Ashes of Eden (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
Ahptic Productions [us]
Ahptic Productions [us]
Collective Development [us]
Collective Development [us]
New House Entertainment [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - September 2013

Running Time


faith, hispanic, latino, police,

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Full Cast

  1. Boyd, Mark (II) as [Dr. Strauss]
  2. Carley, Steve (I) as [Prison Inmate]
  3. Carrizales, Josh as [Ponch] <11>
  4. DeMarco, John as [Ziggy]
  5. Dimitrie, Alastar as [Chad]
  6. Hagedorn, Shane as [Shawn Nichols] <7>
  7. Hart, Dallas (II) as [Teddy]
  8. Hart, Sheila as [Lisa]
  9. Holmes, Tim (III) as [Axel] <12>
  10. Hornus, Anthony as [Henry]
  11. Johnson, Burt (II) as [Devin]
  12. Joiner, Michael (I) as [Tony Hanson] <3>
  13. Matthews, Roland as [4Play]
  14. Papenfuss, David as [Clint]
  15. Pappas, Daniel (II) as [Mr. Cross]
  16. Perry, DJ as [Donnie] <4>
  17. Pizzimenti, Bello as [Vargas] <9>
  18. Renda, Michael as [Chevy]
  19. Sutherland, Steven (II) as [Red] <1>
  20. Teaster, Dean as [Pastor Roberts]
  21. Vierling, Jerome as [Himself - Performer]
  22. Wise, Drew as [Jake] <10>
  23. Anschutz, Melissa as [Dana] <2>
  24. Casanova, Mary Grace as [Aunt Concha]
  25. Leal, Mayra as [Angela] <6>
  26. Mason, Abigail as [Jesse] <8>
  27. Murphy, Abby as [Debra]
  28. Pernak, Rochelle as [Kendra]
  29. Pummill, Chelsea as [Sarah]
  30. Sandulescu, Denise Emilia as [Amanda]
  31. Shafer, Lauren Mae as [Sammi]
  32. Wise, Breanna as [Chantel]


  1. Crime
  2. Drama

Music Composers

  1. Therrian, Dennis


  1. Cochran, T. Dominic


CDI Distribution [us] - (2013) (worldwide) (all media) (sales rep)

Film Editors

  1. Hagedorn, Shane


  1. Barker, Ben (VIII) (script supervisor)
  2. Bernard, Melanie Noell (extra: bar scene)
  3. Butler II, Jeffrey G. (production assistant)
  4. DeLaOssa, Taylor (production assistant)
  5. Enos, Lisa (production coordinator)
  6. Erbele, Jenna (production assistant)
  7. Fine, Brooke (production assistant)
  8. Kinchen, Andrea (production assistant)
  9. Nyberg, Mitchell (location manager)
  10. Proctor, Eric J. (key set production assistant)
  11. Proctor, Eric J. (location scout)
  12. Stevens, Trevor (IV) (production assistant)
  13. Teaster, Dean (production accountant)
  14. Worful, Jon (DIT)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Michigan, USA