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8.8/ 10 (54 Votes)

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Production Company
Carrère Groupe [fr]
D'Ocon Films Productions [fr]
La Coloniale [fr]
TF1 [fr]

Production Designer

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Release Date
(France) - 2 September 2000

Running Time


character-name-in-title, curse, detective, dystopia, escape, eternal-life, fiancee, future, knight, potion, prince, private-detective, prophecy, queen, rescue, secretary, surrealism, time-machine, time-travel, world-domination,

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Full Cast

  1. Alers, Christian as (voice: French Version) [Oscar Lampoule (2000)]
  2. Allemane, Benoît as (voice: French Version) [Pacha (2000)]
  3. Barney, Jean as (voice: French Version) [Le père d'Argaï (2000)]
  4. Choel, Bruno as (voice: French Version) [Argaï (2000)]
  5. Labussière, Henri as (voice: French Version) [Huxley Barnes (2000)]
  6. Peyroux, Christophe as (voice: French Version) [Guekko (2000)]
  7. Préjean, Patrick as (voice: French Version) [Barnabé (2000)]
  8. Reignoux, Donald as (voice: French Version) [Le capitaine (2000)]
  9. Topart, Jean as (voice: French Version) [Le narrateur (2000)]
  10. Vigné, Michel as (voice: French Version) [Lucifer (2000)]
  11. Adam, Marie-Christine as (voice: French Version) [La reine noire (2000)]
  12. Legrand, Patricia as (voice: French Version) [Miss Moon (2000)]
  13. Préjean, Laura as (voice: French Version) [Angèle (2000)]


  1. Adventure
  2. Animation
  3. Sci-Fi

Full Plot

New York 2075. The evil Queen Dark rules the world and by casting a spell upon girls she remains alive forever. Prince Argai from 1250 a.d. is furious when he discovers his fiancee Angel has been enchanted; a lightning flash sends him to 2075 where he seeks refuge with private detective Oscar Lightbulb, his assistant Barnaby and their secretary Miss Moon. It is discovered that a book of prophecies exists that details every ingredient they need for the potion to rescue Angel. They copy this book, but it gets stolen by Queen Dark who then knows their every next move. Will they succeed in collecting the ingredients, rescuing Angel and the destruction of Queen Dark? Thijs Kinkhorst Plot not found

Movie Certificate

MG6 (Netherlands)

Music Composers

  1. Julia, Didier


DPI [fr] - (2008) (Russia) (TV)
Kindernet [nl] - (2001-2002) (Netherlands) (TV)

Other Titles

  1. "Argai: The Prophecy" (2000) (ENG)
    (International: English title)