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7.7/ 10 (497 Votes)

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Production Company
Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit (CPTC) [ca] - (as The Canadian Film or Video Production Services Tax Credit) (produced with the participation of)
Muse Entertainment Enterprises [ca] - (as Muse Entertainment)
Quebec Film and Television Tax Credit [ca] - (produced with the participation of)
Zodiak USA [us] - (in association with)

Production Designer

All Producers

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Release Date
(Canada) - 17 January 2011
(USA) - 17 January 2011
(Hungary) - 18 January 2011
(Hungary) - 12 April 2011
(Spain) - 19 May 2011

Running Time



Technical Support
RAT:16:9 HD

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Full Cast

  1. Huntington, Sam (I) as [Josh Levinson] <3>
  2. Leclerc, Vincent as [Marcus] <9>
  3. Pellegrino, Mark (I) as [Bishop] <6>
  4. Skerget, Alexander as [Boy (9 Y.O.)] <17>
  5. Smith, Ivan (I) as [Blood Den Proprietor] <13>
  6. Venuta, Gianpaolo as [Danny] <5>
  7. Vrana, Peter (I) as [Bar Guy] <14>
  8. Walker, Nick (XII) as [Officer Tim] <11>
  9. Witwer, Sam as [Aidan Waite] <1>
  10. Allen, Sarah (III) as [Rebecca Flynt] <4>
  11. Bellange, Bianca as [Female Nurse] <16>
  12. Breier, Katy as [Cara] <8>
  13. Galuppo, Angela as [Bridget] <12>
  14. Louder, Alison as [Emily] <7>
  15. McHugh, Michelle as [Beautiful Woman Donor] <15>
  16. Moller-Trotter, Rhiannon as [Jackie] <10>
  17. Rath, Meaghan as [Sally Malik] <2>
  18. Vargas Lavoie, Tanya as (as Tayna Vargas Lavoie) [Little Girl (7 Y.O.)] <18>

Full Plot

Aiden, a vampire, and Josh, a werewolf, try to lead normal lives in Boston. But things start to get complicated when Aiden finds it hard to be around blood and Josh finds out that his sister has come to town expecting him to give answers to why he, mysteriously, left the family. Above all, the two now live in a house together with a Sally, a ghost. Chris Green Plot not found

Movie Certificate

TV-14 (USA)

Music Composers

  1. Le Sieur, FM (as F.M. LeSieur)


  1. Jodoin, Pierre (director of photography)

Dress Designers

  1. Campbell, Janet (I)


ATV [at] - (2012) (Austria) (TV)
AXN [hu] - (2011) (Hungary) (TV)
Space [ca] - (2011) (Canada) (TV)
Syfy Universal [es] - (2011) (Spain) (TV)
Syfy Universal [nl] - (2012) (Belgium) (TV) (limited)
Syfy Universal [nl] - (2012) (Netherlands) (TV) (limited)
Syfy [us] - (2011) (USA) (TV)

Film Editors

  1. Webb, Simon (II)


  1. De Carufel, Suzanne (production assistant)
  2. Dingess, Chris (executive consultant)
  3. Geiger, Celine (script coordinator)
  4. Girard, Suzanne (II) (production accountant)
  5. Lajoie, Naiia (stand-in) (uncredited)
  6. Laurendeau, Patrick (assistant location manager)
  7. Morissette, Caroline (script supervisor)
  8. Palik, Betty (unit publicist) (uncredited)
  9. Rangi, Anisha (publicity coordinator) (uncredited)
  10. Rangi, Anisha (publicity manager)
  11. Salvas, Yanie (production coordinator)
  12. Won, Nancy (executive consultant)


Aidan: [narrating] We're all hiding something, aren't we? From the moment we wake, look in that mirror, all we do is spin our little lies. Suck in that gut, colour that hair, twist off that wedding ring. Any why not? What's the penalty? What are the consequences, really? "I'm only human," you say, and all is forgiven. But what if some cruel twist of fate makes you something else, something other? Who forgives you then? Every human spends a night or two on the dark side and regrets it. But what if you only exist on the dark side? We just want the same things that you do: a chance at life, at love. We're not so different in that way. And so we try and sometimes fail. But when you're something other, a monster, the consequences are worse. Much worse. You wake up from your nightmares. We don't. Marcus: Are you back in? Because I don't mind cleaning up your occasional mess. That's what we do. We're family. But if you are back, you and I are gonna have to set a few ground rules. There's an order now. There's Bishop, and then there's me. You will respect that. Aidan: Don't worry. I know how many years it took you to get your nose firmly inserted up Bishop's ass. Josh: I used to think this curse was what happened to me once a month. And I realize this - this - this is the curse: every day sitting on a bench watching people walk by, eating sandwiches, making plans, being what I used to be. Aidan: People die. Josh: Yeah. In old age homes, in car accidents. Not with their heads lodged in my future oven. Sally: Oh, ladies and gentleman, the Bobsey twins! I am God, I am everywhere, I drive all night just to get back home. Aidan: Are you trying to scare us with Bon Jovi? Sally: You can hear me? Aidan: Yeah. Josh: You went searching for drug change in the wrong couch cushions lady, I'm calling the cops. Aidan: Josh? Josh: What? Aidan: She's a ghost. Josh: Shut up. You're a ghost? Sally: So how can you see me, anyway? Aidan: Well, think of us as sort of different countries on the same continent. Josh: Oh, my god. That's beautiful, really. We're Africa. Sally: [to Josh] At least I don't masturbate to Nova! Josh: Someone's in the house. Aidan: Where? Josh: Upstairs. Aidan, Aidan. Wait, wait, wait! Shouldn't, shouldn't we call 911? Aidan: You're a werewolf. Josh: Yeah, occasionally. Aidan: Useless condition. Aidan: Hey, you know, there's a better way to do this? Josh: Do what? Be a better monster? No, thank you. Aidan: Or dignified monster. Josh: You're joking, right? Aidan: You shouldn't have to run into the woods every time that you turn. Josh: Pretty sure the gang down at the Econolodge wouldn't take too kindly to me doing it there. So... Aidan: So what about what I said? What about the apartment? Josh: We'll, we'll, uh, we'll have full moon parties. We'll invite the neighbors over and eat them.