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Overview "Band of Brothers" Season 01 Episode 02 (S01E02)



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9.2/ 10 (987 Votes)

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Production Company
DreamWorks SKG [us] - (in association with) (as DreamWorks)
Home Box Office (HBO) [us] - (presents) (as HBO)
Playtone [us] - (in association with)

Production Designer

All Producers

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Release Date
(USA) - 9 September 2001

Running Time
49 (DVD version)


ambush, behind-enemy-lines, cannon, compass, d-day, dead-soldier, exploding-airplane, hand-grenade, machine-gun, normandy, omaha-beach, parachute, paratrooper, prisoner-of-war, shelling, shot-in-the-butt, shot-in-the-head, slaughter, tank, trench, war-crime,

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Full Cast

  1. Aaron, Nicholas as [Pvt. Robert 'Popeye' Wynn]
  2. Acevedo, Kirk as [SSgt. Joseph Toye]
  3. Adams, John (XXII) as [Pvt. Andrews]
  4. Barantini, Philip as [Sgt. Wayne 'Skinny' Sisk]
  5. Blair, David (V) as [Co -Pilot]
  6. Broom, Jonie as [Hans Schmidt]
  7. Chaplin, Steve (I) as [Pilot]
  8. Conran, Alexis as [George Lavenson]
  9. Duquenoy, Matthew as [Co-Pilot - C-47]
  10. Edwards Young, Jonathan as (as Jonathan Young) [Lt. John W. Kelley]
  11. Fenton, Simon (I) as [Gerald J. Lorraine]
  12. Godden, Ezra as [Pvt. Robert van Klinken]
  13. Graham, Stephen (I) as [Sgt. Myron 'Mike' Ranney]
  14. Grimes, Scott as [TSgt. Donald Malarkey]
  15. Gustav, Jack as (uncredited) [German soldier]
  16. Heaney, Craig as [Pvt. Roy Cobb]
  17. Hemmings, Nolan as [Sgt. Charles 'Chuck' Grant]
  18. Howard, Andrew (I) as [Capt. Clarence Hester]
  19. Hughes, Frank John (I) as [SSgt. William 'Wild Bill' Guarnere]
  20. James, Adam (II) as [Cleveland O. Petty]
  21. Lewis, Damian (I) as [Maj. Richard D. Winters]
  22. Livingston, Ron (I) as [Capt. Lewis Nixon]
  23. Lopez, Nick (III) as [US Guard]
  24. Matthews, Tim (I) as [Cpl. Alex Penkala]
  25. McCall, Ross (I) as [Cpl. Joseph Liebgott]
  26. McDonough, Neal as [1st Lt. Lynn 'Buck' Compton]
  27. McKee, Phil as [Lt. Col. Robert L. Strayer]
  28. Montague, Benjamin as [Pvt. Matt McDowell]
  29. O Donnell, Kieran as (uncredited) [German soldier]
  30. O Mara, Jason as [1st Lt. Thomas Meehan]
  31. Pegg, Simon as [1st Sgt. William Evans]
  32. Peyton, Ben as [Warr. Off. Andrew Hill]
  33. Robertson, Iain (I) as [Pvt. George Smith]
  34. Robson, Chris (III) as [Surrendering German]
  35. Ruspoli, Bart as [Pvt. Edward Tipper]
  36. Scott, Andrew (I) as [Pvt. John 'Cowboy' Hall]
  37. Settle, Matthew (I) as [Capt. Ronald Speirs]
  38. Speight Jr., Richard as [Sgt. Warren 'Skip' Muck]
  39. Taylor, Shane (I) as [Cpl. Eugene Roe]
  40. Wahlberg, Donnie as [C. Carwood Lipton]
  41. Wakeling, Mark as [Pilot - Plane 66]
  42. Warren, Marc (I) as [Pvt. Albert Blithe]
  43. Williams, Paul (XXXVII) as [Pvt. Jack Olsen]
  44. Youngblood Hills, Peter as [SSgt. Darrel 'Shifty' Powers]

