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Overview "Boardwalk Empire" Season 01 Episode 01 (S01E01)


(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
8.5/ 10 (1247 Votes)

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Production Company
Closest to the Hole Productions [us] - (in association with)
Cold Front Productions [us] - (in association with)
Home Box Office (HBO) [us]
Leverage Management [us] - (in association with)
Sikelia Productions [us] - (in association with)

Production Designer

All Producers

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Release Date
(USA) - 19 September 2010
(Hungary) - 20 September 2010
(Russia) - 8 November 2010
(Netherlands) - 5 December 2010
(Spain) - 13 December 2010

Running Time


abused-woman, abusive-husband, alcohol, ambush, band, barber-shave, bare-chested-male, beating, black-balloon, blood, blood-on-camera-lens, blood-spatter, blue-crabs, boardwalk, boat, bouncing-breasts, boxing, brass-band, brother-brother-relationship, casino, character-repeating-someone-else's-dialogue, chicago-illinois, child-crying, cigar-smoking, cigarette-smoking,

Technical Support
OFM:35 mm
PFM:35 mm
RAT:1.78 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Antonacci, Greg as [Johnny Torrio] <15>
  2. Brody, Jonathan (I) as [Reporter] <61>
  3. Bunting, Pearce as [Bill McCoy] <23>
  4. Burstein, Danny as [Lolly Steinman] <16>
  5. Buscemi, Steve as [Enoch 'Nucky' Thompson] <1>
  6. Carolan, Kevin as [Boardwalk Barker] <28>
  7. Clohessy, Robert as [Ward Boss Neary] <35>
  8. Coleman, Chase (II) as [Billy Winslow] <27>
  9. Coleman, Dabney as [Commodore Louis Kaestner] <14>
  10. Corrigan, Blaise as (uncredited) [Fighting Moonshiner]
  11. Crudele, Frank as [Big Jim Colosimo] <17>
  12. Dean, Michael (VIII) as (uncredited) [FBI Instructor #1]
  13. DeRosa, Stephen as [Eddie Cantor] <21>
  14. Gable, David as (uncredited) [Maître d']
  15. Gardner, Roy William as (uncredited) [Faro Dealer]
  16. Gelber, Jordan as [Simon] <26>
  17. Giordano, Vince as [Bandleader] <41>
  18. Graham, Stephen (I) as [Al Capone] <8>
  19. Hill, William (I) as [Ward Boss O'Neill] <34>
  20. Jaeck, Scott as [Ward Boss] <40>
  21. Jared, Allen as [Crying Husband] <43>
  22. Karavites, Kelly as (uncredited) [Federal Agent]
  23. Laciura, Anthony as [Eddie Kessler] <12>
  24. Mainieri, John as [Brighton Hotel Manager] <46>
  25. Mamrak, Raymond as (uncredited)
  26. Marleau, Charles (I) as (uncredited) [Young FBI Agent]
  27. McGinty, Edward (I) as [Ward Boss Boyd] <37>
  28. McRobbie, Peter as [Supervisor Elliot] <19>
  29. McTigue, Declan as [Teddy Schroeder] <53>
  30. McTigue, Rory as [Teddy Schroeder] <54>
  31. Mintun, Peter as (uncredited) [Nickelodeon Pianist]
  32. Mucci, Adam as [Deputy Halloran] <58>
  33. Neumann, Randy as [Referee] <56>
  34. Nicolas, Costa as (uncredited) [Rocko]
  35. Noon, Brady as [Tommy Darmody] <45>
  36. Noon, Connor as [Tommy Darmody] <44>
  37. Noone, Eddie as (uncredited) [FBI Instructor]
  38. Novicki, Nic as (as Nick Novicki) [Carl Heely] <57>
  39. Piazza, Vincent as [Lucky Luciano] <9>
  40. Pitt, Michael (II) as [James 'Jimmy' Darmody] <2>
  41. Ray, Matthew (II) as (uncredited) [FBI Student]
  42. Riccobene, Joseph as [Frankie Yale] <60>
