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Overview "Band of Brothers" Season 01 Episode 09 (S01E09)



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9.3/ 10 (879 Votes)

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Production Company
DreamWorks SKG [us] - (in association with) (as DreamWorks)
Home Box Office (HBO) [us] - (presents) (as HBO)
Playtone [us] - (in association with)

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Release Date
(USA) - 28 October 2001

Running Time
55 (DVD version)


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Technical Support
RAT:1.78 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Aaron, Nicholas as [Pvt. Robert 'Popeye' Wynn]
  2. Adams, John (XXII) as [Pvt. Andrews]
  3. Allen, Doug (II) as [Sgt. Alton More]
  4. Bailey, Eion as [Pvt. David Kenyon Webster]
  5. Bamber, Jamie as [2nd Lt. Jack Foley]
  6. Barantini, Philip as [Sgt. Wayne 'Skinny' Sisk]
  7. Bentley, Paul (I) as [Old German in Landsberg]
  8. Blanke, Dean as [German Grandson]
  9. Calil, George as [Pvt. James 'Moe' Alley]
  10. Cudlitz, Michael (I) as [Sgt. Denver 'Bull' Randleman]
  11. Dye, Dale as [Col. Robert Sink]
  12. Fassbender, Michael as [Sgt. Burton 'Pat' Christenson]
  13. Fletcher, Dexter (I) as [SSgt. John Martin]
  14. Forest, David (III) as [Prisoner saying Danke]
  15. Gomez, Rick (II) as [Sgt. George Luz]
  16. Grimes, Scott as [TSgt. Donald Malarkey]
  17. Hanks, Colin as [2nd Lieutenant Henry Jones] <10>
  18. Hardy, Tom (I) as [Pfc. John Janovec]
  19. Hecker, Ben as [German man in flat]
  20. Hemmings, Nolan as [Sgt. Charles 'Chuck' Grant]
  21. Hickey, Matt (I) as [Pvt. Patrick O'Keefe]
  22. Huberman, Mark as [Pvt. Lester 'Leo' Hashey]
  23. Johnson, Corey (I) as [Major Louis Kent]
  24. Kaye, Malcolm as [Prisoner with Janovec]
  25. Kostic, Goran as [Prisoner with Corpse]
  26. Laing, Robin (II) as [Pvt. Edward 'Babe' Heffron]
  27. Lawton, Martin (I) as [German Grandfather]
  28. Leitch, Matthew as [SSgt. Floyd 'Tab' Talbert]
  29. Lewis, Damian (I) as [Maj. Richard D. Winters]
  30. Livingston, Ron (I) as [Capt. Lewis Nixon]
  31. Madio, James (I) as [Sgt. Frank Perconte]
  32. Malcolm, Christian (I) as [MP at Lansberg]
  33. McCall, Ross (I) as [Cpl. Joseph Liebgott]
  34. Nenning, Hans-Georg as [German Baker]
  35. O Brien, Kieran (I) as [Pvt. Allen Vest]
  36. Röttgen, Wil as [German officer in cart]
  37. Schatzberger, Simon as [Pvt. Joseph Lesniewski]
  38. Settle, Matthew (I) as [Capt. Ronald Speirs]
  39. Shrimpton, Mark (I) as (uncredited) [Easy Company Soldier/German Soldier]
  40. Spain, Douglas as [Pvt. Antonio Garcia]
  41. Taubman, Anatole as (as Anatol Taubman) [Otto Herzfeld]
  42. Taylor, Shane (I) as [Cpl. Eugene Roe]
  43. Wahlberg, Donnie as [C. Carwood Lipton]
  44. Warden, Rick (I) as [1st Lt. Harry Welsh]
  45. Youngblood Hills, Peter as [SSgt. Darrel 'Shifty' Powers]
  46. Roquette, Suzanne (I) as [German widow]
  47. Seibert, Isabella as [German girl in bed]
  48. Thoma, Gertrude as [German woman in flat]
  49. Whitaker, Kristina Brändén as [German Girl with Egg]

Full Plot

The men of Easy Company are now in Germany, aware that the Germans are surrendering by the thousands and that the war is winding down. With more time to reflect, some of the men are wondering if it was all worth it and begin to question whether the sacrifices they and their absent colleagues have made were worth it. That question is answered when they come across a concentration camp and they see first hand the atrocities committed by the Nazis. Captain Nixon has returned from a jump behind enemy lines that did not go well and resulted in many deaths. He's drinking heavily and has been demoted from Regimental to Battalion intelligence officer. Soon after Hiltler's death, they are ordered to Bertchesgarden, the Nazi leader's mountain-top retreat. garykmcd Plot not found

Movie Certificate


Dress Designers

  1. Sheppard, Anna B.


Home Box Office (HBO) [us] - (2001) (USA) (TV)

