"Breaking Bad" (2008) {Fifty-One (#5.4)} TV Season

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Overview "Breaking Bad" Season 05 Episode 04 (S05E04)


(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
8.7/ 10 (1394 Votes)

MPAA Ratings

Production Company
American Movie Classics (AMC) [us] - (for)
Gran Via Productions [us]
High Bridge Productions [us] - (as High Bridge)
Sony Pictures Television [us] - (in association with)

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - 5 August 2012
(Netherlands) - 7 November 2012

Running Time



Technical Support
RAT:16:9 HD

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Full Cast

  1. Banks, Jonathan as [Mike Ehrmantraut] <8>
  2. Cranston, Bryan as [Walter White] <1>
  3. Dillen, Russ as [Ron Forenall] <12>
  4. Mitte, RJ as [Walter White, Jr.] <6>
  5. Norris, Dean (I) as [Hank Schrader] <4>
  6. Odenkirk, Bob as (credit only) [Saul Goodman] <7>
  7. Paul, Aaron (I) as [Jesse Pinkman] <3>
  8. Quezada, Steven Michael as [Steven Gomez] <10>
  9. Terry, Todd (I) as [SAC Ramey] <11>
  10. Brandt, Betsy as [Marie Schrader] <5>
  11. Fraser, Laura (II) as [Lydia Rodarte-Quayle] <9>
  12. Gunn, Anna (I) as [Skyler White] <2>
  13. McCurley, Melissa as [Secretary] <13>

Full Plot

Walter, his confidence up, leases two muscle cars - one for himself and one for Junior. He's turning 51 and would like a party, Hank and his team visit Lydia in Houston, Jesse flies there to pick up the accelerant, Mike makes a decision that Jessie wants reversed, Hank is offered a promotion, Walter explains Skyler's behavior to Marie and Hank with references to Ted, and Skyler, coming slowly out of her funk, hatches a makeshift plan to protect her children. Lydia nearly blows a gasket when Hank Schrader and other DEA agents show up at Madrigal's US offices. They look through the warehouse and arrest one of the workers. Mike tells her to calm down but she's clearly not happy. When Jesse stops by to pick up chemicals, he and Lydia see a GPS device attached to the bottom of the barrel. Mike knows who put it there and decides to take action. At home, Walt celebrates his 51st birthday. He leases a couple of fancy cars and they invite Hank and Marie over for dinner. Skyler is still having a nervous breakdown and makes it clear to Walt that she does not want the children in the house. garykmcd Walt celebrates another birthday. Skyler considers her options. An associate complicates Walt and Jesse's plan. AMC Publicity Plot not found

Movie Certificate

16 (Netherlands)

Music Composers

  1. Porter, Dave (II)


  1. Slovis, Michael

Dress Designers

  1. Bryan, Jennifer L. (as Jennifer Bryan)


American Movie Classics (AMC) [us] - (2012) (USA) (TV)
Film1 Series [nl] - (2012) (Netherlands) (TV) (limited)

Film Editors

  1. Dixon, Kelley (edited by)


  1. Ambrosino, Lynn (production staff)
  2. Arrellin, Roman (production assistant)
  3. Brunner, Ryan (set production assistant)
  4. Caldwell, Helen (II) (script supervisor)
  5. Carroll, Jenn (script coordinator)
  6. Davis, Nathan E. (set production assistant)
  7. De Bedoya, Christian Diaz (location manager)
  8. Garrison, Meredith (location assistant)
  9. Gianopoulos, Alex (assistant location manager)
  10. Heller, Richard (III) (production secretary)
  11. Hutchison, Gennifer (story editor)
  12. Kannon, Elissa (production coordinator)
  13. Lax, Brian G. (set medic)
  14. Liew, Joey (assistant to executive producers)
  15. Lisausky, Eric (additional production assistant)
  16. Lotivio, Dionne (location coordinator)
  17. Lotivio, Dionne (locations coordinator)
  18. Muscari, Dennis (key assistant location manager)
  19. Perez, Edwin L. (production accountant)
  20. Smith, Gordon (XXI) (assistant to writer)
  21. Stockard, Johnny (catering assistant)
  22. Wagner, Heather (III) (set production assistant)
  23. Wang, Jeffery (I) (production assistant)
  24. Williams, Justin T. (key assistant location manager)