"Bognor" (1981) {Let Sleeping Dogs Lie: Part 3 - Meet the Mole (#1.15)} TV Season

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Overview "Bognor" Season 01 Episode 15 (S01E15)



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(UK) - 31 March 1981

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Full Cast

  1. Bilton, Michael (I) as [Andrews]
  2. Davenport, Nigel as [Edgar Eagerly]
  3. Horovitch, David as [Bognor] <1>
  4. Macready, Roy as [Mervyn Sparks]
  5. Meats, Tim as [Lingard]
  6. Molina, Alfred as [Waiter]
  7. Prebble, Simon as [Newscaster]
  8. Ray, Andrew as [Cecil Handyside]
  9. Rimmer, Shane as [Horace Higgins]
  10. Roberts, Ewan as [Parkinson]
  11. Treves, Frederick (I) as [Brigadier Willoughby]
  12. Winding, Victor as [Ramble]
  13. Woolf, Gabriel as [Jorgen Winterfield]
  14. Fahy, Kate as [Coriander Cordingley]
  15. Kelly, Clare (I) as [Mrs. Protheroe]
  16. Low, Frances as [Rose]
  17. McCallum, Joanna as [Monica]
  18. Spriggs, Elizabeth as [Alisa Potts]