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Overview "Band of Brothers" Season 01 Episode 10 (S01E10)



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9.2/ 10 (771 Votes)

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Production Company
DreamWorks SKG [us] - (in association with) (as DreamWorks)
Home Box Office (HBO) [us] - (presents) (as HBO)
Playtone [us] - (in association with)

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All Producers

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Release Date
(USA) - 4 November 2001

Running Time
59 (DVD version)



Technical Support
RAT:1.78 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Aaron, Nicholas as [Pvt. Robert Wynn] <1>
  2. Allen, Doug (II) as [Sgt. Alton More] <2>
  3. Andrews, David (I) as [General Elbridge G. Chapman] <3>
  4. Bailey, Eion as [Pvt. David Kenyon Webster] <4>
  5. Barantini, Philip as [Sgt. Wayne Sisk] <5>
  6. Calil, George as [Pvt. James Alley] <6>
  7. Cudlitz, Michael (I) as [Sgt. Denver Randleman] <7>
  8. Done, Jason as [Drunk G.I.] <8>
  9. Dye, Dale as [Col. Robert Sink] <9>
  10. Fassbender, Michael as [Sgt. Burton 'Pat' Christenson] <10>
  11. Fletcher, Dexter (I) as [SSgt. John Martin] <11>
  12. Galuba, Dirk as [German MP] <12>
  13. Gomez, Rick (II) as [Sgt. George Luz] <13>
  14. Grimes, Scott as [TSgt. Donald Malarkey] <14>
  15. Guarnere, William as (as Bill Guarnere) [Himself] <46>
  16. Hardy, Tom (I) as [Pfc. John Janovec] <15>
  17. Heffron, Edward Babe as (as Babe Heffron) [Himself] <47>
  18. Hemmings, Nolan as [Sgt. Charles Grant] <16>
  19. Herzberg, Paul as [German Doctor at Checkpoint] <17>
  20. Hickey, Matt (I) as [Pvt. Patrick O'Keefe] <18>
  21. Hutcheon, Maxwell as [German Waiter] <19>
  22. Johnson, Corey (I) as [Major Louis Kent] <20>
  23. Kahler, Wolf as [German General] <21>
  24. Laing, Robin (II) as [Pvt. Edward Heffron] <22>
  25. Lawrence, Bruce as (as Bruce Alexander) [Easy Coy Medic]
  26. Leitch, Matthew as [SSgt. Floyd Talbert] <23>
  27. Lewis, Damian (I) as [Maj. Richard D. Winters] <24>
  28. Lipton, C. Carwood as (as Carwood Lipton) [Himself] <44>
  29. Livingston, Ron (I) as [Capt. Lewis Nixon] <25>
  30. Madio, James (I) as [Sgt. Frank Perconte] <26>
  31. Malarkey, Donald as [Himself] <45>
  32. Martin, John (IV) as [Himself] <49>
  33. McCall, Ross (I) as [Cpl. Joseph Liebgott] <27>
  34. McDonough, Neal as [1st Lt. Lynn Compton] <28>
  35. Moreno, Rene L. as [Pvt. Joseph Ramirez] <29>
  36. O Neill, Jonjo (I) as [Replacement One] <30>
  37. Powers, Darrell Shifty as (as Shifty Powers) [Himself] <48>
  38. Rham, Philip as [German Colonel] <31>
  39. Schwimmer, David (I) as [Herbert M. Sobel] <32>
  40. Settle, Matthew (I) as [Capt. Ronald Speirs] <33>
  41. Spain, Douglas as [Pvt. Antonio Garcia] <34>
  42. Taylor, Shane (I) as [Cpl. Eugene Roe] <35>
  43. Twomey, Milo as [Army Doctor] <36>
  44. van Husen, Dan as [Alleged Commandant] <37>
  45. Villa, Joe as [2nd Replacement] <38>
  46. Wahlberg, Donnie as [C. Carwood Lipton] <39>
  47. Warden, Rick (I) as [1st Lt. Harry Welsh] <40>
  48. Wickham, Rupert as [Brain Surgeon] <41>
  49. Winters, Richard D. as (as Dick Winters) [Himself] <43>
  50. Youngblood Hills, Peter as [SSgt. Darrell Powers] <42>

Full Plot

It's May 1945 and Easy Company finds itself the first Allied troops to enter Berchtesgarden, Hitler's Bavarian retreat. They find the village virtually empty with only a few people working in the hotel. They're there only a short time when they get the news they've been waiting for: the German army surrenders and the war in Europe is over. For those with enough service, it means a trip home while the rest continue to train for an eventual transfer to the war in the Pacific. For others still, tragedy still awaits. The men of the 101st all have varied futures ahead of them. The bonds of brotherhood shaped in battle will remain with them for their lifetimes and beyond. garykmcd Plot not found

