Body of Lies (2008) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
7.1/ 10 (110757 Votes)

MPAA Ratings
Rated R for strong violence including some torture, and for language throughout

Production Company
De Line Pictures [us]
Scott Free Productions [gb] - (as Scott Free)
Warner Bros. Pictures [us] - (presents)

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - 5 October 2008
(Australia) - 9 October 2008
(Hong Kong) - 9 October 2008
(Philippines) - 9 October 2008
(Thailand) - 9 October 2008

Running Time

Trust no one. Deceive everyone. Trust no one.

aerial-shot, airport, al-qaeda, alleyway, american-abroad, american-flag, amman-jordan, amsterdam-netherlands, arab, arabic, architect, arm-wound, aunt-nephew-relationship, baby-boy, bag-over-head, baghdad-iraq, balad-iraq, bandage, based-on-novel, bazooka, beating, being-followed, betrayal, bicycle, binoculars,

Technical Support
CAM:Arricam LT, Zeiss Ultra Prime and Angenieux Optimo Lenses
CAM:Arricam ST, Zeiss Ultra Prime and Angenieux Optimo Lenses
CAM:Arriflex 235, Zeiss Ultra Prime and Angenieux Optimo Lenses
CAM:Arriflex 435, Zeiss Ultra Prime and Angenieux Optimo Lenses
CAM:Moviecam Compact, Zeiss Ultra Prime and Angenieux Optimo Lenses
LAB:Company 3, Los Angeles (CA), USA - (digital intermediate)
LAB:Technicolor S.p.a., Roma, Italy - (also dailies)
MET:3376 m - (Portugal, 35 mm)
MET:3502 m - (Sweden)
OFM:35 mm - (Kodak Vision2 50D 5201, Vision2 250D 5205, Vision2 500T 5218)
PCS:Digital Intermediate - (2K) (master format)
PCS:Super 35 - (source format)
PFM:35 mm - (anamorphic) (Kodak Vision 2383)
RAT:2.35 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Aboutboul, Alon as [Al-Saleem] <7>
  2. Alban, Michael as (uncredited) [Mission Commander]
  3. Alvi, Ali as [Manchester Bomber #1] <32>
  4. Atifi, Zakaria as [Al-Masri] <40>
  5. Balbona, Zef as [Manchester Bomber #2] <33>
  6. Benbrahim, Omar as (uncredited) [American Checkpoint Officer]
  7. Berdouni, Omar as [Al-Saleem's Lieutenant] <26>
  8. Cannon, Matt (II) as (uncredited) [Young Detective]
  9. Carter, Larry (I) as (uncredited) [CIA Agent]
  10. Caton, Robert Randolph as (uncredited) [CIA Agent]
  11. Colosimo, Vince as [Skip] <8>
  12. Cordon, Brandon as (uncredited) [Turkish Man]
  13. Craig, Thomas Joe as (uncredited) [Manchester Policeman]
  14. Crowe, Russell as [Ed Hoffman] <2>
  15. Daneshmand, Bijan as [Amman Clinic Doctor] <24>
  16. De Mayo, Richard as (as Richard DeMayo) [Tony] <27>
  17. DiCaprio, Leonardo as [Roger Ferris] <1>
  18. Dickson, Neil (I) as (voice) (uncredited) [BBC Newsreader]
  19. Doescher, Justin as (uncredited) [Dutch Policeman]
  20. Downes, Robin Atkin as (uncredited) [News Correspondent]
  21. Dreher, Page as (uncredited) [Poor Neighbor]
  22. Edmunds, Chase as [Hoffman's Son Timmy] <19>
  23. Eltayeb, Sherif as [Executioner] <22>
  24. Faradie, Michael James as (uncredited) [Special Forces Sergeant Daniels]
  25. Ferdosi, Johnny as (uncredited) [UAE Prince]
  26. Ferro, Daniel (II) as (uncredited) [Dubai Police]
  27. Ganly, David as [Doctor at Qatar Military Base] <23>
  28. Gaston, Michael (I) as [Holiday] <11>
  29. Gentry, Bill (IV) as (uncredited) [SAS Agent]
