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(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
5.6/ 10 (4726 Votes)

MPAA Ratings
Rated R for violent images, sexuality and nudity

Production Company
Clinica Estetico [us]
Harpo Films [us]
Touchstone Pictures [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - 8 October 1998
(USA) - 16 October 1998
(Czech Republic) - 21 January 1999
(Netherlands) - 11 February 1999
(Sweden) - 19 February 1999

Running Time

The past has a life of its own.

1860s, 1870s, 19th-century, african-american, animal-cruelty, animal-sex, baby, back-from-the-dead, baking, band, bandstand, bare-breasts, barn, based-on-novel, bath, beating, black-american, blood, bloody-body-of-child, boat, box-office-flop, bread, breast-feeding, broken-dish, brother-brother-relationship,

Technical Support
CAM:Panavision Cameras and Lenses
LAB:DuArt Film & Video, New York, USA - (dailies)
OFM:35 mm - (Eastman)
PFM:35 mm - (Eastman)
RAT:1.85 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Baker, Damani as [Howard aged 22] <43>
  2. Benbow, Jeremy as (uncredited) [Stamp Paid's Boy #2]
  3. Bentley, Wes as [Schoolteacher's Nephew] <19>
  4. Berdick, Len as (uncredited) [Guard of Slaves]
  5. Byrd Jr., Calvin as (uncredited) [Running Boy #3]
  6. Calypso, Anthony S. as [Denver's Boyfriend] <51>
  7. Capellaro, Daniel as (uncredited) [Paperboy]
  8. Cartwright, Bart as (uncredited) [Medicine Man]
  9. Cash Sr., William Ready as (uncredited) [Barber Shop Man #3]
  10. Castle, Robert W. as (as Robert Castle) [Mr. Sawyer] <44>
  11. Chisholm, Anthony (I) as [Langhorne] <12>
  12. Ciccolella, Jude as [Schoolteacher] <11>
  13. Curtis, Jahmal as (uncredited) [Stamp Paid's Boy #1]
  14. Dixon, Robert (IV) as (uncredited) [Carnival Kid]
  15. Douglas, Brother Eden as (uncredited) [Swine Wrangler - Sethe's Neighbor]
  16. Douglass, Lionel as (uncredited) [Fry Man]
  17. Duckett, Mahlon N. as (uncredited) [Barber Shop Man #1]
  18. Eaves, Dashiell as [Schoolteacher's Nephew] <20>
  19. Garcia, Belito as (uncredited) [Slave]
  20. Gibson, Terel as [Buglar aged 21] <42>
  21. Glenn, Charles (I) as [Helpful Gentleman] <49>
  22. Glenn, Stanley as (uncredited) [Barber Shop Man #2]
  23. Glover, Danny as [Paul D Garner] <2>
  24. Gould, Harold (I) as (uncredited) [Barber Shop Man #4]
  25. Hall, Albert (I) as [Stamp Paid] <7>
  26. Harper, Hill (I) as [Halle] <24>
  27. Hartman, Frank as (uncredited) [Frank the Human Volcano]
  28. Harvin, Wendell as (uncredited) [Running Boy #2]
  29. Harvin, William as (uncredited) [Running Boy]
  30. Hooks, Brian as [Young Paul D] <22>
  31. James, Brooklyn as [Carnival Kid] <28>
  32. Johnson, Calen as [Buglar aged 13] <17>
  33. Kardon, Mason as (uncredited) [Student #1]
  34. Lazar, Paul (I) as [General Store Proprietor] <45>
  35. Leslie, Donald Paul as (uncredited) [Tattooed Man]
  36. Louwerse, Keith as (uncredited) [Student #2]
  37. Matthews, Dajon as [Howard aged 5] <38>
  38. Miller, Warren (I) as (uncredited) [Sands of Time Teller]
  39. Napier, Charles as (uncredited) [Angry Carny]
  40. Northup, Harry as [Sheriff] <40>
  41. Olmstead, Dan as [Policeman] <48>
  42. Perillo, Joey as (uncredited) [The Carnival Barker]
  43. Peters, Kent W. as (uncredited) [Student #3]
  44. Pinnock, Emil as [Howard aged 14] <16>
  45. Ray, George E. as [Reverend Pike] <18>
  46. Robards, Jason as [Mr. Bodwin] <50>
  47. Roche, Jim (I) as [String Show Barker] <25>
  48. Roche, Jimmy Joe as (uncredited) [Carny Family Member]
  49. Saxon, Edward as (uncredited) [Man with Rubbery Face]
  50. Strother, Frederick as [African Savage] <30>
  51. Toutebon, Joe as [Frenchie] <33>
  52. Walker, Jiggs as [Good Samaritan] <47>
  53. Walter, Tracey as [Slave Catcher] <41>
  54. Whalen, Chris (I) as (uncredited) [Student #4]
