"Band of Brothers" (2001) {Currahee (#1.1)} TV Season

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Overview "Band of Brothers" Season 01 Episode 01 (S01E01)



Ratings / Votes
8.8/ 10 (1087 Votes)

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Production Company
DreamWorks SKG [us] - (in association with) (as DreamWorks)
Home Box Office (HBO) [us] - (presents) (as HBO)
Playtone [us] - (in association with)

Production Designer

All Producers

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Release Date
(USA) - 9 September 2001

Running Time
70 (DVD version)


bayonet, cattle, flashback, jumping-from-an-airplane, loss-of-brother, mutiny, parachute, paratrooper, paratrooper-wings, recruit, slash, weekend-pass,

Technical Support
RAT:1.78 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Aaron, Nicholas as [Robert E. (Popeye) Wynn] <1>
  2. Acevedo, Kirk as [Joseph D. Toye] <2>
  3. Allen, Doug (II) as [Sgt. Alton More] <3>
  4. Bailey, Eion as [Pvt. David Kenyon Webster] <4>
  5. Barantini, Philip as (as Philip Barrantini) [Wayne A. (Skinny) Sisk] <5>
  6. Calil, George as [James H. Alley Jr.] <6>
  7. Caplan, Ben as [Walter S. Gordon Jr.] <7>
  8. Cooper, Dominic as [Allington] <8>
  9. Cudlitz, Michael (I) as [Denver Randleman] <9>
  10. D Cruze, Marcos as [Joseph P. Domingus] <10>
  11. Dye, Dale as [Colonel Robert F. Sink] <11>
  12. Edmiston, Michael as [Leadman Training] <12>
  13. Fassbender, Michael as [Sgt. Burton 'Pat' Christenson] <13>
  14. Fletcher, Dexter (I) as [John W. Martin] <15>
  15. Gardner, Salo as (uncredited) [Wounded Civilian]
  16. George, Tom (VII) as [Pvt. White] <14>
  17. Godden, Ezra as [Robert van Klinken] <16>
  18. Gomez, Rick (II) as [George Luz] <17>
  19. Graham, Stephen (I) as [Myron Mike Ranney] <18>
  20. Greene, James (I) as [Old Man on Bicycle] <19>
  21. Griffin, Luke as [Terence C. Harris] <20>
  22. Grimes, Scott as [Donald G. Malarkey] <21>
  23. Heaney, Craig as [Roy W. Cobb] <22>
  24. Hemmings, Nolan as [Charles E. Grant] <23>
  25. Hughes, Frank John (I) as [William J. Guarnere] <24>
  26. James, Adam (II) as [Cleveland O. Petty] <25>
  27. Lawrence, Mark (IV) as [William H. Dukeman Jr.] <26>
  28. Leitch, Matthew as [Floyd M. (Tab) Talbert] <27>
  29. Lewis, Damian (I) as [Lt. Richard D. Winters] <28>
  30. Livingston, Ron (I) as [Lt. Lewis Nixon] <29>
  31. Macintosh, Laird as [F Company Trooper] <30>
  32. Madio, James (I) as [Frank J. Perconte] <31>
  33. Matthews, Tim (I) as [Alex M. Penkala Jr.] <32>
  34. McCabe, Peter (IV) as [Donald B. Hoobler] <33>
  35. McCall, Ross (I) as [Cpl. Joseph Liebgott] <34>
  36. McDonough, Neal as [Lynn D. Compton] <35>
  37. McKee, Phil as [Major Robert L. Strayer] <36>
  38. Moreno, Rene L. as [Joseph Ramirez] <37>
  39. O Brien, Kieran (I) as [Allen E. Vest] <38>
  40. O Mara, Jason as [Thomas Meehan] <39>
  41. Peacock, Harry as [Fake German] <40>
  42. Pegg, Simon as [William S. Evans] <41>
  43. Power, Dave as [Rudolph R. Dittrich] <42>
  44. Ruspoli, Bart as [Edward J. Tipper] <43>
  45. Schwimmer, David (I) as [Herbert M. Sobel] <44>
  46. Simpson, Christian (II) as (uncredited) [Easy Company Lieutenant]
  47. Speight Jr., Richard as [Warren H. Muck] <45>
  48. Taylor, Shane (I) as [Eugene G. Roe] <46>
  49. Wahlberg, Donnie as [Sgt. C. Carwood Lipton] <47>
  50. Walden, Ben as [Referee Training] <48>
  51. Warden, Rick (I) as [Harry F. Welsh] <49>
  52. Warren, Marc (I) as [Albert Blithe] <50>
  53. Youngblood Hills, Peter as [Darrell C. (Shifty) Powers] <51>

Full Plot

In 1942, men from across the USA are in Camp Toccoa, Georgia to undergo paratrooper training. For the men of 'E' Easy Company the training is particularly difficult as a result of their demanding commander, Captain Herbert Sobel. He drives them incessantly to excel, canceling their weekend passes on a whim. His favorite chore is to have the men undertake a run up a hill known as Currahee. While the men are fit and ready for battle, thanks to Sobel, he has unfortunately shown himself to be a weak tactical commander. Once in England, and knowing they will soon be invading the Continent, the sergeants stage a rebellion. Sobel's excesses come to an end when Lt. Dick Winters requests a court martial rather than accept punishment for one of Sobel's lame charges. garykmcd Plot not found

