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Overview "Band of Brothers" Season 01 Episode 04 (S01E04)



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9.0/ 10 (831 Votes)

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Production Company
DreamWorks SKG [us] - (in association with) (as DreamWorks)
Home Box Office (HBO) [us] - (presents) (as HBO)
Playtone [us] - (in association with)

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All Producers

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Release Date
(USA) - 23 September 2001

Running Time
57 (DVD version)


beer, bombing, darts, parachute, sniper, tank,

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Full Cast

  1. Aaron, Nicholas as [Pvt. Robert 'Popeye' Wynn]
  2. Acevedo, Kirk as [SSgt. Joseph Toye]
  3. Allen, Doug (II) as [Sgt. Alton More]
  4. Bailey, Eion as [Pvt. David Kenyon Webster]
  5. Barantini, Philip as [Sgt. Wayne 'Skinny' Sisk]
  6. Bos, Freerk as [Dutch Farmer]
  7. Calil, George as [Pvt. James 'Moe' Alley]
  8. Caplan, Ben as [Cpl. Walter 'Smokey' Gordon]
  9. Cudlitz, Michael (I) as [Sgt. Denver 'Bull' Randleman]
  10. Firla, Brandon as [Lt. Brewer]
  11. Fletcher, Dexter (I) as [SSgt. John Martin]
  12. Godden, Ezra as [Pvt. Robert van Klinken]
  13. Gomez, Rick (II) as [Sgt. George Luz]
  14. Grimes, Scott as [TSgt. Donald Malarkey]
  15. Heaney, Craig as [Pvt. Roy Cobb]
  16. Hemmings, Nolan as [Sgt. Charles 'Chuck' Grant]
  17. Hill, Billy (II) as [Dutch Farmer's Son]
  18. Hornsby, Paul (II) as [German soldier] <106>
  19. Huberman, Mark as [Pvt. Lester 'Leo' Hashey]
  20. Hughes, Frank John (I) as [SSgt. William 'Wild Bill' Guarnere]
  21. Laing, Robin (II) as [Pvt. Edward 'Babe' Heffron]
  22. Lawrence, Mark (IV) as [Cpl. William Dukeman]
  23. Leitch, Matthew as [SSgt. Floyd 'Tab' Talbert]
  24. Lewis, Damian (I) as [Maj. Richard D. Winters]
  25. Livingston, Ron (I) as [Capt. Lewis Nixon]
  26. Madio, James (I) as [Sgt. Frank Perconte]
  27. Magnussen, Thomas as (uncredited) [German Outside Barn]
  28. Matthews, Tim (I) as [Cpl. Alex Penkala]
  29. McAvoy, James as [Pvt. James W. Miller]
  30. McCabe, Peter (IV) as [Cpl. Donald Hoobler]
  31. McDonough, Neal as [1st Lt. Lynn 'Buck' Compton]
  32. Metsers, Hugo (II) as [John van Kooijk]
  33. Moreno, Rene L. as [Pvt. Joseph Ramirez]
  34. Nicolle, David (I) as [2nd Lt. Thomas Peacock]
  35. Sabga, Alex as [Cpl. Francis 'Frank' Mellet]
  36. Schatzberger, Simon as [Pvt. Joseph Lesniewski]
  37. Schwimmer, David (I) as [Capt. Herbert Sobel]
  38. Spain, Douglas as [Pvt. Antonio Garcia]
  39. Speight Jr., Richard as [Sgt. Warren 'Skip' Muck]
  40. Stark, Peter (I) as [German inside barn]
  41. Tapley, William as [British Tank Commander]
  42. Taylor, Shane (I) as [Cpl. Eugene Roe]
  43. Wahlberg, Donnie as [C. Carwood Lipton]
  44. Warden, Rick (I) as [1st Lt. Harry Welsh]
  45. Wouterse, Jack as [Dutch farmer in Barn]
  46. Youngblood Hills, Peter as [SSgt. Darrel 'Shifty' Powers]
  47. Hendriks, Josefien as (as Josefine Hendriks) [Young Dutch Girl]