  55. Wheeler, Ford as (uncredited) [Egyptian Giant]
  56. Wiggins Jr., Norris as [Buglar aged 4] <39>
  57. Barnwell, Ysaye M. as [One of 'The Thirty Women'] <52>
  58. Beener, Yada as [Denver aged 9] <15>
  59. Belance, Alerte as [Nan] <35>
  60. Beverley, Trazana as (as Trazana M. Beverley) [One of 'The Thirty Women'] <54>
  61. Biggs, Cynthia as (uncredited) [Cynthia (Clearing Singer #2)]
  62. Birt, Cecelia Ann as [One of 'The Thirty Women'] <56>
  63. Blake, Grace (IV) as [One of 'The Thirty Women'] <58>
  64. Cael, Jordan as [One of 'The Thirty Women'] <60>
  65. Casel, Nitanju Bolade as [One of 'The Thirty Women'] <62>
  66. Castle, Ramona as [Carnival Kid] <27>
  67. Childs, Diedre L. as (uncredited) [One of 'The Thirty Women']
  68. Coates, Dorothy Love as [M. Lucille Williams] <13>
  69. Danticat, Edwidge as [One of 'The Thirty Women'] <64>
  70. Dierlam, Katy as (uncredited) [Helen Melon]
  71. Dorsey, Ayoka as [Sethe's Mother] <36>
  72. Elise, Kimberly as [Denver] <4>
  73. Embry, Kessia as (as Kessia Kordelle) [Amy Denver] <10>
  74. Etienne, Yanick as [One of 'The Thirty Women'] <66>
  75. Fernadez, Hazel as (voice) (as Hazel Fernandes) [Featured Singer] <78>
  76. Fils-Aimé, Jacqueline Celestin as [One of 'The Thirty Women'] <76>
  77. Gary, Sharon as (uncredited) [Mrs. Neptune]
  78. Gassant, Denise as [One of 'The Thirty Women'] <68>
  79. Gray, Frances as [One of 'The Thirty Women'] <70>
  80. Grosvenor, Vertamae as [Grace] <26>
  81. Hall, Irma P. as [Ella] <8>
  82. Hamilton, LisaGay as [Younger Sethe] <6>
  83. Hardeman, Annette as (uncredited) [Annette (Clearing Singer #4)]
  84. Hawkins, Brittany as [Young Girl Sethe] <34>
  85. Hinson, Tyler as [Baby Beloved] <21>
  86. Houston, Thelma as [One of 'The Thirty Women'] <72>
  87. Johnson, Faith Grace (I) as (uncredited) [30 Mile Woman]
  88. Johnson, Louise (I) as [One of 'The Thirty Women'] <74>
  89. Kahlil, Aisha as [One of 'The Thirty Women'] <53>
  90. Lewis, Carol Jean as [Janey Wagon] <9>
  91. Loev, Bonnie as (uncredited) [Carriage Passenger]
  92. Maillard, Carol as (as Carol Lynn Maillard) [One of 'The Thirty Women'] <55>
  93. Marcelle, Michelle (I) as (uncredited) [Abu Snake Charmer]
  94. Marlowe, Nora (II) as [Carnival Kid] <29>
  95. Marron-Asti, Nancy as (uncredited) [Widow/Mom]
  96. McIntyre, Dianne as [One of 'The Thirty Women'] <57>
  97. Neville, Gaynielle as [One of 'The Thirty Women'] <59>
  98. Newton, Thandie as [Beloved] <3>
  99. Owens, Ashley (I) as (uncredited) [Midget Dancer]
  100. Preston, Madeline as [One of 'The Thirty Women'] <61>
  101. Richards, Beah as [Baby Suggs, aka Grandma Baby] <5>
  102. Robinson, Aliya as [Denver's Carnival Friend] <32>
  103. Rochester, Matt (I) as [One of 'The Thirty Women'] <63>
  104. Roselli, Lauren as (uncredited) [Carnival Gypsy]
  105. Rushmere, Valerie as (uncredited) [Arabian Nights Dancer]
  106. Sangare, Oumou as (voice) [Ancestor Vocals] <77>
  107. Shepherd, Cue as (uncredited) [Slave]
  108. Smiley, Leigh as [General Store Helper] <46>
  109. Smith, Lillian (III) as [Lemonade Server] <31>
  110. Sparks, Millicent as [One of 'The Thirty Women'] <65>
  111. Summerour, Lisa as [One of 'The Thirty Women'] <67>
  112. Turner, Ophelia M. as [One of 'The Thirty Women'] <69>
  113. Utt, Angie as [Mrs. Garner] <23>
  114. Vicks, Karen as (as Karen Lorraine Vicks) [One of 'The Thirty Women'] <71>
  115. Ward, Willa as [One of 'The Thirty Women'] <73>
  116. Washington, Pauletta (I) as [One of 'The Thirty Women'] <75>
  117. Watson, Ashleigh as [Baby Denver] <37>
  118. Webb, Rema D. as (uncredited) [One of 'The Thirty Women']
  119. West, Portia as (uncredited) [Portia (Clearing Singer #1)]
  120. White, Jane (I) as [Lady Jones] <14>
  121. Winfrey, Oprah as [Sethe] <1>


