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(Hollywood) USA

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(USA) - 1 October 2013

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On Friday, July 13th, 2012, Ashleigh and her unborn daughter Patience Lynn had their lives taken by Joshua Mahaffey, who later took his own life. His accomplice, Joshua Scott would eventually face six charges, including three for first-degree murder. One in four women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime. On average, each day in the United States, three women become the fatal victims of domestic violence. Ashleigh Marie Lindsey was one of them. According to Ashleigh's family, her relationship with Mahaffey troubled them from the beginning: his possessive behavior and desire to isolate Ashleigh was cause for concern. They attempted several times to convince, and help, Ashleigh to escape her relationship with Mahaffey to no avail. On the afternoon of July 13, 2012, the lives of Ashleigh and Patience Lynn were taken, there was little the family could do but pray. Unfortunately, the reality that Ashleigh's family now faces, is one that more than a thousand families will face this year: the loss of a loved one to domestic violence. However, through education and outreach, EDM Films, in cooperation with Ashleigh Marie Lindsey's family, hopes to shed light on domestic violence and it's victims with the intention of saving other women from the fate suffered by Ashleigh and Patience Lynn. Domestic violence has a face. This is Ashleigh and this is her story: Ashleigh's Patience Project, a documentary by EDM films, produced, directed and written by Joey Edwards, W. Patrick Martin and Kari J. Kramer, in conjunction with Tara Woodlee. Narrated by Ivey Gilliland and Eliot. KARI J, KRAMER Plot not found

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  1. Edwards, Rebecca (XIII)