Battle of New Orleans (2014) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Autonomous Entertainment [us]

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autonomous-entertainment, cedric-beasley, war-of-1812, year-1815,

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During the War of 1812, world famous pirate Jean Lafitte smuggles goods from Port Au-Prince Hattie to New Orleans. Outraged by all the commerce that is being smuggled into the city of New Orleans, the governor of Louisiana declares Lafitte an enemy of the State and orders the US Navy to intercept and destroy his fleet. Fully aware of the hatred that the governor has for him and his business ventures at sea, Lafitte embarks on a journey to warn the US Navy of a British Armada that is preparing to invade New Orleans. After several days of not heeding to Lafitte's warning, the governor decides to take the pirate seriously. However, the moment the governor gives the order to defend the city; Lafitte unfortunately knows that he must provide the manpower and a fleet of ships to aid the US Navy in the battle with the British at sea. Paul Gennaro Plot not found

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CP: Paul B. Gennaro