  1. Drama
  2. Horror
  3. Mystery

Full Plot

After Paul D. finds his old slave friend Sethe in Ohio and moves in with her and her daughter Denver, a strange girl comes along by the name of "Beloved". Sethe and Denver take her in and then strange things start to happen... Jeremy Cohen Slavery, brief freedom, and their lasting psychological presence. Some years after the Civil War, former slave Sethe lives with her grown daughter Denver outside Cincinnati. Sethe is stolid and hard working; Denver wants society. Paul D, a former slave who knew Sethe, happens on them and joins the farm and family, but not before the house rattles and pitches, as if spirits reject Paul D's coming. Next, inexplicably, a young woman about Denver's age arrives, behaving in childlike ways, speaking and walking awkwardly, calling herself "Beloved." Who she is, her effect on Sethe, and Paul D's responses propel Sethe into the past and Denver into a new maturity. Plot not found

Total Business

AD: 5,885 (Netherlands) (31 December 1999) BT: USD 53,000,000 CP: (1998) Touchstone Pictures GR: USD 22,843,047 (USA) (14 March 1999) GR: USD 22,802,816 (USA) (7 March 1999) GR: USD 22,746,521 (USA) (27 December 1998) GR: USD 22,743,463 (USA) (20 December 1998) GR: USD 22,731,272 (USA) (13 December 1998) GR: USD 22,705,177 (USA) (6 December 1998) GR: USD 22,659,813 (USA) (29 November 1998) GR: USD 22,550,984 (USA) (22 November 1998) GR: USD 22,227,635 (USA) (15 November 1998) GR: USD 21,137,134 (USA) (8 November 1998) GR: USD 18,712,389 (USA) (1 November 1998) GR: USD 14,736,650 (USA) (25 October 1998) GR: USD 8,165,551 (USA) (18 October 1998) GR: USD 22,852,487 (USA) GR: GBP 148,377 (UK) (14 March 1999) GR: GBP 74,302 (UK) (7 March 1999) OW: USD 8,165,551 (USA) (18 October 1998) (1,501 screens) OW: GBP 74,302 (UK) (7 March 1999) (68 screens) SD: 25 June 1997 - 18 December 1997 WG: USD 2,656,117 (USA) (1 November 1998) (1,571 screens) WG: USD 4,286,417 (USA) (25 October 1998) (1,507 screens) WG: USD 8,165,551 (USA) (18 October 1998) (1,501 screens) WG: GBP 35,297 (UK) (14 March 1999) (38 screens) WG: GBP 74,302 (UK) (7 March 1999) (68 screens)