Movie Certificate


Music Composers

  1. Kamen, Michael


  1. Ransom, Joel (director of photography) (as Joel J. Ransom)

Dress Designers

  1. Sheppard, Anna B. (as Anna Sheppard)


Home Box Office (HBO) [us] - (2001) (USA) (TV)

Film Editors

  1. Ottey, Oral Norrie


  1. Adams, John (XXII) (extra: special ability, American)
  2. Alden, Darrell (extra: special ability, American)
  3. Anderson, Mardie (assistant: Mr. Goetzman)
  4. Andris, Alfred (extra: special ability, German)
  5. Atherton, Derek (I) (assistant armorer)
  6. Atherton, Simon (I) (weapons master)
  7. Barnett, Celia (researcher)
  8. Bedford-Stradling, Rosie (unit nurse)
  9. Bennett, Paul (I) (stand-in)
  10. Beugger, Thomas (camp assistant: Swiss unit)
  11. Black, Christian (extra: special ability, American)
  12. Blair, Neil (legal services: Warner Bros.)
  13. Bolton, Jarrod (health & safety officer)
  14. Braun, Caroline (production secretary: Swiss unit)
  15. Bridgeman, Chris (extra: special ability, German)
  16. Brown, Peter (XLVI) (extra: special ability, American)
  17. Budd, Billy (II) (advisor: platoon sergeant) (as SSgt. Billy Budd)
  18. Burgess, Chris (I) (production assistant: artists)
  19. Burston, Andrew (extra: special ability, American) (as Andy Burston)
  20. Chaplin, Neil (production accountant)
  21. Cinicolo, Jo (catering services: First Unit Catering International)
  22. Cooper, Les (II) (catering services: First Unit Catering International)
  23. Crane, Steven (extra: special ability, German)
  24. Cue, Gary (extra: special ability, American)
  25. Cullen, Patrick (II) (extra: special ability, American)
  26. Daubeny, Nick (location supervisor) (as Nicholas Daubeny)
  27. Dell, David (III) (extra: special ability, American)
  28. Delmage, Pene (accomodation agent)
  29. Demetriou, Robin (catering services: First Unit Catering International)
  30. Discon, Chantal (location marshall)
  31. Dowler, Holly (production runner)
  32. Driver, Damon (extra: special ability, German)
  33. Dye, Dale (senior military advisor: c.o.) (as Captain Dale Dye)
  34. Edgecombe, Sally (accomodation agent)
  35. Edmiston, Michael (advisor: platoon sergeant) (as SSgt. Mike Edmiston)
  36. Edwards, Judith (construction nurse)
  37. Edwards, Mike (XIII) (extra: special ability, German)
  38. Edwards, Peter (XII) (fire safety officer)
  39. Farmer, James (V) (extra: special ability, American)
  40. Farnsworth, Freddie Joe (advisor: platoon sergeant) (as SSgt. Freddie Joe Farnsworth)
  41. Field, Nick (II) (extra: special ability, American)
  42. Flower, Duncan (assistant location manager: Hatfield site)
  43. Forgash, David (extra: special ability, American)
  44. Fritz, Barbara (II) (production secretary: Swiss unit)
  45. Fulton, Nial (location consultant)
  46. Garner, Sarah (I) (script supervisor)
  47. Gibbons, Cyril (health & safety officer)
  48. Gladstone, Alex (location manager)
  49. Glaisyer, Tom (additional floor runner)
  50. Goodridge, Simone (assistant production coordinator)
  51. Gustav, Jack (extra: special ability, German)
  52. Hammond, Jerry (extra: special ability, American)
  53. Harry, Keith (extra: special ability, German)
  54. Hauenstein, Garrett (production assistant: USA)
  55. Hausmann, Alan (webbing master) (as Alan Hausman)
  56. Heinicke, Mathias (camp assistant: Swiss unit)
  57. Hornsby, Paul (II) (extra: special ability, German)
  58. Horwood, Jason (extra: special ability, American)
  59. Hume, Pauline (end titles designer)
  60. Hunter, Cheryl (II) (catering services: First Unit Catering International)
  61. Huseyn, Frank (extra: special ability, German)
  62. Hussey, Nick (extra: special ability, American)
  63. Hutchins, Christopher (I) (production runner)
  64. Jackson, Jennifer (II) (assistant: Mr. Bork)
  65. Jaquet, Laurent (location assistant: Swiss unit)
  66. Johnson, Brett Wayne (camp assistant: Swiss unit)
  67. Johnson, Emily (XIII) (production assistant)
  68. Kerr, Nichola (accounting assistant)
  69. Klein, Jessica (I) (assistant: Mr. Hanks)
  70. Komornicki, Nick (assistant armorer)