  30. Gokhale, Vedant as [Manchester Bomber #3] <34>
  31. Gulbranson, Matthew James as (as Matt Gulbranson) [Predator Operator Langley #2] <45>
  32. Hall, Art as (uncredited) [Machester News Cameraman]
  33. Hilmi, Rami as (uncredited) [Attendant Syria]
  34. Isaac, Oscar as [Bassam] <5>
  35. Jabarin, Shredi as (uncredited) [Jihadist]
  36. Kashmir, Abdu Rahim as [Safe House Jihadist] <29>
  37. Kean, Kawan as (uncredited) [Amsterdam Hooligan]
  38. Khalil, Ali as [Zayed Ibishi] <17>
  39. Khoury, Jamil (I) as (as Jameel Khoury) [Marwan] <13>
  40. King, Aubrohn as (uncredited) [SAS Agent]
  41. Krass, Errol as (uncredited) [Manchester Man]
  42. Lage, Jordan as (uncredited) [CIA Analyst]
  43. Lambert, Kirk (II) as (uncredited) [Special Air Service]
  44. Langenfeld, T. Alloy as (uncredited) [Russian Worker in Amsterdam Market]
  45. Lawson, John (IX) as (uncredited) [Soldier]
  46. Leigh, Kevin (II) as (uncredited) [Dubai Baggage Handler]
  47. Lidkey, Allen as [Medic in Helicopter] <38>
  48. Mare, Quentin as [Predator Operator Langley] <44>
  49. McBurney, Simon as [Garland] <9>
  50. McHenry, Travis (II) as (uncredited) [SAS Agent]
  51. Meredith, William (III) as [Soldier in Qatar] <41>
  52. Muminovic, Dino A. as (uncredited) [Airport Security Guard]
  53. Nashif, Kais as [Mustafa Karami] <12>
  54. Nebbou, Mehdi as [Nizar] <10>
  55. Nelson, Douglas (IV) as (uncredited) [Turkish Gang Member]
  56. Nikfam, Ran as [Amsterdam Bomber] <35>
  57. Overshown, Howard W. as [Predator Room Captain] <42>
  58. Phillips, Christopher (III) as (uncredited) [Predator Room Mission Coordinator #2]
  59. Rajic, Sasha as (uncredited) [Manchester Resident]
  60. Rumer, Devin as (uncredited) [Predator Operator]
  61. Said, Drif as [Turkish Engineer/Explosives Expert] <39>
  62. Samir, Sami as [Taxi Driver - Syrian Border] <30>
  63. Sands, Roger as (uncredited) [Dubai Traveler]
  64. Santosham, Vasanth as (uncredited) [Sikh Milkman]
  65. Srondy, Youssef as [Aisha's Nephew Yousef] <16>
  66. Strange, Patrick Michael as (uncredited) [Manchester UK Resident/Dubai Baggage Handler]
  67. Strong, Mark (II) as [Hani] <3>
  68. Stuhlbarg, Michael as [Ferris' Attorney] <21>
  69. Suliman, Ali as [Omar Sadiki] <6>
  70. Townsend, Tom (II) as (uncredited) [Heckler]
  71. Twanmo, Al as (as Albert Twanmo) [Japanese Tourist Husband with Camera] <36>
  72. Veizaga, Juan Pablo as (uncredited) [Dubai Traveler]
  73. Ward, Terry (VII) as (uncredited) [Manchester Hooligan]
  74. Azabal, Lubna as [Aisha's Sister Cala] <14>
  75. Benlafkih, Ghali as [Aisha's Nephew Rowley] <15>
  76. Brady, Kathy (II) as [Predator Room Captain #2] <43>
  77. Elbrick, Xanthe as [Manchester News Reporter] <31>
  78. Facio, Giannina as [Hoffman's Wife] <18>
  79. Farahani, Golshifteh as [Aisha] <4>
  80. Khoury, Clara as [Bassam's Wife] <28>
  81. Rhee, Lil as (uncredited) [Shopper]
  82. Underdue, Towanda as (uncredited) [African Diplomat]
  83. Vick, Morgan A. as [Hoffman's Daughter] <20>
  84. Wallis, Annabelle as [Hani's Girlfriend in Bar] <47>
  85. Wang, Ellie K. as [Japanese Tourist Wife] <37>
  86. Wolsey, Jill as [Soccer Mom] <46>
  87. Zbit, Houda as [Hani's Wife] <25>


