"Birds of a Feather" (1989) {Mrs. Robinson (#6.2)} TV Season

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Overview "Birds of a Feather" Season 06 Episode 02 (S06E02)



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(UK) - 25 September 1994

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Full Cast

  1. Croucher, Brian as [Warder] <8>
  2. Lewis, Alun as [Darryl Stubbs] <4>
  3. Polycarpou, Peter as [Chris Theodopolopodous] <5>
  4. Savage, Matthew (I) as [Garth Stubbs] <6>
  5. Sterne, David as [Policeman] <9>
  6. Joseph, Lesley as [Dorien Green] <3>
  7. Quirke, Pauline as [Sharon Theodopolopodous] <1>
  8. Robson, Linda (I) as [Tracey Stubbs] <2>
  9. Watkins, Susie Ann as [Linda Robinson] <7>

Full Plot

Tracey is shocked when Garth,feeling that girls his own age are immature,starts dating the considerably older Linda Robinson. However Dorien advises her that if she puts her foot down it will drive Garth closer to Linda so the two women become friends - so much so that Garth feels awkward and ends the relationship. Meanwhile Chris's efforts,encouraged by Dorien, to become an author, land him in trouble. don @ minifie-1 Plot not found


  1. Buxton, Crispin (location manager)