  43. Riga, Peter as (uncredited) [Hotel Guest]
  44. Roeser, Jason as (uncredited) [Bartender at Babettes]
  45. Rue, John as [Mayor Harry Bacharach] <33>
  46. Sabath, Bruce as (uncredited) [Dancing Business Tycoon]
  47. Seddon, Harry L. as (uncredited) [Fisherman]
  48. Shannon, Michael (V) as [Agent Nelson Van Alden] <4>
  49. Sheffey, George R. as (as George Sheffey) [Traymore Hotel Concierge] <55>
  50. Shumaker, Curtis as <38>
  51. Sikora, Joseph (I) as (as Joe Sikora) [Hans Schroeder] <22>
  52. Smith, Billy (XI) as [Davey Murdoch] <25>
  53. Sparks, Paul (II) as [Mickey Doyle] <13>
  54. Stuhlbarg, Michael as [Arnold Rothstein] <7>
  55. Taylor, Samuel (VI) as [Paddy Ryan] <36>
  56. Timmis, Conor as (uncredited) [Warehouse Worker]
  57. Verhaeghe, Victor as [Ward Boss Fleming] <32>
  58. Veryzer, Guy as (uncredited) [Reporter]
  59. Wallace, Alex Martinez as (uncredited) [Valet]
  60. Ware, Jeff as <50>
  61. Weiner, Erik as [Agent Sebso] <20>
  62. Whigham, Shea as [Elias 'Eli' Thompson] <5>
  63. Williams, Michael Kenneth as [Chalky White] <11>
  64. Wilson, Noel as [Ward Boss] <39>
  65. Witting, Steve as [Funeral Director] <47>
  66. Bergman, Malin as (uncredited) [Dead Girl on Slab]
  67. Caiola, Jessica as (uncredited) [Coat Check Girl]
  68. Chapel, Loyita as [Crying Wife] <42>
  69. Chase, Heather (I) as (uncredited) [Dancer Jessica]
  70. Cipriani, Casey as (uncredited) [Tart]
  71. D Amato, Zoë as (uncredited) [Babette's Guest]
  72. de la Huerta, Paz as [Lucy Danziger] <10>
  73. DiGiovanni, Jessica as (uncredited) [Tart]
  74. Gallina, Josie as [Emily Schroeder] <52>
  75. Gallina, Lucy as [Emily Schroeder] <51>
  76. Gould, Jeanette as [Funeral Attendee] <48>
  77. Harting, Chloe as <29>
  78. Ivey, Dana as [Mrs. McGarry] <18>
  79. Kaye, Sasha as (uncredited) [Prohibition Lady]
  80. Keajra, Georgina as (uncredited) [Tart]
  81. Kuen, Kate as (uncredited) [Tart]
  82. Macdonald, Kelly as [Margaret Schroeder] <3>
  83. Mae, Johnnie as [Louanne] <24>
  84. Middendorf, Tracy as (as Tracy Lynn Middendorf) [Babbette] <31>
  85. Palladino, Aleksa as [Angela Darmody] <6>
  86. Parker, Charleigh E. as [Lady Jean] <59>
  87. Parker, Molly (I) as (uncredited) [Nucky's Wife in photo]
  88. Scorsese, Francesca as <30>
  89. Seall, Ann Marie as (uncredited) [Upper-Class Babette]
  90. Swesey, Jessica as (uncredited) [Dancer]
  91. Wright Holmes, Prudence as [Widow] <49>

Full Plot

January 1920. On the eve of Prohibition, Atlantic City's Treasurer, Nucky Thompson, condemns alcohol at a Women's Temperance League meeting, where he is noticed by Margaret Schroeder, a pretty, pregnant housewife who comes to him for help in getting her abusive husband Hans a job. Later that evening, the duplicitous Nucky privately tells his ward bosses about the opportunity to make huge profits selling bootleg liquor. At a countdown-to-midnight blast at Babette's Supper Club, he assures Jimmy Darmody, a recently returned WWI vet, that his appointment as "Man Friday" to the new Chief Clerk of the Fourth Ward, Paddy Ryan, will lead to bigger things. Jimmy, meanwhile, has higher aspirations and ends up making an alliance that could have dire consequences for both him and Nucky. HBO Publicity Plot not found

