Asylum (2013/II) Movie

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Production Company
GrayGoo Studios [gb] - (presents)

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(UK) - 21 April 2013

Running Time
120 (approx.)

Face Your Fears

asylum, england-uk, fear, film, goo, gray, house, hyde-park, leeds-england, march, oxley, park, picture, private, production,

Technical Support
CAM:Canon 600D

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Full Cast

  1. Ainsworth, Lewis as (rumored) [Child 1 James] <15>
  2. Andrews, Nketiah as (rumored) [Jamaal Izili] <27>
  3. Carry, Lewis as (rumored) [Child 3 Gavin] <17>
  4. McAndrew, Warren as (rumored) [Child 5 Joel] <24>
  5. McIlorum, Sam as (rumored) [Dr. Brookes] <9>
  6. Morrison, Ciaran as (rumored) [Todd Bush] <1>
  7. Morrison, Niall as (rumored) [Young Todd Bush] <12>
  8. Washington, Caitlin as (rumored) [Nurse Farrell] <30>
  9. Woodley, Molly as (rumored) [Nurse Scarlett Holmes] <2>
  10. Ainsworth, Hollie as (rumored) [Nurse Inger Ash] <4>
  11. Beverley, Jenny as (rumored) [Nurse Howell] <16>
  12. Carry, Sian as (rumored) [Melanie Ember] <5>
  13. Devine, Tilly as (rumored) [Tara Wilson] <10>
  14. Dowling, Megan as (rumored) [Keira Burton] <18>
  15. Flaherty, Siobhan as (rumored) [Cynthia Bush] <11>
  16. Germaine, Elise as (rumored) [Child 4 Beth] <19>
  17. Holmes, Lotty as (rumored) [Nurse Crossman] <21>
  18. Jubb, Nicola as (rumored) [Nurse Fair] <22>
  19. Katulushi, Estelle as (rumored) [Nurse Turner] <23>
  20. Keat, Anna as (rumored) [P.C. Margaret Thorner] <13>
  21. Lendill, Revarna as (rumored) [P.C. Fae Williamson] <14>
  22. Lonsdale, Amy as (rumored) [Diane Eddisson] <6>
  23. Mahon, Caitlin as (rumored) [Nurse Williams] <32>
  24. McAndrew, Freya as (rumored) [Emily Derwent] <25>
  25. McConnell, Beth (III) as (rumored) [Compere] <31>
  26. Metcalf, Jessica as (rumored) [Jessica Wainright] <8>
  27. Morgan, Amy (XII) as (rumored) [Elliott Norman] <26>
  28. O Dowd, Isabelle as (rumored) [Receptionist] <29>
  29. Taylor, Melissa (XIX) as (rumored) [Nurse Joan Tamsine] <7>
  30. To Be, Announced as (rumored) [Hanna Eddisson] <3>


  1. Thriller

Full Plot

Todd Bush, a child in a mental asylum hears footsteps with no feet, shadows that dance along the walls with no people. And slowly, one by one they're killing people in the asylum. He knows they're real and soon they're coming for him. Thirsty for his blood, and hungry for his Flesh. He must run further than he's ever ran before. But nobody has escaped the Asylum... Gage Oxley, Andrews Nketiah, Beth McConnell, Isabelle O'Dowd, Plot not found

Total Business

BT: GBP 2,500

Movie Certificate

15 (UK)(self applied)

Music Composers

  1. James, Daniel (XXVI)


Hyde Park Picture House [gb] - (2013) (UK) (theatrical) (Distributor)

Film Editors

  1. Keane, James (IV)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, UK - (studio)
  2. Wetherby, West Yorkshire, England, UK - (exteriors)


- The character 'Nurse Farrell' played by Caitlan Washington, was named after Dervella Farrell, in thanks for kick-starting the project.

- Beth McConnell originally came to the first filming date to watch, the next time she was actually the executive producer.

- 14 different cameras were tested before filming Asylum, the final one was decided, and that is the one that is used to this day- the Canon 600D.

- A number of locations were chosen and used whilst filming in Leeds, including Wetherby and many more.

- Asylum was created by Gage Oxley, after an original brainstorm in 2011 with help from best friends, Alex Bamford and Darren Carver-Balsiger. After disagreements, in which Darren and Alex left to form the Youtube group "Chubba", Gage took complete control over the writing (completing the first draft) and directing, hiring his friends as actors to start making a great horror film.

- Asylum is based on many films "out there" at the time of writing.

- The script went through multiple drafts after disagreements surrounding "un-believability", "cheesiness" and "over-the-top dialogue".