Vere: You, your friends, your blasphemous theater have brought nothing but ruin and dishonor to this family. Ben Jonson: Ruin? Dishonor? My lady, you, your family, even I, even Queen Elizabeth herself will be remembered solely because we had the honor to live whilst your husband put ink to paper.

Other Titles

  1. Anonymus (2011/I) (ENG)
    (Germany) (imdb display title)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Studio Babelsberg, Potsdam, Brandenburg, Germany


- The first major full-length motion picture to be shot with the Arri ALEXA high-definition digital-video camera.

- 'Rafe Spall' (qv)'s father 'Timothy Spall' (qv) appeared in _Hamlet (1996)_ (qv) and _Love's Labour's Lost (2000)_ (qv).

- 'Vanessa Redgrave' (qv) and 'Joely Richardson' (qv) play the older and younger versions of Queen Elizabeth respectively. In real-life they are mother and daughter.

- When a reporter on National Public Radio pointed out to screenwriter 'John Orloff' (qv) that this movie is full of historical inaccuracies (for instance, the playwright Christopher Marlowe, who appears as a character in this movie, actually was dead by the time these events supposedly "took place"), he responded that he wrote these inaccuracies into the screenplay deliberately as an homage to the way that Shakespeare himself took dramatic liberties in his history plays.

- 'John Orloff' (qv) wrote the script back in 1998, but the project never took off at that time because of the release of the other Shakespeare-related film, _Shakespeare in Love (1998)_ (qv). The project was then restarted back in 2005, when 'Roland Emmerich' (qv) saw the script, but it only got the go ahead