Burning Hearts (2013) Movie

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Pampas Produktion [se]

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Full Cast

  1. Cederling, Jonas as [Witness] <15>
  2. Fahlberg, Andreas as [Man with iron cross] <13>
  3. Flinck, Thorsten as [Car dealer] <5>
  4. Gardiner, Peter (I) as [Tomas] <6>
  5. Gill, Gilli as [Chef] <10>
  6. Haglund, Peter as [Man with BMW] <19>
  7. Jacob, Francisco as [Bartender] <12>
  8. Kinglish, Linton as [Keith] <7>
  9. Mrsic, Dragomir (I) as [Dragan] <3>
  10. Nilsson, Linus (I) as [Jimmy] <1>
  11. Patch, Natty as [Richard] <9>
  12. Radvanovic, Joakim as [Marko] <11>
  13. Sandquist, Stefan as [Man with audi] <18>
  14. Thor, Jens-o as [Leo] <4>
  15. Yaghchi, Mehrdad as [Man in box] <17>
  16. Cederling, Charlotte as [Witness] <16>
  17. Ekman, Josefine as [Josephine] <2>
  18. Perned, Lina as [Miss Elle] <8>
  19. Tildeblad, Jessica as [Jogger] <14>


  1. Action
  2. Drama

Full Plot

The naive and somewhat criminal Jimmy from MalmŲ dream of a new life abroad, but for that he needs a large amount of money. When he comes across a once in a lifetime drug deal, he travels to Stockholm to complete the deal with treacherous crime boss Dragan. Suddenly something goes horribly wrong and Jimmy becomes a hunted man without money, although knowing exactly who he wants to turn to, the unforgettable holiday flirt Josephine. Soon, the two make a decision that will affect them forever. Anonymous Plot not found

Music Composers

  1. Rusiak, Thomas

Dress Designers

  1. Scott, Meghan (II)

Film Editors

  1. Stenberg, Emil


  1. Aschehoug, Erik (technical manager)
  2. Brant, Mikael (fencing)
  3. Carlsson, Berny (car carrier)
  4. Casselby, Daniel (helicam operator)
  5. Eklund, Said (production coordinator)
  6. Hasseltröm, Sara (lawyer)
  7. Isenberg, Elinor (production coordinator)
  8. Johansson, Sebastian (II) (production assistant)
  9. Johäll, Patrik (IV) (helicam operator)
  10. Kjellgren, Emelie (production coordinator)
  11. Kristiansson, Dan (production assistant)
  12. Löfgren, Per (production assistant)
  13. Magan, Mustafa (location manager)
  14. Molina Bravo, Simona (production assistant)
  15. Möllerfors, André (production assistant)
  16. Sallmander, Noah (production assistant)
  17. Sayahalam, Tina (production assistant)
  18. Sköld, Jonatan (I) (production assistant)
  19. Sonden, Fredrik (technician)
  20. Tersmeden, Carl (grip)
  21. Torneryd, Emil (production assistant)
  22. Wåhlin, Jimmy (production coordinator)