"Aristocrats" (1999) {(#1.4)} TV Season

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Overview "Aristocrats" Season 01 Episode 04 (S01E04)



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Irish Screen
WGBH [us]

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(UK) - 11 July 1999

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Full Cast

  1. Anton, George (I) as [William Ogilvie] <11>
  2. Armstrong, Alun as [Henry Fox] <2>
  3. Bates, Michael (II) as [Reporter 2]
  4. Beard, Tom (I) as [Third Duke of Richmond]
  5. Cady, Gary as [Lord William Gordon]
  6. Daniels, Ben (I) as [Lord Kildare] <4>
  7. Fitzsimons, Andrew (I) as [Young Lord Edward]
  8. Havill, Andrew as [Charles Bunbury] <10>
  9. Hayden, Luke as [Reporter 1]
  10. Jones, Toby (I) as [Ste Fox]
  11. Kelly, Frank (II) as [George Selwyn]
  12. Mullion, Tom as [Thomas Conolly] <8>
  13. Pradon, Jérôme as [Duc de Lauzun]
  14. Rohan, Eamon as [Horace Walpole]
  15. Sachs, Hugh as [Charles James Fox]
  16. Duff, Anne-Marie as [Louisa] <7>
  17. Gordon, Serena as [Caroline] <1>
  18. May, Jodhi as [Sarah] <9>
  19. Phillips, Siân as [Narrator/Older Lady Emily] <14>
  20. Somerville, Geraldine as [Lady Emily] <3>
  21. Warner, Amelia as [Lady Cecelia]
  22. Wogan, Katherine as [Mary Third Duchess of Richmond] <20>

Full Plot

William Ogilvie arrives in Ireland to act as teacher for Emily's children. Sarah has developed a reputation while staying in Paris and both scandal and gossip ensue. Lady Caroline does her best to ensure that Emily hears nothing of it. Sarah is unhappy however and feels guilty over her behavior but it doesn't prevent her from having an affair with William Gordon with whom she has fallen deeply in love. She becomes pregnant by him and confides in Caroline whose advice is that she tell no one. Sarah's husband is willing to put her indiscretion in the past provided she gives up her lover. She doesn't do so and runs off with Gordon. The youngest of the Lennox sisters, Cecelia, goes to England to help Sarah with her child but she is not well. Sarah's indiscretions lead to a wedge being driven through the family, thereby tainting Cecelia's reputation and whose health takes a turn for the worse. garykmcd Plot not found


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