Bloedbroeders (2008) Movie

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Ratings / Votes
6.6/ 10 (460 Votes)

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Production Company
Rinkel Film & TV Productions BV [nl]
Rinkel Film [nl]

Production Designer

All Producers

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Release Date
(Netherlands) - 10 January 2008
(Germany) - 9 February 2008
(Hungary) - 8 March 2009
(Argentina) - 9 March 2009

Running Time


1960s, arrogance, attic, based-on-true-story, betrayal, bicycle, blackmail, brother-brother-relationship, brother-sister-relationship, cheating, class-differences, dysfunctional-family, estate, father-son-relationship, gay-kiss, girlfriend, hiding-place, latin-class, mansion, mother-son-relationship, motor-scooter, murder, nerd, netherlands, popularity,

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Full Cast

  1. Bokma, Pierre as [Vader van Riebeeck] <6>
  2. Deddes, Jim as [Semijns] <15>
  3. Geurkink, Bert as [Leraar Klassieke Talen] <14>
  4. Gulleman, Gert as [Tuinhulp] <24>
  5. Hanseler, Dirk as [Vriens] <17>
  6. Hulst, Jos van as [Winkelier Haitsma] <14>
  7. IJkelenstam, Jan-Peter as [Tamminga] <18>
  8. Kerkhof, Ronald as [Politieman 2] <20>
  9. Overeem, Dennis as [Politieman 1] <19>
  10. Rosendaal, Jos as [Politieman 3] <21>
  11. Stenvers, Derk as [Victor van Riebeeck] <3>
  12. Teijsman, Patrick as [Politieman 4] <22>
  13. Theeuwes, Daan as [De Beaufort] <16>
  14. Thiry, Raymond as [Vader Fennis] <12>
  15. Treurniet, Dimme as [Vader Bakker] <9>
  16. van Amsterdam, Sander as [Ronnie Fennis] <4>
  17. van de Sande Bakhuyzen, Matthijs as [Arnout van Riebeeck] <2>
  18. van Dijsseldonk, Daan as [Diederick van Riebeeck] <8>
  19. van Heijningen, Erik as [Simon Bakker] <1>
  20. van Zijl, Cees as [Chauffeur] <28>
  21. Varga, Michiel as [Tuinman] <23>
  22. Alkema, Aafke as [Huishoudster] <26>
  23. Beernik, Barbara as [Kokkin] <27>
  24. Fleuren, Gitta as (voice) [Moeder Fennis] <29>
  25. Geke Bracht, Marthe as [Moeder Bakker] <10>
  26. Herstel, Sterre as [Erika Bakker] <11>
  27. Schuurman, Betty as [Moeder van Riebeeck] <7>
  28. Spoor, Carolien as [Frederique] <5>
  29. van t Hoff, Saskia as [Dienstmeisje] <25>
  30. van Dorp, Astrid as [Moeder Fennis] <13>


  1. Thriller

Full Plot

A hot summer in the early sixties. 16 year-old Simon wants to become popular with the immensely wealthy brothers Arnout and Victor van Riebeeck. On the capital estate where the two brothers live, the boys spend their time playing tennis, listening to music and dancing with Arnout's beautiful girlfriend Frederique. Meanwhile, in the attic of the villa they keep their friend Ronnie hidden. Ronnie is a petty criminal who is on the run for the police. Without neither the boys' parents nor the villa staff noticing anything, Ronnie is offered refuge at the villa. In the beginning the boys think the whole situation is funny, until Ronnie becomes a burden and he even starts to blackmail them. Only they don't dare to kick him out anymore. The story of Blood Brothers was based on a true story, an infamous murder case that took place in the early sixties. Anonymous Plot not found

Total Business

AD: 4,454 (Netherlands) (31 December 2008)

Movie Certificate

13 (Argentina)
M (Australia)

Music Composers

  1. Hoogewijs, Johan


AVRO Television [nl] - (2008) (Netherlands) (TV)
Benelux Film Distribution [nl] - (2008) (Netherlands) (theatrical)
Cinemax [hu] - (2009) (Hungary) (TV)
Video Film Express [nl] - (2008) (Netherlands) (DVD)

Film Editors

  1. Jansen, Wouter (I)


  1. Lo, Rita (production assistant)

Other Titles

  1. Blood Brothers (2008) (ENG)
    (Europe: English title) (festival title)


- The movie was based on a true story.