Full Plot

Easy Company's stay in England is far too short when they are ordered to participate in operation Market Garden. This major engagement is to thrust north into Holland seizing the bridges along the way with a view to giving the Allies a clear route into Germany. The men of Easy Company are told that they will be leaving for good and they parachute into near Eindhoven, where they get a huge welcome from the war-weary population. With significant losses in Normandy invasion, Easy also has to welcome new recruits who, in the eyes of the now veteran combat soldiers who have survived, as much a liability as a benefit. The battle is not easy with the Germans putting up fierce resistance. The situation is particularly dire for Sgt. Bull Randelman who is separated from the rest of the Company and is forced to hide out in a local barn overnight as the Germans move in. The battle was not a success and did not shorten the war as had been hoped. garykmcd Plot not found

Dress Designers

  1. Sheppard, Anna B.


  1. Adams, John (XXII) (special military background)
  2. Akana Sturla, Jennifer (assistant researcher)
  3. Alden, Darrell (military special ability)
  4. Burgess, Chris (I) (production assistant: artists)
  5. Cooper, Kyle (I) (executive producer: main title sequence)
  6. Daubeny, Nick (location supervisor) (as Nicholas Daubeny)
  7. Drake, Jessica (I) (dialect coach)
  8. Fulton, Nial (location consultant)
  9. Hutchins, Christopher (I) (production runner)
  10. Jackson, Jennifer (II) (assistant: Mr. Bork)
  11. Mannion, Andrew (floor runner)
  12. McKenzie, Amy (I) (assistant to tom hanks)
  13. Mckenzie, Ryan (II) (production assistant u.s.)
  14. Terzieff, Alex (special military background)


Richard Winters: They're bombing Eindhoven. Cpt. Nixon: Yea. Richard Winters: Come on Nix, I'm takin' you in for the night. Cpt. Nixon: They won't be wavin' so many orange flags at us tomorrow. SSgt. William 'Wild Bill' Guarnere: So, Heffron tell you about Doris yet? Pvt. Lester 'Leo' Hashey: No. SSgt. William 'Wild Bill' Guarnere: No? Mmmm. Well, then, I'm gonna educate you. We're getting ready to get on a plane for that first frog town we never jumped into. All of a sudden Heffron stops dead in his tracks. Bing and a bang and a boom. Everybody banging into each other. Heffron's just staring at the nose of the plane because on it is panted this beautiful pinup. And written underneath: "Darling Doris." Doris, which just happens to be the name of the skirt who just, that day, sent Babe one of them letters. You know, the... Web, what do you call them letters that the broads send? Pvt. David Kenyon Webster: Uh, "Dear John" letter. SSgt. William 'Wild Bill' Guarnere: That's it, a "Dear Babe" letter. Well anyway, lucky for Babe, Patton overruns our drop zone. Mission can called. In other words, Babe don't have to risk getting inside old Doris again. Hah! SSgt. William 'Wild Bill' Guarnere: [to Sgt. Bull Randleman] Oh, they found you. SSgt. John Martin: Wait, what did you say? SSgt. William 'Wild Bill' Guarnere: Johnny, don't irrigate me. SSgt. John Martin: "They found you?" Now I don't know who's more stupid, you or the hick. Pvt. David Kenyon Webster: Heraus! Hande hoch! Schnell! Schnell! German soldier: Bitte, nicht schiessen... Polish! SSgt. John Martin: What's he saying? Pvt. David Kenyon Webster: He's telling me that they're Polish. SSgt. John Martin: Polish? Don't you believe it. There ain't no :Poles in the SS! SSgt. William 'Wild Bill' Guarnere: All right Krauts! Handy hock!

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Former British Aerospace factory, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, England, UK - (street scenes)


- Pvt. Cobb is using an M3A1 "Grease gun" in this episode.

- The old Dutch man waving a flag at the table where Talbert is kissing a young woman is the real 'Edward 'Babe' Heffron' (qv) in a cameo.

- In the scene where Sgt. Denver 'Bull' Randleman is chased by a tank. On the back of the tank is a bull painted on the left side of the tank above the track. This can first be seen at 0:34:04.