  1. Action
  2. Drama
  3. Thriller

Full Plot

Roger Ferris is a CIA operative in the Middle East; Ed Hoffman is his control at Langley. Cynicism is everywhere. In Amman, Roger works with Hani Salaam, Jordan's head of security, whose only dictum is "Don't lie to me." The Americans are in pursuit of a cleric who leads a group placing bombs all over Europe. When Hani rebukes Ed's demand that Jordan allow the Americans to use one of Jordan's double agents, Roger and Ed hatch a plan to bring the cleric to them. The plan is complicated by its being a secret from Hani and by Roger's attraction to a local nurse. Satellites and cell phones, bodies and lies: modern warfare. United State's Central Intelligence Agency's Middle East Representative, Roger Ferris, is based in Amman, Jordan, and is keeping a watch on a 'safe house' and believes it to be frequented by young Muslim males. He has information that Al Saleem may be behind terrorist attacks, but lacks any evidence to apprehend him or any of his associates. His plan to implicate Dubai-based Architect, Omar Sadiki, not only fails, his Iranian girlfriend, Aisha, gets abducted, and he must decide whether to surrender himself to her abductors to negotiate her release or leave her to their mercy. rAjOo ( Plot not found

Total Business

AD: 121,843 (Netherlands) (31 December 2009) AD: 111,293 (Netherlands) (31 December 2008) BT: USD 70,000,000 CP: © 2008 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. GR: USD 39,380,442 (USA) (11 January 2009) GR: USD 39,315,385 (USA) (4 January 2009) GR: USD 39,155,635 (USA) (28 December 2008) GR: USD 39,043,452 (USA) (21 December 2008) GR: USD 39,015,553 (USA) (14 December 2008) GR: USD 38,970,379 (USA) (7 December 2008) GR: USD 38,900,252 (USA) (30 November 2008) GR: USD 38,728,557 (USA) (23 November 2008) GR: USD 38,246,741 (USA) (16 November 2008) GR: USD 36,950,974 (USA) (9 November 2008) GR: USD 34,551,015 (USA) (2 November 2008) GR: USD 30,889,452 (USA) (26 October 2008) GR: USD 12,884,416 (USA) (12 October 2008) GR: GBP 2,859,641 (UK) (21 December 2008) GR: GBP 2,756,567 (UK) (14 December 2008) GR: GBP 2,554,760 (UK) (7 December 2008) GR: GBP 2,014,151 (UK) (30 November 2008) GR: GBP 991,979 (UK) (23 November 2008) GR: PHP 22,849,598 (Philippines) (23 November 2008) GR: PHP 22,489,539 (Philippines) (16 November 2008) GR: PHP 21,672,013 (Philippines) (9 November 2008) GR: PHP 20,803,313 (Philippines) (2 November 2008) GR: PHP 19,158,931 (Philippines) (26 October 2008) GR: PHP 8,075,451 (Philippines) (12 October 2008) OW: USD 12,884,416 (USA) (12 October 2008) (2,710 screens) OW: GBP 991,979 (UK) (23 November 2008) (393 screens) OW: USD 17,008 (Estonia) (30 November 2008) (4 screens) OW: PHP 8,075,451 (Philippines) (12 October 2008) (36 screens) SD: 5 September 2007 - December 2007 WG: USD 31,555 (USA) (11 January 2009) (85 screens) WG: USD 81,623 (USA) (4 January 2009) (182 screens) WG: USD 90,631 (USA) (28 December 2008) (182 screens) WG: USD 11,391 (USA) (21 December 2008) (24 screens) WG: USD 24,176 (USA) (14 December 2008) (37 screens) WG: USD 37,443 (USA) (7 December 2008) (44 screens) WG: USD 84,944 (USA) (30 November 2008) (80 screens) WG: USD 244,258 (USA) (23 November 2008) (225 screens) WG: USD 674,495 (USA) (16 November 2008) (625 screens) WG: USD 1,537,219 (USA) (9 November 2008) (850 screens) WG: USD 2,304,348 (USA) (2 November 2008) (1,414 screens) WG: USD 4,064,488 (USA) (26 October 2008) (2,150 screens) WG: USD 12,884,416 (USA) (12 October 2008) (2,710 screens) WG: GBP 28,867 (UK) (21 December 2008) (57 screens) WG: GBP 90,420 (UK) (14 December 2008) (155 screens) WG: GBP 260,503 (UK) (7 December 2008) (296 screens) WG: GBP 518,990 (UK) (30 November 2008) (393 screens) WG: GBP 991,979 (UK) (23 November 2008) (393 screens) WG: PHP 51,530 (Philippines) (30 November 2008) (1 screen) WG: PHP 87,107 (Philippines) (23 November 2008) (5 screens) WG: PHP 371,467 (Philippines) (16 November 2008) (10 screens) WG: PHP 208,751 (Philippines) (9 November 2008) (11 screens) WG: PHP 1,477,932 (Philippines) (2 November 2008) (27 screens) WG: PHP 1,715,111 (Philippines) (26 October 2008) (35 screens) WG: PHP 8,075,451 (Philippines) (12 October 2008) (36 screens)

