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Overview "Breaking Bad" Season 05 Episode 01 (S05E01)


(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
9.2/ 10 (2913 Votes)

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Production Company
American Movie Classics (AMC) [us] - (for)
Gran Via Productions [us]
High Bridge Productions [us]
Sony Pictures Television [us] - (in association with)

Production Designer

All Producers

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Release Date
(USA) - 15 July 2012
(Netherlands) - 17 October 2012

Running Time


abandoned-truck, balaclava, broken-glass-in-a-picture-frame, broken-picture-frame, crime-scene, destroying-evidence, destruction-of-evidence, escape-by-car, evidence-room, flash-forward, hammer, hospital-room, laptop-computer, magnet, male-female-hug, paper-clip, picture-frame, police-officer, reference-to-clarence-darrow, reference-to-the-dave-clark-five, scrap-yard, security-camera, tricycle,

Technical Support
RAT:16:9 HD

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Full Cast

  1. Banks, Jonathan as [Mike Ehrmantraut] <8>
  2. Beaver, Jim (I) as [Lawson] <11>
  3. Blanc, JB as [Dr. Barry Goodman] <13>
  4. Cousins, Christopher as [Ted Beneke] <9>
  5. Cranston, Bryan as (also archive footage) [Walter White] <1>
  6. Hankin, Larry as [Old Joe] <12>
  7. Harris, James (XVI) as [Duty Officer] <14>
  8. Mitte, RJ as [Walter White, Jr.] <6>
  9. Norris, Dean (I) as [Hank Schrader] <4>
  10. Odenkirk, Bob as [Saul Goodman] <7>
  11. Paul, Aaron (I) as [Jesse Pinkman] <3>
  12. Quezada, Steven Michael as [Steven Gomez] <10>
  13. Brandt, Betsy as (credit only) [Marie Schrader] <5>
  14. Candelaria, Monique as [Lucy] <15>
  15. Gunn, Anna (I) as (also archive footage) [Skyler White] <2>
  16. Starr, Gail as [Nurse] <16>

Full Plot

Flash ahead to Walter's 52nd birthday: he's at a Denny's, disheveled, hair and beard unkempt, using a false name and a New Hampshire driver's license, paying a guy for a car with weapons in the trunk. Back to the immediate aftermath of Gus's death: Skyler is dazed at Walt's murderous success, Walt and Jesse make peace, and Hank visits the burned-out lab. Walt remembers the surveillance cameras Gus used at the lab, so they turn to an angry Mike for help. Can they get rid of the digital evidence in police custody? Is hubris going to trip up Walt? In the aftermath of having eliminated Gus, Walt now has to deal with the consequences. Mike goes after him but Walt convinces him they are all better off. He is concerned about surveillance system Gus had set up in the lab and learns from Mike that Gus used his laptop as the monitor. Unfortunately, it's now in the police evidence room but Jesse has a possible solution: a very large magnet. The police also find a new piece of evidence. At home, emotions are running high and blowing up Gus hasn't made Skyler any less afraid of Walt. Skyler learns the her old boss Ted and awakened from his coma and Walt learns from Saul for the first time about Skyler's loan to pay off the IRS. garykmcd Plot not found

Movie Certificate

16 (Netherlands)

Music Composers

  1. Porter, Dave (II)


  1. Adams, Marshall

Dress Designers

  1. Bryan, Jennifer L. (as Jennifer Bryan)


American Movie Classics (AMC) [us] - (2012) (USA) (TV)
Film1 Series [nl] - (2012) (Netherlands) (TV) (limited)

Film Editors

  1. MacDonald, Skip


  1. Ambrosino, Lynn (production staff)
  2. Arrellin, Roman (production assistant)
  3. Baran, Jon (production assistant)
  4. Caldwell, Helen (II) (script supervisor)
  5. Carroll, Jenn (script coordinator)
  6. Davis, Nathan E. (set production assistant)
  7. De Bedoya, Christian Diaz (location manager)
  8. Gianopoulos, Alex (assistant location manager)
  9. Heller, Richard (III) (production secretary)
  10. Hutchison, Gennifer (story editor)
  11. Kannon, Elissa (production coordinator)
  12. Lax, Brian G. (set medic)
  13. Liew, Joey (assistant to executive producers)
  14. Lisausky, Eric (additional production assistant)
  15. Lotivio, Dionne (location coordinator)
  16. Lotivio, Dionne (locations coordinator)
  17. Muscari, Dennis (key assistant location manager)
  18. Perez, Edwin L. (production accountant)
  19. Smith, Gordon (XXI) (assistant to writer)
  20. Stockard, Johnny (caterer server)
  21. Toplikar, Matthew (location assistant)
  22. Turselli, Stephen (additional set production assistant)
  23. Wagner, Heather (III) (set production assistant)
  24. Westland, Jeremy (additional production assistant)
  25. Williams, Justin T. (key assistant location manager)


Mike Ehrmantraut: Keys, scumbag. It's the universal symbol for keys. Jesse Pinkman: Yeah, bitch! Magnets!


- At the start of the episode, Walt breaks his bacon into pieces and makes it into 52, referring to his age. In the pilot episode, he made his veggie bacon into a 50, where he turned 50.

- SPOILER: In the Season 5 premiere's opening scene, Walter White is shown having a gloomy 52nd birthday breakfast at a Denny's in Albuquerque while showing a New Hampshire drivers' license with the last name Lambert, coughing and taking medicine, not wearing a wedding ring, and paying a gun dealer who was seen in Season 4's "Thirty Eight Snub" for a heavy-machine gun. In an August 2012 Rolling Stone article about the 5th and last season of the show, 'Bryan Cranston' (qv) revealed that 'Vince Gilligan' (qv) told him a few key facts about this scene: Walt was returning to New Mexico from New Hampshire by himself, he had come back and gotten the machine gun to protect someone, and his cancer is "possibly" no longer in remission.