Movie Certificate

18 (South Korea)
R-18 (Philippines)
18 (Peru)
16 (Argentina)
MA (Australia)
18A (Canada)
18 (Chile)
U (France)(with warning)
16 (Germany)(bw)
15 (Norway)
M/12 (Portugal)(video premiere)
18 (Spain)
15 (Sweden)
15 (UK)
R (USA)(certificate #36139)
16 (Iceland)

Music Composers

  1. Portman, Rachel


  1. Fujimoto, Tak

Dress Designers

  1. Atwood, Colleen


Buena Vista International Spain [es] - (Spain)
Buena Vista International [ar] - (1999) (Argentina) (theatrical)
Buena Vista Pictures [us]
Gativideo [ar] - (1999) (Argentina) (VHS)
Gaumont Buena Vista International (GBVI) [fr] - (France)
National Broadcasting Company (NBC) [us] - (2001) (USA) (TV) (broadcast premiere)


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Baby Suggs: And the beat, beat, of your heart... Love it. More than the lungs that need yet to breathe free air. More than the womb, which holds life. More than the private parts that give life. Love your heart. This... this is the prize. Amen. This the prize... Amen! Sethe: I got a tree on my back and a haint in my house, and nothing inbetween but the daughter I'm holding in my arms. Denver: We have a ghost here, you know? Baby Suggs: No matter what happen, God has led you home. So lay em' down Sethe, sword and shield. For God has led you home. Sethe: Grandma Baby used to say your daddy was too good for this world. Remember? He was a good man. It scared her. She always used to fret he wasn't gonna make it through nothin'. He made it through a lot. But maybe Grandma Baby was right. Denver, your daddy ain't gonna never show up here. You understand? Denver: But... Sethe: [Shakes head] The day ain't gonna never come when Halle knocks on that door. Never. Baby Suggs: Over yonder, they do not love your flesh. Oh, my people... they do not love your hands. Those, they only use, tie, bind, chop off and leave empty! Love your hands! Raise them up, and kiss them. Paul D: You got two feet, Sethe, not four. Denver: You won't ever leave us will ya? Beloved: No never, this is where I AM. Amy Denver: A Nigger. If that don't beat all. Paul D: Your love is too thick, Sethe. Sethe: Love is or it isn't, Paul D. Thin love ain't no love at all. Beloved: Where your diamonds? Sethe: Diamonds? What would I be doing with diamonds? Beloved: On your ears. Sethe: Wish I did. Come to think of it, I had some crystal once. Present from the lady I used to work for. Beloved: Tell me. Tell me your diamonds. Denver: How come everybody from Sweet Home can't stop talking about it? Seems to me if it was so sweet, you wouldn't have run away. Sethe: Girl, who you think you talking to? Paul D: No, she's right, Sethe. It wasn't sweet, and it sure wasn't home. Paul D: Your boys run off, don't know where. One girl's dead, the other one can't get further than the yard. So how did it "work?" Sethe: They ain't at Sweet Home. Schoolteacher ain't got them. Paul D: Maybe there's worse. Sethe: [angrily] It ain't my job to know what's worse, Paul D. It's to know what's out there and to keep my children from it! Because I would rather know they're at peace in Heaven than living a hell here on Earth! So help me, Jesus! Sethe: You came back to me... Paul D: [as Paul D enters Sethe's home, he is met with a pulsating glow of red light and backs away in fear] Good God, girl. What kind of evil you got in there? Sethe: It ain't evil. Just sad. Denver: Why you call yourself Beloved? Beloved: In the dark, my name Beloved. Denver: What's it like where you was before? Can you tell me? Beloved: Dark. I was small in that place. [curls up] Like this here. Denver: Were you cold? Beloved: Hot! Nothing to breathe down there. No room to move. Denver: You see anybody? Beloved: It's a lot of people down there. Some is dead. Denver: You see Jesus? Baby Suggs? Beloved: I don't know... I don't know the names. Denver: Well, what you come back here for? Beloved: To see her face. Beloved: Mama's? Sethe's? Beloved: [grabbing Denver's hand] Sethe's. Paul D: [after becoming more and more suspicious of Beloved] Sethe. Sethe, baby, we were starting to feel a little like a family ourself, till she come along. Sethe: Is that what got your teeth on edge? Paul D: It's a feeling in me. I can't place it. It's her. Sethe: You wanna feel something? Feel what it feel like to be a colored woman, roaming the roads, and anything God made liable to jump on you. Feel that! Paul D: I know every bit of that, Sethe. I wasn't born yesterday, and I never mistreated a woman in my life. Sethe: Well, that makes one of you in this world. [Turns to leave] Paul D: One, not two? Sethe: [Stops for a moment, then turns and faces Paul D] No, not two. Paul D: What'd Halle ever do to you? Halle stood by you. Sethe: Halle ran off. He left me, and he left our children. Paul D: You don't know that. Sethe: [Angrily] Who he leave then, if he didn't leave me? He wasn't there! He wasn't where he said he was going to be! I had to pack my babies off ahead of me on their own. Stayed behind to look for him, and got caught by Schoolteacher and his boys for my trouble! Paul D: He couldn't get out... the loft, I expect. Sethe: Loft? What loft? Paul D: The one in the barn, I reckon. Sethe: [Trembling with realization] He... he was there? How do you know? Sethe: Morning after you run, I seen Halle chained to a post. I said "What happened? Where you been?" "The loft, the loft, the loft." That's all he said. Could never figure out what he meant by that. He never answered me. Sethe: [sighing heavily] He... he saw them boys do that to me, and he let them keep on breathing? Paul D: I... I ask him, "How come you didn't run with Sethe?" He never answered me. I seen him once more, the day Schoolteacher sold me to Brandywine. Takin' me away in the wagon. There Halle was, in the yard, sittin' by the churn. They didn't need to put no chains on him no more. His mind was gone. Sethe... a man ain't a goddamn axe, chopping and hacking, bustin' every minute of the day. Things get to him. Things he can't chop down because they're inside. Halle never just run off and leave you, Sethe. You see, you the only one of us who made it out that night. The only one. Sethe: [Quickly leaves the room, shaking her head in denial and shock] Paul D: What were you looking for when you come here, Beloved? Beloved: This place. I look for this place I could be in. Paul D: That girl... Beloved. She really gone, like they say? Denver: Haven't seen her since that way. Mama say she gone. She can feel it. Paul D: You think she was sure enough your sister? Denver: Sometimes. Other times... I think she was more.

