Backgammon (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Fischer Productions [us]

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(USA) - September 2013

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Full Cast

  1. Alexander, Christian (I) as [Andrew]
  2. Beh, Alex (I) as [Gerald]
  3. Silver, Noah (I) as [Lucian]
  4. Allen, Brittany (I) as [Miranda]
  5. Crocicchia, Olivia as [Elizabeth]


  1. Drama

Full Plot

On their way back to Yale after winter break, college Freshman Lucian and his roommate Andrew spend a weekend at Andrew's family's decaying mansion off the coast of Maine. The mansion's two permanent inhabitants--Andrew's older sister Miranda and her art scene wannabe boyfriend Gerald--eventually drive everyone away with their antics, except for Lucian. During an evening of alcohol-fueled poker, Gerald foolishly gambles all his possessions and loses everything to Lucian, including Miranda herself. Miranda furiously throws Gerald out of the house, leaving her alone in the mansion with Lucian. Through the evening and into the next day, Lucian and Miranda, two complete opposites drawn together by circumstance and mutual malaise, gradually begin to fall for each other. But the question of Gerald haunts them. Although Miranda cryptically says that Gerald is "gone for good," Lucian can't ignore signs of his lurking presence--open doors, broken windows, and altered paintings. Gerald is playing a new game now, and Lucian must unravel the mystery if he ever hopes to truly "win" Miranda. By Todd Niemi & R. B. Russell Based on the original story by R. B. Russell Plot not found


  1. Coull, Simon

Dress Designers

  1. Lafayette, Maili


  1. Dearr, Melissa (social media manager)
  2. Greslick, Abbey (production assistant)
  3. Meiklejohn, David (behind the scenes)
  4. Perry, Josh (III) (emt)
  5. Robinson, Julie (III) (script supervisor)
  6. Sonnier, Shannon (unit publicist)
  7. Stratford, Ian M. (finance counsel)
  8. Surendran, Anita (production counsel)
  9. Ubatuba, Fernanda (production coordinator)
  10. Wright, Douglas (IX) (production assistant)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Maine, USA