Full Plot

In the very early hours of the D-Day invasion, Easy Company along with thousands of other Allied paratroopers land behind enemy lines in Normandy. In the chaos of the jump however, they are spread far and wide with many landing far from their expected drop zone. Lt. Winters assembles the few men they can find and slowly make their way to their rendezvous point. As the men straggle in, they also must adjust such as when Malarkey meets a German soldier who grew up in Oregon. Easy's Company commander is still missing so Winters is left in charge and is ordered to take out a German artillery bunker that is wreaking havoc with the troops landing on the beach. They do so with great efficiency and are rewarded with several Bronze and Silver Stars and the Distinguished Service Cross for Winters. garykmcd Plot not found

Dress Designers

  1. Sheppard, Anna B.

Film Editors

  1. Parker, Frances (I)


  1. Adams, John (XXII) (special military background)
  2. Akana Sturla, Jennifer (assistant researcher)
  3. Alden, Darrell (military special ability)
  4. Burgess, Chris (I) (production assistant: artists)
  5. Charlton, Gavin (sous chef) (uncredited)
  6. Cooper, Kyle (I) (executive producer: main title sequence)
  7. Daubeny, Nick (location supervisor) (as Nicholas Daubeny)
  8. Drake, Jessica (I) (dialect coach)
  9. Fulton, Nial (location consultant)
  10. Jackson, Jennifer (II) (assistant: Mr. Bork)
  11. McKenzie, Amy (I) (assistant to tom hanks)
  12. Mckenzie, Ryan (II) (production assistant u.s.)
  13. Terzieff, Alex (special military background) (uncredited)
  14. Woodley, Mike (I) (aviation coordinator)


Bill Guarnere: Hiya, Cowboy! Pvt. John 'Cowboy' Hall: Shut your fucking guinea trap, Gonorrhea. Bill Guarnere: He's all right, that kid! Richard D. Winters: Flash! Pvt. John 'Cowboy' Hall: Shit! Richard D. Winters: I don't think that's the correct reply, trooper. I say flash, you say thunder. Pvt. John 'Cowboy' Hall: Yes, sir. Thunder, sir. 1st Lt. Lynn 'Buck' Compton: Any word on Lieutenant Meehan yet, sir? Maj. Richard D. Winters: No, not yet. Bill Guarnere: Don't that make you our commanding officer, sir? Maj. Richard D. Winters: Yeah, it does. SSgt. Joseph Toye: Sir? [offers Winters a bottle of whiskey] Bill Guarnere: Joe, the Lieutenant don't drink. Maj. Richard D. Winters: [Takes the bottle] It's been a day of firsts. [drinks, then hands bottle to Guarnere] Don't you think, Guarnere? Bill Guarnere: Yes, sir. Maj. Richard D. Winters: Carry on. [He starts to leave, then turns back to Guarnere] Oh, and Sergeant? Bill Guarnere: Sir? Maj. Richard D. Winters: I'm not a Quaker.

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Former British Aerospace factory, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, England, UK - (street scenes)


- The battle of Brecourt Manor takes place over about 15 minutes, however in reality it lasted about three hours. Also, the only soldier shown to be killed is "John Hall." This is wrong as Dick Winters states in his memoir that he had four dead, six wounded, and killed 15 German's and captured 12 more.

- It is implied that Ron Spiers killed the German POW's on D-Day. The true facts about this story are truly not known. It is reported that this event happened on D-Day, outside of Carentan, and in Bastogne. The number of soldiers is not known either. The only person who knows the true facts in Ron Spiers.

- The scene where Don Malarkey runs out into heavy fire to retrieve what he thought was a Luger pistol did actually happen according to Ambrose's book. The object Malarkey picks up is not any type of pistol but was a sighting device for one of the 105 guns taken out in the mission.