Broken Blood (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
AJ16 Entertainment [us]
GeoLand Films [us]
Perennial Media [us] - (in association with)

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Release Date
(USA) - 2013

Running Time

Sometimes families are tied together by more than just blood. Family. Loyalty. Truth.

fight, love, murder, small-town, texas,

Technical Support
RAT:2.35 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Arquette, Richmond as [Peebo] <4>
  2. Byrnes, Michael (II) as [Goon 4] <38>
  3. Davis, Clark (V) as [Mayor Hockle Dennis] <28>
  4. Ferguson, Ted as [Mr. Jack] <20>
  5. Ford, David (IX) as [Gary D] <26>
  6. Harville, Dan as [Goon 1] <35>
  7. Johnson, Alec (II) as (scenes deleted) [Runt] <27>
  8. Johnson, Derek Wayne as [Stone / Stanley] <1>
  9. Jones, John (XLI) as (scenes deleted) [Cutter] <25>
  10. LaCour, Rick as [E.J.] <19>
  11. Ladd, Chris (II) as (scenes deleted) [Tommy] <22>
  12. Landrum, George as [Deputy Franklin] <41>
  13. Lee, G. Michael as [Goon 2] <36>
  14. Macaulay, Marc as [Jake] <2>
  15. Mack, Reginald as [Hudson] <23>
  16. Mahon, Jordann as [Woman 2] <43>
  17. Maule, Brad as [Robert Bob] <10>
  18. Mayeaux, Marty as (uncredited) [Restaurant Patron]
  19. Miano, Robert as [Capra] <6>
  20. Milam, Terry as [Deputy Adams] <34>
  21. Moore, Christopher Lee as (uncredited) [Restaurant Diner]
  22. Morris, Robert Michael as (scenes deleted) [Lonnie] <21>
  23. Nissen, Finch as (scenes deleted) [Karaoke Guy] <29>
  24. Patton, Meade as [Papaw DeBrock] <33>
  25. Paul, James (XIV) as (uncredited) [Man at bar]
  26. Pitchford, Donnie as [Radio / TV Host] <30>
  27. Reed, Willie Big Dawg as [Goon 3] <37>
  28. Roher, Will as (scenes deleted) [Dale] <29>
  29. Sensenig, Andrew as [Sheriff Talley] <18>
  30. Varick, Drew Rin as (scenes deleted) [Felix] <24>
  31. Vince, Pruitt Taylor as [Earl Wayne] <3>
  32. Walker, Rickey (II) as [Capra's Bodyguard] <39>
  33. Wooley, Alan as [Caffeine] <30>
  34. Wright, Tom (I) as [Atticus] <7>
  35. Youngblood, Yvonne as [Mrs. Bridges] <40>
  36. Balson, Allison as [Mary] <11>
  37. Blanc, Jennifer as (scenes deleted) [Shannon] <9>
  38. Brooks, Breanna as (scenes deleted) [McKenna] <16>
  39. Bull, Cecilie (I) as [Jules] <14>
  40. Chilcoat, Lorrie as [Woman 1] <42>
  41. Costello, Ali as [Diane] <5>
  42. Daurey, Dana as [Naomi] <8>
  43. Fowers, Darcy as [Tracy] <13>
  44. Gautney, Eleanor as (scenes deleted) [Lady] <41>
  45. Norris, Meagan as [Jan] <17>
  46. Ormiston, Kim as (scenes deleted) [Nurse 1] <31>
  47. Ormiston, Misty as (scenes deleted) [Nurse 2] <32>
  48. Price, Phoebe (I) as [Carly] <12>
  49. Riser, Cynthia as (uncredited) [Lady in Bar]
  50. Scott Astrof, Shira as (scenes deleted) [Heather] <15>


  1. Drama
  2. Thriller

Full Plot

Years ago Stanley DeBrock, a mentally challenged man, was implicated in the disappearance of Naomi Bridges. Now his twin brother Stone must restore honor to the DeBrock name. Returning home to the small East Texas town of Atwood, Stone is immediately thrown into the mix of a tragic past and an uncertain future. With hopes of rekindling a relationship with his life-long love Diane, Stone encounters his biggest challenge...finding the strength to forgive Stanley. Meanwhile, Stone's uncle Earl Wayne is in debt with two local drug lords...a debt which he cannot pay. Desperate, Earl Wayne and his brother Peebo force Stone into a scheme against Stone's father in order to save themselves. With drama, suspense, and a shocking conclusion, the darkest secrets of the DeBrock family are revealed. Anonymous Plot not found

Music Composers

  1. Wickliffe, Garry


  1. Senska, Rob

Film Editors

  1. Johnson, Derek Wayne

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Carthage, Texas, USA
  2. Shreveport, Louisiana, USA