Other Titles

  1. Menschenkind (1999) (ENG)

  2. Menschenkind (1999) (GER)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Fair Hill Natural Resources Area - 376 Fair Hill Drive, Fair Hill, Maryland, USA
  2. Landis Valley Museum - 2451 Kissel Hill Road, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
  3. Old New Castle, New Castle, Delaware, USA
  4. Philadelphia Civic Center - 34th Street and Civic Center Boulevard, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  5. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA


- To prepare for her role as a slave, 'Oprah Winfrey' (qv) went through a 24-hour simulation of the experience of slavery, which included being tied up and blindfolded and left alone in the woods.

- 'Thandie Newton' (qv)'s African first name means, interestingly enough, "beloved."

- 'Oprah Winfrey' (qv) purchased the film rights to the novel in 1987. She claims that while reading the book, she could only picture herself as Sethe and 'Danny Glover' (qv) as Paul D. It took her ten years to get the film made, which she finally had to produce herself.

- A subplot in the novel, omitted from the film version, suggests that Beloved might actually be a missing woman from a nearby town who was tortured and imprisoned by a white man. The subplot underscored Sethe's need for Beloved to be her reincarnated daughter.

- 'Beah Richards' (qv) was in declining health during production, and had to breathe from an oxygen tank between takes.

- When 'Jonathan Demme' (qv) presented an honorary Oscar to his mentor 'Roger Corman' (qv), he revealed that the 'Jason Robards' (qv) role in _Beloved (1998)_ (qv) had been originally cast to be played by Corman, but when Corman discovered the role had