B-Boy Movie (2010) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Release Date
(USA) - May 2010
(USA) - 25 February 2012

Running Time
12 (edited version) (2012)



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Full Cast

  1. Hartley, Riyaana as [Dvine]
  2. Lehrman, Randy as [Dance Show Host]
  3. Moran, Luke as [Noah Riley]
  4. Ongkeko, Paolo (I) as [Music Video Dancer #2]
  5. Quintana, Raul (III) as [Teknician]
  6. Silveira, Carla (I) as [Ill Mischief]
  7. Simmons, Matthew (IV) as [Bullet]
  8. Tran, Duncan as [Impulse]
  9. Tran, Garvin as [Gyroe]
  10. Tran, Vincent (I) as [Vicious]
  11. Ballario, Mercedes as [Holly - Mercedes Friend #1]
  12. Brown, Sarah (XI) as [Terra Harding]
  13. Campion, Amy as [Catfox]
  14. Chouard, Lucile as [Cronic]
  15. George, Jennifer L. as (as Jennifer George) [Cowgirl #1]
  16. Haig, Bridgette as [Christine - Mercedes Friend #2]
  17. Kruz, Kristina as (as Kristina Cohen) [Mercedes]
  18. Yuan, Peipei as [Peppa]


  1. Drama
  2. Romance
  3. Short

Full Plot

Growing up in the suburbs of middle America, Vicious (Vincent Tran) finds himself blending into the blandness of his environment. While walking through the city, his life is forever transformed when he sees a bboy breakin on the streets. His soul is awakened by the dance and he sees his destiny. Despite strong opposition from his parents and little support from his crew, Vicious decides to move to Hollywood to pursue breakin as a career. In his ongoing battle to have his dreams be taken seriously by professionals and his peers, he discovers his own inner strength, and his true love for Bboy Culture. Anonymous Plot not found

Film Editors

  1. Tran, Vincent (I)