Movie Certificate

R (USA)(certificate #44537)
15A (Ireland)
K-15 (Finland)
13+ (Canada)(Quťbec)
14A (Canada)(Alberta/Ontario)
15 (UK)
16 (Netherlands)
16LV (South Africa)
18A (Canada)(British Columbia/Manitoba/Nova Scotia)
MA (Australia)
NC-16 (Singapore)
R16 (New Zealand)
R-13 (Philippines)(MTRCB)
15 (UK)
16 (Germany)
IIB (Hong Kong)
15 (South Korea)
15 (South Korea)
M/16 (Portugal)
PG-12 (Japan)
14 (Switzerland)(canton of Vaud)
14 (Switzerland)(canton of Geneva)
U (France)
16 (Argentina)
16 (Brazil)
A (India)
15 (Sweden)
18SG (Malaysia)
14 (Peru)
15 (Norway)
R-12 (Taiwan)

Music Composers

  1. Streitenfeld, Marc


  1. Witt, Alexander (director of photography)

Dress Designers

  1. Yates, Janty


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Film Editors

  1. Scalia, Pietro


  1. Abagourram, Youssef (assistant location manager)
  2. Adducci, Barbara (assistant production coordinator)
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  168. Wolff, Marc (aerial coordinator)


Ed Hoffman: Nobody's innocent in this shit. Ed Hoffman: Ain't nobody likes the Middle East, buddy. There's nothing here to like. Hani: You Americans, you are incapable of secrecy because you are a democracy. Garland: ...and a list of emails for the Brothers of Awareness. Roger Ferris: The Brothers of who the fuck? Roger Ferris: You're a fat fucking piece of shit. We do this shit for a living. Go on a Goddam diet! Hani: This is unusual. Your Ed Hoffman would rather have less information than share what he has with me. Roger Ferris: Ed Hoffman doesn't know shit until he steals it from the guy on the ground and that's me. Roger Ferris: Fucking cocksucker. How do you expect me to run an operation, when you're running a side operation that fucks up my own. Roger Ferris: I can't do this anymore. Ed Hoffman: Yes you can. Now you go home, get a few hours sleep and you call me when you're thinking straight. Roger Ferris: Your know what, I AM thinking straight, alright, you're not, you can't 'cause you're a million fuckin' miles away. Roger Ferris: Still thinking about pussy, Ed? Ed Hoffman: Don't be a smart aleck. Thing about that Hani, he's bright, but he's also arrogant. That's gonna be his undoing. Roger Ferris: You're talking about him, right? Ed Hoffman: Just flow with me, buddy. Roger Ferris: Hani Pasha Hani: Pasha? That is an Ottoman term. Roger Ferris: I hear you like it sir. Nizar: I have a PHD and they want me to blow myself up! Roger Ferris: PHD in what? Chemistry? What do you know about radiological... Nizar: Linguistics! I speak 5 languages. Nobody should say martyr to me. Nobody! Roger Ferris: You are a rare and delicate flower! Roger Ferris: The light, the light is on you motherfucker! Ed Hoffman: Buddy's done, he's all by himself [Nizar refuses to come to them and Bassam has to leave the car to fetch him] Bassam: Hey hey, listen to me. I'm not getting my head cut off on the Internet, alright? No. If something happens, shoot me. Will you shoot me? Roger Ferris: Fuck that shit, I will shoot you right now. Bassam: I'm not kidding. Roger Ferris: Quit being a pussy. Roger Ferris: I have to go deal with this Hanni bullshit, so go fuck yourself. [first lines] Title Card: I and the public know what all schoolchildren learn, those to whom evil is done, do evil in return. - W.H. Auden [first lines] Al-Saleem: Ali. Ali: Yeah. Al-Saleem: As we destroyed the bus in Sheffield last week, we will be ready and prepared for the operation in Britain. We avenge the American wars on the Muslim world. Ed Hoffman: It is a fallacy that prolonged war will weaken an occupied enemy. It most likely will make your enemy stronger. Ed Hoffman: See, what's changed is that our allegedly unsophisticated enemy has caughten on to the factually unsophisticated truth - we're an easy target. We are an *easy* target. And our world as we know it is a lot simpler to put to an end than you might think. We take our foot off the throat of this enemy for one minute, and our world changes completely. Roger Ferris: We are your friends. We're here to watch you, we are here to protect *you*. Nizar: [exasperated] You can't even protect yourselves. Roger Ferris: [wounds being cleaned] What's that? Doctor at Qatar Military Base: Bone fragments - not yours. Hani: Urgency does not call