"Bored to Death" (2009) {The Case of the Stolen Sperm (#1.7)} TV Season

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Overview "Bored to Death" Season 01 Episode 07 (S01E07)


(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
7.7/ 10 (147 Votes)

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Release Date
(USA) - 1 November 2009
(Australia) - 9 March 2010
(Hungary) - 20 April 2010

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Full Cast

  1. Barnes, Ezra as [Print House Member #2] <16>
  2. Danson, Ted as [George Christopher] <3>
  3. Galifianakis, Zach as [Ray Hueston] <2>
  4. Hodgman, John as [Louis Greene] <8>
  5. Klementowicz, Paul as [Hasidic Man] <14>
  6. O Reilly, Ciaran as [Bar-Man] <13>
  7. Platt, Oliver as [Richard Antrem] <7>
  8. Russell, Jay (II) as [Print House Member #1] <15>
  9. Schwartzman, Jason as [Jonathan Ames] <1>
  10. Anastasio, Alexia as [Lesbian]
  11. Bee, Samantha as [Renee] <9>
  12. Burns, Heather (I) as [Leah] <4>
  13. Fine, Marci as (uncredited) [Woman on Patio]
  14. Gould, Stephanie (I) as (uncredited) [Woman with Groceries]
  15. Neuwirth, Bebe as [Caroline Taylor] <6>
  16. Shor, Miriam as [Bonnie] <10>
  17. Slate, Jenny as [Stella] <11>
  18. Smith, Antonique as [Barista] <12>
  19. Thirlby, Olivia as [Suzanne] <5>

Full Plot

Concerned over the sudden disappearance of the two lesbians who've been buying his sperm, Ray enlists Jonathan to help track the couple down. Breaking into their apartment, Jonathan learns the pair has flown the coop - but not without leaving behind a clue that both shocks and intrigues Ray. Meanwhile, George ignores Jonathan's warnings by publishing a disparaging editorial about Richard Antrem, sending his publishing rival into a fit of rage at a local watering hole. HBO Publicity Plot not found

Movie Certificate

9 (Netherlands)

Music Composers

  1. Ulrich, Stephen (II) (score composer)


  1. Cernjul, Vanja (director of photography)

Dress Designers

  1. Lawson, Daniel (I)


HBO Hungary [hu] - (2010) (Hungary) (TV)

Film Editors

  1. Reticker, Meg


  1. Basu, Puloma (I) (location coordinator)
  2. Bonardi, Rebecca (office production assistant)
  3. Carrier, Mike (office production assistant)
  4. Coleman, Rob (III) (location scout)
  5. DiFolco, Pete (production secretary)
  6. Ferallo, Kerin (production coordinator)
  7. Goetz, Graham (assistant location manager)
  8. Jaffe, Sam (III) (location assistant)
  9. Kearse, Kirsten (script supervisor)
  10. Kocses, Chris (office production assistant)
  11. Kugle, Liz (assistant production coordinator)
  12. Magielnicki, Matt (production associate)
  13. Mank, Sam (location assistant)
  14. McFadyen, Cathleen (production assistant)
  15. McIntyre, Samantha (story editor)
  16. Roberts, Jennifer (IV) (key set production assistant) (as Jen Roberts)
  17. Sklaver, Sam (assistant to writers)
  18. Sugalski, Jeremy (set production assistant)
  19. Swan, Sharon (payroll accountant)
  20. Taylor, Blake (II) (assistant to producers)
  21. Thornell, Rebecca (script analyst)
  22. Turner, Joseph (I) (set production assistant)
  23. Williams, Joshua (III) (production assistant)