Movie Certificate



  1. Dryburgh, Stuart (director of photography)

Dress Designers

  1. Dunn, John A. (as John Dunn)


BNN TV [nl] - (2010) (Netherlands) (TV)
Channel One Russia [ru] - (2010) (Russia) (TV)
HBO Hungary [hu] - (2010) (Hungary) (TV)
Home Box Office (HBO) [us] - (2010) (USA) (TV)
Home Box Office Home Video (HBO) [us] - (2012) (USA) (DVD)
Home Box Office Home Video (HBO) [us] - (2012) (USA) (DVD) (Blu-ray)
TNT Serie [de] - (2011) (Germany) (TV)
WoWow [jp] - (2011) (Japan) (TV)

Film Editors

  1. Wolinsky, Sidney


  1. Adams, Max (VI) (utility production assistant)
  2. Aguirre, Douglas J. (firearms specialist) (uncredited)
  3. Arthurs, Sam (armorer) (uncredited)
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  5. Bavaro, Jack (accountant)
  6. Birch, Patricia (choreographer) (as Pat Birch)
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  8. Bower, Marianne (researcher)
  9. Brondum, Erik (production staff) (uncredited)
  10. Brooks, Oliver (I) (additional production assistant: second unit) (uncredited)
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Boardwalk Barker: Step right up friends, watcha waitin for? Lovely ladies, direct from Paris... France. Margaret Schroeder: I would be honored to name my child after you. Enoch 'Nucky' Thompson: Enoch? You couldn't possibly be so cruel. James 'Jimmy' Darmody: You can't be half a gangster, Nucky. Not anymore. Mrs. McGarry: [Mrs McGarry reads out the following "Owed (sic) to Liquor" at a meeting, also appears on a picture she gives to Nucky] Coward, monster, vicious brute / Friend to thief and prostitute. / Heartless, Godless, hell's delight / Crude by day and lewd by night / Conscience dulled by demon rum / Liquor, thy name is / DELIRIUM! Enoch 'Nucky' Thompson: First rule of politics, kiddo: never let the truth get in the way of a good story. Eddie Kessler: I heard screaming. Are you all right? May I enter? Enoch 'Nucky' Thompson: No! What do yo want? Lucy Danziger: Steinman's on the wire. Enoch 'Nucky' Thompson: Oh, Christ! Lucy Danziger: What? Enoch 'Nucky' Thompson: All right! Lucy Danziger: He is always interrupting us! Jeez Louise! Arggh! Eddie Kessler: What? Lucy Danziger: Screaming? We were fucking, Eddie! Fucking!

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Chicago, Illinois, USA - (second unit)


- Actress 'Molly Parker (I)' (qv) is seen as Nucky Thompson's late wife in photographs in his home.

- The jokes told by Eddie Cantor ('Stephen DeRosa' (qv)) are told by the real 'Eddie Cantor' (qv) in _A Few Moments with Eddie Cantor, Star of 'Kid Boots' (1923)_ (qv).

- The 'Sophie Tucker (I)' (qv) recording of "Some of These Days," which plays over the scene where Jimmy Darmody looks in on the baby incubator store front, would have been nine years old at the time the events in this episode take place (it was recorded in 1911).

- Real life gangster Arnold Rothstein would later be immortalized in 'F. Scott Fitzgerald' (qv)'s famous novel 'The Great Gatsby' where Gatsby introduces the narrator, Nick, to a friend and business associate of his called Meyer Wolfsheim, a Jewish gangster and gambler who had 'fixed the World Series' just as Rothstein did in real life.

- As of the date of its release, the pilot episode is the most expensive pilot for a TV show ever produced.