for changing methods that work, for methods that do not work. Ed Hoffman: Now who pays the bills around here? I would hate to have to have my president call your king, because it's just gonna be embarrassing for all of us. Aisha: A man is not his job. Roger Ferris: I'm gonna need some really really low-level Al Qaeda contacts, alright? No one too extreme. Picture someone in between Osama and Oprah. Hani: You know you can always tell who cares about you the most by who comes first to visit you in the hospital. Roger Ferris: [having cell phone conversation] You know what? I've had it. I've had it. I can't do this anymore. Ed Hoffman: Yes, you can. Now, you just get yourself a couple of hours' sleep. And you call me when you're thinking straight. Roger Ferris: You know what? I am thinking straight. You're not, all right? You can't, because you're a million fucking miles away. I'm here, Ed, every day. And I see the unnecessary travesties of this war... that the rest of you backstabbing political fucking bureaucrats... only look at pictures of. So don't you dare tell me I am not thinking straight! This is not working, all right? It's not working, I'm out. Ed Hoffman: Ferris? Ferris? [phone disconnects] I should pack. Hani: What have you heard about this building? Roger Ferris: Well to be quite honest, I hear they call it the, uh, fingernail factory. Roger Ferris: We are together, Hani Pasha, in this House of War. Hani: Torture, it does not work. Under torture, a man will say almost anything to make the pain stop. Roger Ferris: I thought you didn't believe in torture, Hani Pasha. Hani: This is punishment, my dear. It's a very different thing. Hani: And so we throw him back into the sea to swim where he naturally swims, to learn what he naturally learns. We'll see how long he remembers my benevolence. Roger Ferris: What if he forgets? Hani: If he forgets, I remind him that I have the power of life and death over him. Because you see, any time I wish, I can let them know he works for me. Ed Hoffman: We're a results oriented agency, and I want my results. Roger Ferris: I need to take a shit, I need a shower and an Internet connection. Hani: Watch and learn, my dear. Watch and learn. Ed Hoffman: You're not safe here. Roger Ferris: We're not safe anywhere. Hani: Urgency does not call for changing methods that work for methods that do not work.

Other Titles

  1. Chatter (2008) (ENG)
    (USA) (working title)

  2. Der Mann, der niemals lebte (2008) (ENG)

  3. House of Lies (2008) (ENG)
    (USA) (working title)

  4. Nessuna verità (2008) (ENG)

  5. Penetration (2007) (ENG)
    (USA) (working title)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Annapolis, Maryland, USA
  2. Baltimore, Maryland, USA
  3. Casablanca, Morocco
  4. Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA
  5. Ouarzazate, Morocco
  6. Rabat, Morocco
  7. Washington Dulles International Airport - 45020 Aviation Drive, Sterling, Virginia, USA
  8. Washington, District of Columbia, USA
  9. White House - 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, District of Columbia, USA


- For Manchester scenes (filmed on actual streets in the USA), any overly "American" curbside items (like certain fire hydrants) were hidden by dropping bottom-less slatted metal trash cans over them and then adding prop "English" rubbish; however, extras and crew unaware of this subtle artful touch continuously filled the apparently-normal-looking receptacles with their own trash. Between filming sessions, rueful set dressers would have to remove a foot-high layer of discarded plastic water bottles (and then reset and fluff the "official" rubbish).

- While the derelict-but-surviving US neighborhood where the Manchester Scenes were filmed had plenty of its own street litter and urban debris, the Hollywood crew (in the effort to make the area look like an English slum) had left certain piles of prop rubbish in precise places. For scene continuity, such rubbish needed to remain present - even when scenes took multiple days to film. To protect against unwitting community litter cleanup, "essential" debris was flagged overnight and on weekends with "hot set" tape (a specialized version of other American yellow hazard tapes which say things like "caution caution caution", "wet