Badlands (2014/II) Movie

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Zamstar Productions [ca]

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(Canada) - 2014

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Same destiny... Different choices. A person often meets his destiny, on the road he chose to avoid it. - Jean De La Fortin


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  1. Action
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After centuries of peace, an ancient war is brewing. Using the Human Realm, Earth, as a theatre of war; supernatural forces will battle for the supremacy of the universe. First origin is set in 1943. Commissioned by a Nazi SS Colonel Mauer, Zarelli; a young protégé living in Nazi occupied Sicily and his father, an advanced pedologist; struggle with the decision to aid the Nazi's in winning the war by exploiting Zarelli's supernatural powers or do what they know is right; even if it costs them their lives. Present day, Boston; Alex Manning, a Boston Police force rookie, is visited by an Unknown Man - visible only to Alex - who informs him that his fate is doomed. The Unknown Man foresees a supernatural force that will stop at nothing until Alex is dead... The young policeman attempts to uncover the truth about his past which reveals a destiny that awaits him in the afterlife. From the early days of World War II to the modern day streets of Boston Massachusetts, two men; Zarelli and Alex; discover their universal purpose and ability to wield otherworldly energies. By means of great power, both men become unstoppable forces who ultimately rival for colossal domination and determine the outcome of the universal war once and for all... Anonymous Plot not found

Music Composers

  1. Zambito, Jayson