Broken (2013/I) Movie

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English - (English version)

(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
LAB Productions [us]

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Release Date
(USA) - 22 April 2013

Running Time


charleston, mma,

Technical Support
RAT:2.35 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Bennett, Brittany as [Ring Girl 2]
  2. Brey, Anthony as [James' Cornerman]
  3. Brown, Joshua (XVI) as [Thug #2]
  4. Caullwine, Rocky as [Mr. Hughes] <7>
  5. Cotton, Josh as [Corry] <9>
  6. Frazier, Jamal as [Jamal]
  7. Hammond, Brian (V) as [Brian]
  8. Hoell, Rod as [Mr. Williams]
  9. Hopkins, Robert (XI) as [Ref Large Venue]
  10. Hoyte, Paul as [Interview 1]
  11. Kolody, Dennis as [Interview 2]
  12. Laflin, Doug as [Lawyer #2]
  13. Large, Brooks as [Ref Small Venue]
  14. Lavassar, Johnny as [Sergio]
  15. Martin, Todd (XIX) as [Drunk Customer]
  16. Matos, Miguel (V) as [Bill]
  17. Miller, Jeffrey M. (II) as (as Jeff Miller) [Jim]
  18. Napoli, Aldo D. as [Gary] <10>
  19. Napoli, Joseph (II) as [Joey]
  20. Norris, Woodrow as [Lance] <11>
  21. Rodgers, Alex as [D.j. at bar]
  22. Sanner, Grady as [Announcer]
  23. Scheiber, Doug as [Thug #1]
  24. Silva, Jayvon as [Customer's Child 2]
  25. Simmons, Brandon (V) as [Thug #3]
  26. Sturgeon, Billy as [Doorman]
  27. Sullivan, Chris (XXX) as [Rob] <4>
  28. Wallace, James (XXIV) as [Marshall]
  29. Wallace, Ryan (IX) as [Alex]
  30. Watts, Patrick as [Judge]
  31. Watts, Paul (IX) as [Tony] <1>
  32. Westendorff, Adrian as [James] <3>
  33. Wilbanks, Kevin as [Evan]
  34. Williams, Corry as [Kevin] <5>
  35. Yecke, Cameron as [Asst. Shop Manager]
  36. Caullwine, Dawn as [Mrs. Hughes] <8>
  37. Childs, Keyla as [Ring Girl 3]
  38. Dennis, Shelby as [Ring Girl 1]
  39. Joanne (XII) as [Waitress(Alex's)]
  40. Kelly, Allsion as [Jim's Date]
  41. Meeks, Sarah as [Ms. Adams]
  42. Merrell, Stephanie as [Lawyer #1]
  43. Miles, Lyndsee as [Bartender]
  44. Montgomery, Lisa (IV) as [Angry Customer]
  45. Napoli, Gabrielle as [Gabby]
  46. Nasce, Alyssa (II) as [Andrea] <6>
  47. Nicole, Amber as [Ring Girl Small Venue]
  48. Pierce, Courtney as [Anna] <2>
  49. Rodgers, Megan (II) as [Waitress(Italian)]
  50. Staropoli, Gabriella as [Customer's Child 1]
  51. Walker, Desirae (II) as [Dawn]


  1. Drama

Full Plot

A story of a young, struggling, overworked father battling his well off and vindictive ex wife over custody of his children. When Tony gets thrown into the world of Mixed Martial Arts and falls in love with a woman dealing with an array of issues herself it adds to his problems. Follow Tony as he attempts to transform his dilemmas to solutions and win the biggest fights of his life. Aldo D. Napoli Plot not found

Total Business

BT: USD 20,000


  1. Suchodolski, Matthew


  1. Scheiber, Doug (production staff)