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Overview "Breaking Bad" Season 05 Episode 06 (S05E06)


(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
9.0/ 10 (1350 Votes)

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Production Company
American Movie Classics (AMC) [us] - (for)
Gran Via Productions [us]
High Bridge Productions [us] - (as High Bridge)
Sony Pictures Television [us] - (in association with)

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - 19 August 2012
(Netherlands) - 21 November 2012

Running Time



Technical Support
RAT:16:9 HD

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Full Cast

  1. Banks, Jonathan as [Mike Ehrmantraut] <8>
  2. Bicknell, Morse as [Declan's Driver] <14>
  3. Cranston, Bryan as [Walter White] <1>
  4. Duran, Phil as [DEA Agent] <15>
  5. Ferreira, Louis as [Declan] <11>
  6. Mitte, RJ as (credit only) [Walter White, Jr.] <6>
  7. Norris, Dean (I) as [Hank Schrader] <4>
  8. Odenkirk, Bob as [Saul Goodman] <7>
  9. Paul, Aaron (I) as [Jesse Pinkman] <3>
  10. Plemons, Jesse as [Todd] <9>
  11. Quezada, Steven Michael as [Steven Gomez] <10>
  12. Webb, Sam (II) as (as Samuel Webb) [Drew Sharp] <13>
  13. Antonio, Antoinette as [TV Reporter] <16>
  14. Bales, Kaija as (as Kaija Roze Bales) [Kaylee Ehrmantraut] <12>
  15. Brandt, Betsy as [Marie Schrader] <5>
  16. Gunn, Anna (I) as [Skyler White] <2>

Full Plot

With blood on their hands, the Walter, Jesse, and Mike partnership must first decide what to do about Todd. After that's settled, Walter is ready to cook again, but Jesse and Mike have another idea. Skyler spends some time with her daughter and with Marie, and Walter's invitation that Jesse stay for dinner adds to Skyler's misery. Hank and his team put nearly round-the-clock surveillance on Mike, and a meth producer in Phoenix has a plan. Having successfully stolen enough chemicals to keep them in business for a year and a half, Walt has to face a number of challenges if he's to start cooking again. Jesse is badly shaken by the shooting of the 14 year-old boy who happened to come across them in the desert and who Todd shot. They decide to keep Todd as part of the team, over Jesse's objections but Mike lays down the law. Skyler learns from her sister that Walt told her about the affair. Mike soon realizes that the DEA is following him and decides he wants out. For that matter, so does Jesse. Walt plans to continue processing meth on his own but his plans to dissolve the partnership run into a serious problem. garykmcd Walt, Jesse, and Mike struggle over the future of their business, as occupational hazards weigh on Jesse. AMC Publicity Plot not found

Movie Certificate

16 (Netherlands)

Music Composers

  1. Porter, Dave (II)


  1. Slovis, Michael

Dress Designers

  1. Bryan, Jennifer L. (as Jennifer Bryan)


American Movie Classics (AMC) [us] - (2012) (USA) (TV)
Film1 Series [nl] - (2012) (Netherlands) (TV) (limited)

Film Editors

  1. Dixon, Kelley (edited by)


  1. Ambrosino, Lynn (production staff)
  2. Arrellin, Roman (production assistant)
  3. Brunner, Ryan (set production assistant)
  4. Caldwell, Helen (II) (script supervisor)
  5. Carroll, Jenn (script coordinator)
  6. Davis, Nathan E. (set production assistant)
  7. De Bedoya, Christian Diaz (location manager)
  8. Garrison, Meredith (location assistant)
  9. Gianopoulos, Alex (assistant location manager)
  10. Heller, Richard (III) (production secretary)
  11. Hutchison, Gennifer (story editor)
  12. Kannon, Elissa (production coordinator)
  13. Lax, Brian G. (set medic)
  14. Liew, Joey (assistant to executive producers)
  15. Lisausky, Eric (additional production assistant)
  16. Lotivio, Dionne (location coordinator)
  17. Lotivio, Dionne (locations coordinator)
  18. Muscari, Dennis (key assistant location manager)
  19. Perez, Edwin L. (production accountant)
  20. Smith, Gordon (XXI) (assistant to writer)
  21. Stockard, Johnny (catering assistant)
  22. Turselli, Stephen (locations production assistant)
  23. Wagner, Heather (III) (set production assistant)
  24. Wang, Jeffery (I) (production assistant)
  25. Williams, Justin T. (key assistant location manager)


Jesse Pinkman: Are we in the meth business, or the money business?


- During a TV newscast it is revealed that the missing boy's name is Drew Sharp.