Movie Certificate


Music Composers

  1. Kamen, Michael


  1. Ransom, Joel (director of photography) (as Joel J. Ransom)

Dress Designers

  1. Sheppard, Anna B. (as Anna Sheppard)


Home Box Office (HBO) [us] - (2001) (USA) (TV)

Film Editors

  1. DeStefano, Pete (I) (documentary segment)
  2. Fox, Billy (I)


  1. Adams, John (XXII) (extra: special ability)
  2. Alden, Darrell (military special ability)
  3. Anderson, Mardie (assistant: Mr. Goetzman)
  4. Atherton, Simon (I) (weapons master)
  5. Barton, Peter (XIV) (catering services: First Unit Catering International)
  6. Bedford-Stradling, Rosie (unit nurse)
  7. Bennett, Paul (I) (stand-in)
  8. Blair, Neil (legal services: Warner Bros.)
  9. Bolton, Jarrod (health & safety officer)
  10. Budd, Billy (II) (advisor: platoon sergeant) (as SSgt. Billy Budd)
  11. Burgess, Chris (I) (production assistant: artists)
  12. Chamberlain, Kevin (I) (catering services: First Unit Catering International)
  13. Chaplin, Neil (production accountant)
  14. Cooper, Les (II) (catering services: First Unit Catering International)
  15. Cummings, Steve (II) (assistant armorer) (as Stephen Cummings)
  16. Daubeny, Nick (location supervisor) (as Nicholas Daubeny)
  17. Delmage, Pene (accomodation agent)
  18. Demetriou, Robin (catering services: First Unit Catering International)
  19. Dowler, Holly (production runner)
  20. Drake, Jessica (I) (dialect coach)
  21. Dunne, Tommy (assistant armorer) (as Thomas Dunne)
  22. Dye, Dale (senior military advisor: c.o.) (as Captain Dale Dye)
  23. Edgecombe, Sally (accomodation agent)
  24. Edmiston, Michael (advisor: platoon sergeant) (as SSgt. Mike Edmiston)
  25. Edwards, Peter (XII) (fire safety officer)
  26. Farnsworth, Freddie Joe (advisor: platoon sergeant) (as SSgt. Freddie Joe Farnsworth)
  27. Flower, Duncan (assistant location manager: Hatfield site)
  28. Fulton, Nial (location consultant)
  29. Garner, Sarah (I) (script supervisor)
  30. Gibbons, Cyril (health & safety officer)
  31. Gilhooly, Annie (script coordinator)
  32. Gladstone, Alex (location manager)
  33. Gomm, Mick (catering services: First Unit Catering International)
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  37. Higgs, Robin (location manager)
  38. Hounam, Phil (location manager)
  39. Hume, Pauline (end titles designer)
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  41. Jackson, Jennifer (II) (assistant: Mr. Bork)
  42. Johnson, Emily (XIII) (production assistant)
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  47. Lane, Gary (I) (webbing assistant)
  48. Lester, Lily (assistant: Phil Alden Robinson) (as Lilly Lester)
  49. Macintosh, Laird (advisor: platoon sergeant) (as SSgt. Laird Macintosh)
  50. Macosko, Kristie (assistant: Mr. Spielberg)
  51. Mannion, Andrew (floor runner)
  52. McCarthy, Laurence (stand-in)
  53. McCarthy, Mark (I) (production runner)
  54. McCullough, Jill (I) (dialect coach)
  55. McKenzie, Amy (I) (assistant: Mr. Hanks)
  56. Mckenzie, Ryan (II) (production assistant: USA) (as Ryan McKenzie)
  57. McLuskey, Karen (second production coordinator)
  58. Mills, Warren (V) (location marshall)
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  80. Teakle, Katherine (construction nurse) (as Kate Teakle)
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  82. Waldron, Nick (location manager: Hatfield site)
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  86. Williams, Brian (XXXVII) (fire safety officer)
  87. Williams, Emma (IV) (construction nurse)
  88. Wilson, Raliegh (advisor: platoon sergeant) (as SSgt. Raleigh Wilson)
  89. Woodley, Mike (I) (aviation coordinator)


Private: [Looking at his plate of spaghetti] This stuff is orange. Spaghetti ain't supposed to be orange. Frank Perconte: This ain't spaghetti. This is Army noodles with ketchup. Bill Guarnere: You don't gotta eat it. Frank Perconte: Come on, Gonorrhea, as a fellow Italian you should know that calling this crap spaghetti is a mortal sin. George Luz: [reading aloud Col. Sink's announcement of the impending jump into Normandy] "Soldiers of the Regiment! Tonight is the night of nights. Today, as you read this, you are en route to the great adventure for which you have trained for over two years." Bill Guarnere: So that's why they gave us ice cream. Herbert M. Sobel: Three miles up, three miles down! Currahee!

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Bourne Woods, Farnham, Surrey, England, UK
  2. Former British Aerospace factory, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, England, UK - (street scenes)