Ashley (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
Migliore Film & Photo [us]
Ronalds Brothers Films [us]
Trick Candle Productions [us]

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Release Date
(USA) - 6 March 2013
(USA) - 15 May 2013

Running Time


estranged-mother, lesbian, one-word-title, teen, teenage-girl,

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Full Cast

  1. Boromand, Yasaman as [Patient]
  2. Buehrer, Nicole as [Candice] <4>
  3. Cox, Reid as [Summer]
  4. DiLorenzo, Danielle as [Ms. Philips]
  5. Elisabeth, Anne as [Sammy]
  6. Fox, Nicole (IV) as [Ashley] <1>
  7. Goff, Madi as [Tracey]
  8. Helton, Haily as [Train Station Girl]
  9. Keegan, Olivia Rose as [Gabby]
  10. Lassner, Sara as [Wanda]
  11. Mackey, Mary (II) as [Glenda]
  12. Matthews, Ilea as [Laura]
  13. Mayhew, Lauren C. as [Dr. Hall]
  14. McPherson, Jen (I) as (as Jennifer Alexis McPherson) [Young Mother]
  15. Moore, Deanna (I) as [Carly]
  16. Morrow, Danielle as [Vickey]
  17. Moye, Mallory as [Red Headed Girl]
  18. Schreiber, Sarah as [Clair]
  19. Taylor, Holly (III) as [Young Ashley]
  20. Taylor, Jennifer (XVI) as [Stacy] <2>
  21. Young, Tawny Amber as [Restaurant Patron]


  1. Drama

Full Plot

A teenage girl, distraught from her vain attempt to connect with her estranged mother, resorts to cutting herself. When she develops an online relationship with an older woman, she learns to accept her sexuality and the endless solitude of sprawling suburbia. JD Scruggs Plot not found

Total Business

PD: 25 October 2011 - ? SD: 25 October 2011 - ?

Music Composers

  1. Bamber, Ray


  1. Pascoe, Vincent (director of photography)

Dress Designers

  1. Ronzone, Flora


  1. Howie, Carmen (publicist)
  2. Janowski, Makary (III) (production assistant)
  3. Post, Jeffrey L. (script supervisor)
  4. Smithson, Shawn (production assistant)
  5. Williams, Lorin (key production asssistant)
  6. Wolff, Art (acting coach)