Film Editors

  1. Parker, Frances (I)


  1. Adams, John (XXII) (special military background)
  2. Akana Sturla, Jennifer (assistant researcher)
  3. Alden, Darrell (military special ability)
  4. Burgess, Chris (I) (production assistant: artists)
  5. Cooper, Kyle (I) (executive producer: main title sequence)
  6. Daubeny, Nick (location supervisor) (as Nicholas Daubeny)
  7. Fulton, Nial (location consultant)
  8. Hutchins, Christopher (I) (production runner)
  9. Jackson, Jennifer (II) (assistant: Mr. Bork)
  10. Mannion, Andrew (floor runner)
  11. McKenzie, Amy (I) (assistant to tom hanks)
  12. Mckenzie, Ryan (II) (production assistant u.s.)
  13. Terzieff, Alex (special military background)


Joseph Liebgott: [the men are talking about their postwar plans] Liebgott: What about you, Web? David Webster: I guess I'll finish school first, and then... Joseph Liebgott: Wait a minute, *finish* school? You mean all this time you've been talking about "Harvard this" and "Harvard that" and you ain't even finished? David Webster: For one thing, I haven't told you anything. But yes, yes, I haven't finished, so the fuck what? Joseph Liebgott: It's just the way you always talked, you know? We all figured that... [trails off as Webster glares at him] You know what, you're right. So the fuck what. Cpt. Nixon: Hitler's dead. Joseph Liebgott: Holy shit. Cpt. Nixon: Shot himself in Berlin. Sgt. Denver 'Bull' Randleman: Is the war over, sir? Cpt. Nixon: No. We have orders to Berghtesgaden. We're gonna move out in one hour. David Webster: Why? The man's not home. Should've killed himself three years ago, saved us a lot of trouble. Cpt. Nixon: Yeah, he should've. But he didn't. Joseph Liebgott: [speaking with a prisoner] He said the guards left this morning, sir. Langsamer, bitte, langsamer. ["Slow down, please"] They burned some of the huts first... with the prisoners still in them, sir... alive. Cpt. Nixon: Jesus Christ. Joseph Liebgott: Some of the prisoners tried to stop them... some were killed... they didn't have enough ammo for all the prisoners, so... they killed as many as they could... before they left the camp. They locked the gates behind them and headed south. Cpt. Nixon: Someone in town must have told them we were coming. Joseph Liebgott: Yeah, I think so. Cpt. Nixon: Will you ask him, uh... will you ask him what kind of camp this is? What, uh... why are they here? Joseph Liebgott: Was ist das hier? Camp prisoner: Das, das, das, das hier? Das, das ist ein arbeitslager fur, fur, fur, fur Unerwuenschter. Joseph Liebgott: He says it's a work camp for..."Unerwuenschter." I'm not sure what the word means, sir. Uh, "unwanted," "disliked," maybe? Cpt. Nixon: "Criminals?" Joseph Liebgott: I don't think "criminals," sir. Verbrecher? Camp prisoner: Verbrecher? Nein, nein. Joseph Liebgott: No. Camp prisoner: rzte, Musiker, Beamter, Bauern... Joseph Liebgott: Doctors, musicians... Camp prisoner: Schreiber, Schneider, Intellektuelle... Joseph Liebgott: Tailors, clerks, farmers, intellectuals. I mean, normal people. Camp prisoner: Juden. Juden. Juden. Joseph Liebgott: [softly] They're Jews. Camp prisoner: Pole, Ziegeuner. Joseph Liebgott: Poles and Gypsies. David Webster: Shut up! I said, shut up, you Nazi fuck! [grabs baker] German Baker: Ich-ich bin kein Nazi! David Webster: Oh, you're not a Nazi? My mistake, you fat fucking prick. What about a human being? Are you one of those, or are you going to tell me that you never smelt the fucking stench? [of the nearby concentration camp] German Baker: Toten sie mich nicht! Bitte toten sie mich nicht! ["Don't kill me! Please don't kill me!"] Ich verstehe nicht was du da sagst! Pvt. Joseph Lesniewski: Leave him alone, Web. He says he doesn't know what the hell you're talking about. David Webster: Bullshit.

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Former British Aerospace factory, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, England, UK - (street scenes)


- The music for the end credits in this episode are different and more somber than the other episodes, using a string only orchestra, rather than a full orchestra.

- The string quartet at the beginning and then end is playing "String Quartet in C-sharp, op 131," by Beethoven. This song is also interwoven into the background music throughout this episode.

- When Easy Company enters the concentration camp, Winters asks Sgt. Christenson if any of his men speak German and he replies, "No, sir." 'Michael Fassbender' (qv), who portrays Christenson, is a German-born Irish actor who speaks German as a first language.

- 'David Frankel (I)' (qv) (this episode's director) and 'Mikael Salomon' (qv) (director of the next and final episode) were the only directors to direct more than one episode.

- Features 'Tom Hardy (I)' (qv) first appearance in any sort of acting role.