  71. Kuan, Lisa-Kim Ling (senior assistant accountant)
  72. Lane, Gary (I) (webbing assistant)
  73. Lawrence, Bruce (extra: special ability, German) (as Bruce Alexander)
  74. Lester, Lily (assistant: Mr. Salomon)
  75. Macintosh, Laird (advisor: platoon sergeant) (as SSgt. Laird Macintosh)
  76. Macosko, Kristie (assistant: Mr. Spielberg)
  77. MacSween, Rory (extra: special ability, American)
  78. Mannion, Andrew (floor runner)
  79. McCarthy, Laurence (stand-in)
  80. McCullough, Jill (I) (dialect coach)
  81. McKenzie, Amy (I) (assistant: Mr. Hanks)
  82. Mckenzie, Ryan (II) (production assistant: USA) (as Ryan McKenzie)
  83. McLean, Andy (III) (extra: special ability, German)
  84. McLuskey, Karen (second production coordinator)
  85. Michel, Ernst (II) (location assistant: Swiss unit)
  86. Murrell, Louissa (assistant accountant) (as Louisa Murrell)
  87. Nixon, John (III) (assistant armorer)
  88. O'Donnell, Kieran (extra: special ability, German)
  89. O'Donnell, Mick (I) (crowd runner)
  90. O'Toole, Matthew (I) (construction accountant) (as Matt O'Toole)
  91. Odermatt, Petra (production secretary: Swiss unit)
  92. Olschewski, Jean Pierre (camp manager: Swiss unit)
  93. Patel, Dilip (I) (assistant accountant)
  94. Perry, Penelope (production coordinator)
  95. Potter, Jason (II) (assistant accountant)
  96. Powell, Penelope (assistant accountant) (as Penny Powell)
  97. Rae, Rebecca (I) (production runner)
  98. Ratcliffe, Paul (V) (health & safety storeman)
  99. Ray, Susan (II) (assistant: Mr. Spielberg)
  100. Roddam, Patrick (production runner)
  101. Rowe, John (XVI) (webbing assistant)
  102. Rusti, Darryl (catering services: First Unit Catering International)
  103. Ryan, David (XI) (extra: special ability, American)
  104. Sabga, Alex (extra: special ability, American)
  105. Samut-Tagliaferro, Katryna (shipping coordinator) (as Katrina Samut Tagliaferro)
  106. Schick, Romana (assistant accountant: Swiss unit)
  107. Seefeldt, Renate (production accountant: Swiss unit)
  108. Short, Emma (I) (assistant accountant)
  109. Slattery, Jamie (extra: special ability, German)
  110. Smith, Larry (XXVII) (extra: special ability, American)
  111. Somner, Mark (location manager)
  112. Springfield, Alan (catering services: First Unit Catering International)
  113. Stokey, Mike (II) (military advisor: x.o.) (as First Lieutenant Mike Stokey)
  114. Sveinbjarnarson, Dathi (floor runner)
  115. Tait, Craig (II) (extra: special ability, German)
  116. Tavares, Oli (extra: special ability, German)
  117. Terzieff, Alex (extra: special ability, American)
  118. Thorpe, Billy (III) (catering services: First Unit Catering International)
  119. Tillyer, Rob (extra: special ability, American)
  120. Trehy, Kevin (financial controller)
  121. Vaudrey, Dave (extra: special ability, American)
  122. Waldron, Nick (location manager: Hatfield site)
  123. Walleitner, Peter (camp assistant: Swiss unit)
  124. Walters, Rob (VI) (extra: special ability, German)
  125. Whitby, John (II) (extra: special ability, German)
  126. Wildgoose, Tim (assistant armorer)
  127. Williams, Brian (XXXVII) (fire safety officer)
  128. Williams, Dominic (IV) (extra: special ability, American)
  129. Williams, Emma (IV) (construction nurse)
  130. Wilson, Raliegh (advisor: platoon sergeant) (as SSgt. Raleigh Wilson)
  131. Yanacopoulis, Phillip (location marshall)
  132. Zürcher, Stefan (location manager: Swiss unit)


Carwood Lipton: Henry the fifth was talking to his men and he said from this day to the ending of the world we and it shall be remembered. We lucky few, we band of brothers, for he who sheds his blood with me today shall be my brother.

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Former British Aerospace factory, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, England, UK - (street scenes)


- 'Mikael Salomon' (qv) (director of this episode) and 'David Frankel (I)' (qv) (director of the previous episode "Why We Fight") were the only directors to direct more than one episode.

- Last show of the series.